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How to Set Up Google Play Store Update Notification

Updates are constantly rolled for Android app via Google Play store. These updates make our Android phone run smoother and boost its performance. However, having a lot of apps that are prone to updating consume a lot of data on our phone but it improves our phone performance and grants us access to the latest feature of the apps are updated by the app manufacturer. For you to enjoy the best of your phone, you must contantly visit Google play store update center for the latest app features.

While you update your Android app you enjoy a bug-free app and enjoy a better feature of the app, you should only consider updating your Android app via Wi-Fi to save your phone data for another assignment.

When you choose to update play store app, it could either be direct when individual app pops up update notification or update all apps at once. Also, when you choose to disable Android app automatically update directly from play store, updating them will follow a manual process which you have to initiate yourself.

What I do rather than to update play store apps automatically is to set up an update notification whenever there is an app that calls for the update. The notification sends a message that there are few apps that need to be updated.

Google Play Store Update Process

There is no special skill to push your Android app to the latest update. For a simple direction, you should update your app via your phone play store which is quick, direct, and simple to carry out.

Open Play store app on your phone. The app is always on the home screen if you have not removed and then launch the app. Click on the vertical line to the upper left and click apps & games. This will open all the apps you have on your phone including those you have removed and the one added recently.

Click update in from of each app to start updating one after the other while Google play store automatically adds each app to be updated to a queue and will resume immediately after the updating app finished updating.

While this post will not address how to update play store app we’d take a look at how to set up play store app update notification so you can pre-empt manual app update.

How to Set Up Google Play Store Update Notification

The only thing you need sometimes is just a push to make things happen. When you play around with Google play store app update settings you will discover there is a simple trick to end app automatic update and begin to update each app manually.

1. Open Google play store app on your phone app menu and click on the three horizontal line to the upper left of the page

2. Click  settings from the drops when you click  the horizontal lines

Google play store updateW

3. Under general click on the notification option

Google play store update

4. Under on this device tick “update” to notify you whenever there is an updated app available for your account.

Google Play Store UpdateHenceforth your Google play store app will not be updated automatically, rather it’ll send an update notification to your device for available update. Note that this will affect all apps on your device and they will no longer be updated automatically and your apps will remain in the old version for as long as you don’t update it.

Where you able to fix the Google play store update notification? Do comment and share your information below.

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