How to Hitachi TV Turns on but No Picture or Sound

Recently I have started to do some home fixes for my gadgets before taking it back to the company if the warranty still covers it to get another one or fix the problem for you. The issue with the Hitachi TV which is Hitachi TV turns on but no picture or sound was fixed with a simple reset.

What it means when you turned on your Hitachi TV with no picture and black screen or no sound is that once the Hitachi TV is turned on the screen will remain black and it will produce neither pictures nor sound to know whether the Hitachi LCD TV is working on not.

In most cases, the Hitachi TV picture problem or Hitachi TV sound problem can be fixed using the TV reset option if the problem has nothing to do with the LCD TV power board and mainboard.

If the Hitachi TV turns on but no picture or sound is caused by damaged power board or main board it means that you would have to remove the Hitachi TV panel to change them, however, before we can conclude that the Hitachi TV turns on no sound and picture is caused by the TV power and mainboard let quickly do a check.Hitachi TV turns on but no picture or sound

How to Check for Hitachi TV Power and Main Board Problem

This idea will hint to you whether there is a problem to fix with your Hitachi LCD TV power board and mainboard. This is a trial and error method though. But, in the main time, you can use it to check for your Hitachi TV black screen with no sound issue.

  • Take the Hitachi TV with a black screen, no sound, and picture to a dark room with all doors and windows closed.
  • Plug the TV into your wall socket and turn on the TV by pressing the power button.
  • Take a torch or flashlight and point it to the TV parallel to the TV screen and see whether there is a picture on the dark or black screen.
  • If there is a movement or you can see the Hitachi TV screen picture with the pointed touch then the issue is not the TV mainboard but there appears to be ab backlight issue with the TV.
  • But if there is no movement on the TV black screen there is a possibility that the problem is coming from the TV T-Con board.
  • Look through the Hitachi TV back, at the top of the TV air vent to check whether there is a light shining through the TV back panel.

If none of the above suggestions comes up when your flash the TV screen with your flashlight in a dark room then the problem could be a simple one.

Therefore, we will dive into the possible solution to the Hitachi TV turns on but no picture or sound and a black screen problem.

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How to Fix Hitachi TV Turns on but No Picture or Sound “TV Reset”

From our practical experience the Hitachi TV turns on but no sound or picture with a black screen and no light shining at the back via the TV air vent could be solved when you choose to reset the Hitachi LCD TV using the steps below.

  • Unplug your Hitachi TV from the wall socket.
  • Wait for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Press and hold your Hitachi TV remote “Power button” for about 60 seconds or more.
  • Plug the TV back to the wall socket.
  • Done

This should reset the TV and fix the no sound no picture and black screen problem.

Hitachi TV has no Sound no Picture and Black Screen

This is another fix to the Hitachi TV that has a picture but no sound or has sound but no picture using the Hitachi TV menu button at the back or side of the TV panel.

  • Press and hold the Hitach TV Vol and Menu button simultaneously.
  • Don’t release the two buttons you are holding while you keep pressing the Hitachi TV power button repeatedly.
  • Now let go of the vol and power button after a count of 5 while you were pressing the power button and counting at the same time.
  • After a couple of seconds, you should see a Blue Light On and the light stays.
  • Release the volume and power button after 10 to 20 seconds once the blue light stays.
  • After about 30 seconds or thereabout, you should notice some pictures on your TV if the reset is successful.

Meanwhile, if your Hitachi TV does not have the Menu button you can use the Source or Input key as the main button. 

The second step to fix your Hitachi TV LCD turns on but no sound and picture must be done using the TV keys and not your remote.

With this method, we believe that you should be able to fix the Hitachi TV turns on but no picture or sound.

Do let us know which of the methods work for you or if there are other means you followed to fix the Hitachi TV black screen no sound problem.


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