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10YouTube is Down!!! New Domain YouTu2 Down!

10YouTube.com free YoUTube video converter online website is down. It seems like they have lost their domain name ’10YouTube”. They open a new domain YouTu2.com but the website is also down and it has not been opening for a while now.

Is 10YouTube.com new domain name opening at your end?  It’s not opening here. We are being pessimistic about 10YouTube.com alternatives.  And after a couple of weeks waiting for 10YouTibe YouTube download website to come back to live with the previous or old domain name but they didn’t.

We’ve compiled the beat 10YouTube videos to MP3 converter to download and convert YouTube videos from MP4 to MP3.

10YouTube alternatives


10YouTube Alternatives

 They are over 50 websites alternatives to 10YouTube to download YouTube video as MP3, 3GB, and MP4. If you really miss the presence of 10 YouTube downloader here are the best alternatives to use to download YouTube as MP4 and download YouTube videos.

1. SaveFrom.net

SaveFrom.net is popular more than 10 YouTube when it comes to downloading YouTube videos. The Save from platform came up with a trick to download YouTube videos adding ss to the video URL changing the video URL and redirect it to a standalone website where a download button will be available on the video.

SaveFrom also offers a simpler way to download YouTube video through a browser’s extension for Google Chrome, Opera-mini, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. When you download and install this plugin you will be able to download YouTube video without leaving YouTube homepage.

Here is a full tutorial on how to download and install SaveFrom.net plugin and how to use it download YouTube video.

2. YouTube2MP3

YouTube2MP3 is another special tool like 10YouTube to download YouTube videos and convert the video to MP3. In a more classical way, YouTube2MP3 is the fastest and easiest way to download YouTube video and convert the video to MP3 online.

The vast YouTube online converter offers a simple technique to copy and paste YouTube video into a column and sync the video from YouTube to download the video as either MP3 or as MP4.

3. 10Convert

Shortly after 10YouTube lost its domain, 10convert came into being and it has since become one of the most popular 10YouTube alternatives. 10convert YouTube to MP3 converter  supports mp3, mp4, WebM, Flv, 3gp), qualities (min. 128bit, hd720, medium, small) and resolutions (1280×70, 640×360, 400×240, 320×240, 176×44).

The 10convert.com website offers a limitless conversion service. This implies that you can convert YouTube video whose length is greater than 2 hours into an MP3 all for free.

10YouTube is closed down and 10convert is here to replace the YouTube to MP3 conversion platform with the same conversion rate and the same intensity.

Off all other websites to download YouTube videos similar to 10YouTube, the one listed above are the best and most popularly used ones. While there is no special skill required to use either of the alternatives you can then go ahead and download YouTube video and convert it to MP3 for free.

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