How To Change Facebook Page Name

If you want to change brands, considering changing the name of your Facebook page can be an essential step.

Please note that Facebook page names cannot contain words such as “official” or “Facebook.”

You must limit your page name to less than 75 characters.

Change Facebook Page Name

Company profile or company page?

Many business owners ask questions about the difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page. Starting with Facebook, users create an account with their email address. Once an account is created, that user can create a personal profile and multiple pages. A common mistake among business owners is that they profile their business rather than a page.

When you set up a profile for your company, create a separate account for your company as if it were a person. Users must befriend their work account to log in and participate. The problem is that many people are reluctant to add a company as a friend, which means that your company profile can end up without friends and only on Facebook.

However, by creating a company page, users can simply “like” their page so that they can participate more easily. An easy way to remember the difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page is that Facebook profiles are for people, and Facebook pages are for business. The two types of accounts are compared in more detail below.

Change the name of the Facebook page.

A Facebook page offers your subscribers an easy way to find their contact information, products, current projects, and more.

Suppose you have a large audience but want to consider changing brands. It also means rethinking your presence on social media, including the basics, e.g., B. Change your credentials to match your new name.

Your Facebook page consists of a generic page name and an identifier. If you want to change your Facebook page’s name, there are a few rules and best practices to consider. First, make sure you choose a name that you really feel safe with so that you don’t have to change your name page too often and confuse subscribers.

After selecting a new name, we will show you how you can make the change from your desktop and mobile device.

How to change the name of your Facebook page on the desktop

1. Go to your page and click on “Info” on the left menu.

Change Facebook Page Name

2. In this menu, you should see some of your page’s main attributes under “General.” Press “Edit” next to “Name.”

Change Facebook Page Name

3. Next, you will see a new window labeled “Request new page name.” Facebook needs to approve your change to ensure that the new name is not misleading or inappropriate. This window offers some quick tips on how best to choose a new name. Among other things: Do not use the word “official” or “Facebook” in the new title.

Change Facebook Page Name

The complete settings for the Facebook page name can be found here. This section contains some more information about other phrases or words to avoid. For example, you can’t use a Facebook page name that is just “common words” like “pizza.”

The title of your Facebook page can also contain a maximum of 75 characters. If you have selected a new Facebook page name, click “Next.”

How to change the name of your Facebook page on the phone

If you are mobile, we will show you here how you can make changes to the Facebook application on an iPhone.

1. Find the “Info” section on your page by scrolling left at the main menu’s top.

Change Facebook Page Name

2. Click “Edit Page Information.”

3. At the bottom, the “Refresh Page Information” screen will appear, where you can see the same main categories as the desktop version.

How To Change Facebook Page Name

4. Press the “Name” field and enter the name of your new page.

What you should know first

To change the name of a page, you must request a name change. Do you understand? The new page name is at Facebook’s discretion, not yours, and Facebook will check the change of your page name.

This level of moderation is good and bad. It’s good for security if something happened, and you don’t want your name to change to something bad. However, it also shows that even if your company or site is active, you are playing according to Facebook regulations. The size and influence of your page are irrelevant here.

Secondly: you must be an administrator to request a change of page name. You are not an editor or contributor, but an administrator.

Third, the username will not change. It may seem obvious: The URL assigned to your page and the user name, e.g., @BestCookiesTexas remain as such, even if you change the page name to “Best Texas BBQ,” for example. Your new company name. This is not a problem at all, and you can also change the username. So why was it mentioned? You should change it; Facebook won’t do it for you.

Fourth, if you follow this process and don’t see the option to change your page’s name, there are some likely reasons. The most obvious thing is that you are not an administrator. So check the role of your site. Also, you can’t change your name often. So you have to wait if it has evolved in the last seven days.

After all, this process is much easier on a desktop computer. Several inexplicable errors occurred when trying to change the name of a page in Facebook’s Android and iOS apps.

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