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Learn How to Turn Off Facebook Autoplay Videos

It’s annoying when videos start playing without your permission on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes on normal websites or blogs. These autoplay videos draw attention away from the motive while you visited the website. As a result of that, visitors prefer to hit the back button and go to another platform without autoplay videos.

But in the case of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you chose to hit the back button you will still come back and meet the video playing.

However, Google has seen this as a threat to online users who just come in search for a specific information rather than watching a video and launch a feature to block autoplay videos in Chrome with Chrome Beta 64 to be released in January 2018.

Meanwhile, there is a popular way to block Facebook autoplay videos. Facebook allows users to decided what they see and what they share with their audience. Part of these privileges includes blocking Facebook video from playing automatically.

A website like YouTube displays a great feature to simply turn off autoplay on YouTube videos without technical approach. But in the case, to stop videos from playing automatically, you need to play around your Facebook account.

However, before Google Chrome 64 Beta is released here you can learn the simple way to stop Facebook videos from playing automatically.

How Do You Turn Autoplay On

How to turn off autoplay different from site to site. The way Facebook video autoplay video is turned off is different from how Twitter autoplay videos are turn off. The same thing happens to the way to turn off YouTube autoplay videos. However, to turn off YouTube autoplay video is simple and direct.

The toggle to disable autoplay video on YouTube when video at hand finish streaming so that the next video will not start playing automatically is located below the whole video channel, subscriber button, and the total number of video view.

How do I Get a Video to Play Automatically on YouTube

YouTube has a feature to play YouTube videos automatically. The feature, when enabled will play all the video on the YouTube channel and all suggested YouTube video.

However, this feature is not advisable if you are streaming YouTube using a mobile data. But with Wi-Fi, playing YouTube video automatically can be recommended. But, since you cannot fall in love with all video in that specific channel I’d be advised to disabled YouTube autoplay videos.

To get YouTube video to play automatically just to go YouTube video hosting website and search for the video you want to stream. While streaming the video toggle to enable autoplay video feature on the video page.

Autoplay Videos

How do I Make YouTube Autoplay The Next Video

The explain procedure above can be used to make YouTube autoplay the next video. The moment you enable the YouTube video autoplay feature it will automatically play the next video.

So, all you need to do to play YouTube next video on the roll is to enable the autoplay YouTube feature in front of next video button.

How to Turn off Facebook Autoplay Videos on Desktop

The approach to turn off Facebook video from playing automatically on a desktop is different from the approach on mobile. Therefore, for this reason, I will take them one after the other.

1. Go to the Facebook homepage on your computer visiting www.facebook.com

2. Click  on the carrot down button and click on settings from the drop-option

Autoplay videos

3. On your Facebook general tab scroll to the left pane and click videos

Autoplay Videos

4. Toggle the Facebook Autoplay videos option to turn it off.

Facebook autoplay videos

Henceforth Facebook videos will not be played automatically without permission. Note that when you turn off Facebook auto-play videos on your computer using your computer you do not need to repeat the same on Facebook Android app.

How to Turn off Facebook Autoplay Videos on Android Phone

This approach is for a Facebook mobile app. If you have the Facebook mobile app installed on your Android phone you can turn off Facebook autoplay videos on the app. Following the direction below you will be able to disable the Facebook videos autoplay feature.

1. Open the Facebook app on your Android phone and click on the horizontal line to the upper right of your Facebook homepage

Autoply videos

2. Under help and settings click on the app settings option

Autoplay videos

3. Click auto-play feature under general

Autoplay videos

4. Click to select Never Autoplay Videos

Autoplay videos

This will stop Facebook from auto-playing videos on your Facebook timeline. Meanwhile, Facebook turns off auto-play feature when your phone battery is low. But if you don’t want to waste too much data to stream all videos you may need to turn off Facebook autoplay videos following this approach.

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