How to Transfer Files Using GigaFile Website

GigaFile is a website to transfer huge file without transfer cap. This implies that with GigaFile you can transfer any file from your device to another without leaving the comfort of your home.

Recently I wanted to transfer a file to a friend who lives outside Nigeria, the file is very huge. I think the file was around 803MB. I tried using Google drive, failed. I used Dropbox, he couldn’t access his Dropbox account, I tried other online file storage it was to no result. No way out… And sending that huge file via email is a no go area. After a few research, I came across Gigafile file transfer website.

When I visited Gigafile, I found out it is a Chinese website, another story began again. So, I need to translate the website from Chinese to English before I can understand it. But later, I found a way to transfer the file using Giga file website after I have successfully translated the website from the Chinese language to the English language.

I actually don’t have to spend the whole day searching for websites to translate from any language to the English language. You can easily use Google translator and Google Chrome browser to give you Gigafile English version or translate it to your own language. Before we round up this post we’ll share with you how to translate website language to an understandable language.

How to Translate Gigafile Language to English

Giga file is a Chinese based website. And the website is developed in the Chinese language. In fact, you should expect that anyway.

However, for visitors outside China, how do they relate with Giga file? It’s a simple fact that Giga file file-sharing website can handle a transfer of a huge file, up to 75Gigabit [unlimited] at a time but what benefits if you can’t find out how to transfer files using their free service due to a language barrier?

However, to combat this difficulty you can either use the Google Chrome browser translator extension or use Google search engine translator. Google search engine will not be convenient since you are visiting a website.

If you choose to go with Google translator, it means you will copy each word in Gigafile to Google translator for translation. That will incur a lot of stress compared to Google Chrome extension that can be used right on the website to translate from one language to another.

Here is a link to download Google Chrome translator plugin, here is also a link for the Mozilla Google translator extension and for Operamini you may want to try this out.

Now that you have plugins to translate any website from its official language to your default language, lets head to how to transfer files using the Giga file website.

How to Transfer Files Using GigaFile – File Transfer Website

Gigal file transfer website is a fantastic website to send files from one location to another via the internet. In the first place, will upload the file you want to transfer and convert it to .zip format. To make it more concise. Anf it will also remain in Gigafile database for a minimum of 7 days and maximum of 14 days. However, you have to choose how long you want the file to be kept in Giga File database before removing it. Have known this, let me quickly take you by hand on how to use Giga file for file transfer.

Open your browser and visit Giga File. For the first time, this website will pop up in the Chinese language. You don’t have to be panic. Just click on English translation extension you installed on your browser and translate it to the English language.


Scroll down the page until you get to a section titled “Upload: This is a story of file transfer”. If you want the file to be retained for more than 7 days, just toggle the indication and it will be changed to 14 days.


In the file name section, enter the name of the file. This doesn’t necessarily mean it should be the exact name you saved the files on your drive. Just enter a name that the recipient will be able to identify it that it’s the file they are expecting.

Then click on the arrow named 1 below to upload the file from your device. Once successfully uploaded Giga File will generate a password to protect the file. You can delete the password if you don’t want to password the document.

Then copy the highlighted URL and send it to the recipient via Email, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Just make sure you copy and forward the file storage link with the password to the recipient to be able to unlock it.


After you have sent the file to the recipient. You may also need to tell the recipient to use Google translator to translate the website from its primary language to an understandable language.

Update: Password is not necessary for downloading the file. Rather, the password now grants access to the sender to delete the file after it has been downloaded successfully.

GigFile is an amazing website to transfer huge files online without limitation. The more interesting part of Giga File storage website is that you can also send the file to your emails including your email directly from the website. To enjoy the Giga website, always endeavor to translate the website from Chinese to English.

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