Unblocked Games: Tricks to Unblock Video Games Online

It’s ironical to choose not to unblocked games that have unlimited hidden features in the blocked version. When a video game is banned you cannot play it in your the region where it’s banned.

However, how do you unblocked games like 77 video game,  happy wheels, 24th video game, 33 video game, run 3 video game, run 2 video game, and even the popular tank trouble and 66th video game?

Well, if you find it very difficult unblocking games when it’s blocked on your IP or in your region or due to government ban here is a complete epistle on how I unblocked games I want to play online without a trace of my search histories and cookies.

Although the government has been criticised for banning most video games for many reasons yet, the banning is not stopped because the government have to protect the interest of the community.

However, when you see a video game you want to unblock in your region or on your device to play it online, it requires a smart move to unblocked it.

Unblockable games are the games that users can unblock when playing another video game which is available meeting the requirement of the video game that is not blocked. Some websites are dedicated for unblocked video games which can only play online.

These websites offer a service free to allow citizens to come to the website and play games they do not have access to. In most case, these games are not available in the region where the game is blocked.

List of Videos Game You can Unblock

United Arab Emirate, New Zealand, and Saudi Arabia have the highest number of banned video games. These video games are not allowed in this country. They are mainly government censored games and they are banned for humanitarian purpose.

Unblocking these games in this country is a capital offence and it could attract government attention to the law into their hands. The more reason why it’s difficult to unblocked games in the banned country is that most online activities are censored by the government.

When I mean censored, I mean they are monitored and control by the federal government of the nation and it’s neither ideal nor risky to want to unblock video games in these nations.

For the list of banned games check this page and for the list of countries with the highest number of unblockable games refer to this page.

How to Unblocked Games Using a Computer Browser

This works for online video games and it doesn’t require a dime to execute. However, if you have an online video game that you want to play yet blocked you can unblock your access to the video game with the help of Epic Privacy Browser.

If you want to unblocked video games online using the browser, first, download and install the epic browser. The Epic browser will help you to hide your IP address and will not store your online history or cookies thereby making it very difficult to trace the source that unblocked the game.

Launch the Epic browser and select the country you want to map your location IP with clicking on the IP icon to the top right.

Unblocked Games

Open a tab on the browser and visit the video game website you want to unblock. Since your IP location is different from the location where the game is blocked you will be able to access it and enjoy it.

Note: You can only use the Epic browser VPN with the Epic browser. It doesn’t work with other browsers like Opera-mini, Firefox, and even Google Chrome.

Unblocked Games on All Browsers

A VPN is a very popular tool to change your IP location on all browsers and pretends as if you are accessing a blocked content from a region where the content is allowed.

Just like how to unblock a website that is banned on school or work IP address you can also unblock games with a banned right in your region with the help of a VPN. They are countless VPNs when it comes to appearing anonymous online.

However, choosing a VPN has to do with a lot of features such as the number of countries supported, whether it stores search history or not, whether it stores cookies or not, whether ht price is affordable, and other relevant information.

In this and in this article, we’ll use the popular ExpressVPN to unblock games from a region where the games are blocked.

Download and install free ExpressVPN here. You can always upgrade to a premium account for a token if you want to continue using it or if you want to cover a larger area of different IP addresses

Launch the VPN on your desktop computer. You can also download and install for your smartphone. The benefits of express VPN is that you can use an account on up to 5 gadgets without intercepting each other.

Now, open any browser and visit the blocked game on your new IP. Because of the VPN, you will be able to play the game and the ban will be lifted from the new IP since it’s from a different location.

Top Sites to Play Unblocked Games with VPN

Here are some popular websites where you can access blocked games from home, school, and even office without using an IP changer.


Weebly has a lot of unblocked games that are virus free and safe to play. There is no reason to be panic about the list of unblocked games on Weebly. The Weebly is like Google sites with tons of unblocked games.

One of the popular Weebly sites with a huge collection of Unblocked games is iUnblock Games. However, to play games on this site you need to enable Adobe flash player. This is not the only Weebly site to play unblocked games but it has the highest number of games.

Unblocked Games 666

Unblocked games 666 is a database for games that can be unblocked without using an IP changer or a VPN. The website has over a 100 popular unblocked games you can play. Few of the popular categories in Unblocked games666 is arcade, action, adventure, driving, shooting, strategy, zombie and so on.

Unblocked Games 24h

This site is a site created on Google site. It has more than you can count collected of unblocked games and the database is updated regularly for the latest unblocked games. To play the unblocked games on the 24h Google site you need to enable Adobe flash player on your browser and some of the popular games include  Bonk.io, Happy Wheels, Minecraft, Pokemon, Run 3 and Run 2.

Unblocked Games 333

This site is on site.google.com and it contains loads of unblocked games. Unblocked games on this site are arranged alphabetical other so that you can easily navigate and choose your favourite game to play without wandering around.

The popular games I played on this Google site include Happy Wheels, Minecraft, Basketball Legends, Run 2 and 3 and Halo.

How to Enable Adobe Flash on Browsers

Irrespective of your browser you need to enable Adobe Flash to play unblocked games from the sites listed above, however, here we’ll take a look at how to enable adobe flash on most popular browsers so you can enjoy the games as wishes.

Enable Adobe Flash on Chrome

Copy and paste “chrome://settings/content/flash” without quotes on your Chrome search bar and click on the enter button. Navigate to allow and click on add. Add the unblocked game’s website URL and click on add.

Enable Adobe Flash on Mozilla

  1. Type about:plugins into the address bar at the top of your Mozilla browser’s window.
  2. Click Details at the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. Find the Flash (or Shockwave Flash) listing on the Plug-ins page and click the corresponding Enable button

Enable Adobe Flash on Opera-mini

Launch Opera on your Windows or Mac OS. On the settings page, type Flash in the search field. Click the radio button next to Allow sites to run Flash. Click the Manage Exceptions button.

On the Flash exceptions screen, enter the website domain and then select Allow. Refresh the browser tab, or restart the browser.

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