How to Convert Android Phone to iPhone Using iPhones Launcher

iPhone launchers

If you cannot afford expensive iPhone X or iPhone 7 you can simply convert your Android phone to iPhone using the launcher and enjoy the exact look of iPhone on your Android phone. Someone will tell me iPhone X cost over $1k to purchase, very expensive to be frank. However, since I cannot afford to buy the new iPhone X or even iPhone 6 I can still rock iPhone apps arrangement and app menu on my Android phone with the power of few amazing iPhone launchers I have used in the past.

For an Android phone, there are a thousand of launchers to choose from. Not talk of Windows launcher to turn your windows phone around with beautiful icons powered by launcher app. In our previous post, we have discussed a lot about best Android launcher to turn your Android phone menu around and makes it look stunning.

But, we have not shared a single launcher that can make your Android phone look exactly like an iPhone. After you have successfully changed your Android interface to that of iPhone you can get an iOS pouch to rock a complete iOS device look on the hold…. But don’t forget you use the power of technology to convert your Android look to iPhone.

It will look exactly like iPhone from far and near. No one will take note it is never an iOS device unless they operate the phone or remove it from the casing.

For now, you can rock the list of our iPhone device launcher below.

Best iPhone Launchers to Convert Android to iPhone

The launchers provided below are based on popularity from Apple app store which is based on the rating, number of downloads, number of sharing and the one that got people talking the most.

1. Espier Launcher

iPhone launchers

To start with, we have Espier launcher for an Android phone. I personally called this launcher a transformer. That is, it transforms everything about your Android phone to iPhone look. If you ever see an iPhone before or play around with its configuration you will fall for this awesome launcher that makes your Android phone looks like an iPhone.

Of all iPhone launchers for Android, Espier launcher is the most popular and most downloaded launcher from Google store.

The transformed Android icons are exactly like iPhone icons. With Espier launcher for Android, you can create a folder on your Android phone, access your Android phone desktop tools, lock and unlock desktop apps, and above all customize the app the way you wants it to be.

2. Hi Launcher iOS 7 Theme

iPhone launchers

Without gainsaying, Hi launcher is just what you need to have unlimited iPhone themes on your Android phone to transform it from Android to iPhone. The gravity of using Hi launcher iOS 7 theme is that you will have access to multiple iOS 7 themes for iPhone that actually convert your Android phone to iPhone.

Without iota doubt, if you enjoy iPhone 7 apps look and customization you can just install Hi launcher for iOS 7 themes to achieve the same on your Android phone. This is just a good beginning for Android phone users to make their Android phones look exactly like iPhone.

3. jbOS7

iPhone launchers

Another iPhone launcher we’d recommend you try out is JBOS7. The beauty of this applies on your Android lock screen. For those that have used Nova launcher for an Android phone, you will know the gravity of having something similar to Nova launcher on iPhone device.

However, with JbOS7, you will enjoy the iPhone look of Nova launcher on Android phone and make your Android phone interface and lock screen look exactly like iPhone interface

4. Fake iPhone 5

iPhone launchers

This app fake Android phone to iPhone… Simple! If you have a Samsung Galaxy device that you’d love to pretend as if it’s an iPhone kindly download Fake iPhone 5 launcher. What the app does is that it transform your Android phone into either iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.

Fake iPhone 5 fakes your Android phone themes, customization, desktop look, apps design, app icons, and settings to match iPhone 5 look.

5. iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD

iPhone launchers

Last but not the least of our most used iPhone launchers is iOS 7 lock screen parallax HD. Meanwhile, to fully enjoy this launcher you need an additional launcher. The beauty of iOS7 lock screen parallax launcher is that it gives your Android phone interface iPhone look.

To make this app effective you need another iPhone launcher to help transform your Android app icons and settings to iPhone look. But this app, your Android phone lock screen control center toolbar will experience the best of its life.

There are many launchers outside there. In fact, if you check through Google play store you will see hundreds of launcher that promise to convert your Android phone to iPhone. But at the latter end, you will discover that those promises are just fake. However, over time we have found out these iPhone launchers worthy of its promises and quality delivery.

Download and enjoy your iPhone launchers and don’t forget to share your favorite launchers with us in the comment section.

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