How to Enable Google Play Pre-Register Game Notifications

Hundreds of verified games are added to Google play store section every day, and a lot of pre-register games notification are sent out daily to game lovers. However, Google recently introduced a feature to verify apps and scrutinized each app to make sure they are virus free. However, as a game love, it is prominent to follow the latest Google play store games to know what other gamers are enjoy playing. To this end, this can only be achieved via Google play pre-register game notification.

Google play pre-register game notification brings any new game added to play store to you when you subscribed to this feature on play store. All coming soon games will be forwarded to you via Google game notifications to your Android phone.

Before a game is released to the general public, like most app Beta version does, Google rolled out notification updates to all subscribers.

Google has a lot of trending games in 2017 and comes 2018 Google will still roll out more games from different game programmers. So to stay up-to-date with the latest games that are uploaded to Google game section, as a game addict here I will share with you direct procedure to subscribe to Google play pre-register game notifications.

How to Enable Google Play Pre-Register Game on Android Phone

Following the simple direction below you will be able to subscribe to latest Google games notifications. This will send a notification to you that a new game has been added to Google play store when the game is verified and seen as a virus-free app that you can download and play on your device.

However, this notification will include a paid apps to pre-order before the app public release and you will be among the top Android phone users to get the new notification via your game pre-registration feature.

1. Open Google play Android app on your Android app menu

2. Click on the three horizontal line located at the upper left on Google play store search column

3. Clik on settings in the section

Google play pre-register game notification

4. Under general section click on notifications

Google play pre-register game notification

5. Tick pre-registration under the option that says “For your account”.

Google play pre-register game notification

After all the above steps click the back button on your Android phone button and you will be notified of coming soon games via the option you subscribed to above.

Google play pre-register game notification brings the latest information to your Android phone about the latest game to be released soon which you can pre-order before public release.

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