How to Disable/Enable Badge App icon on iPhone 7

The Apple badge App icon is one of the excellent features that make the device unique. If you use an older version of iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or even iPhone 6, you should have seen the badge app icon before.

So, this term badge icon on the new iOS device might throw up some questions like what is badge icon on iPhone 7 and what is the function of this new feature. Well, a lot of people using iPhone 7 does not know the function of this feature not to talk about how to enable it.

Therefore, what I will share with you in this post will answer the tantrum about the definition of badge icon on your iPhone devices.

What is Badge App icon on iOS 7

Badge app icon is an indication showing the total number of unread messages or information you need to check out in red. The badge icon often shows in a round shape with a number written in a red indicating the total number of a specific notification an app has that user (you) have not read.

The badge icon often shows in apps like Podcast, WhatsApp, Facebook App, Facebook Messenger, Email notifications, and other apps that give notification when you receive a new information.

The icon notification and the colorful red indication is meant to bring to your quick notice that there is an information you need to attend to whether urgent or later.

A good example of badge app icon in iPhone 7 is shown in Podcast app and Bandsintown app below.

How to Turn Off/On Badge App icon on iPhone 7

However, if, you were like me you will disable this app badge icon from showing the total number of unread or unchecked information you have on a specific app. This is feature is, by default, will enable the badge app icon on your new iOS device.

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Therefore, if you don’t like seeing this notification or red notification indicating you have some unread or unchecked messages here is how to disable or turn off the badge icon notification.

How to Turn On or Off Badget App icon on iPhone 7

This guide to turning off or on the badge icon on apps on iPhone 7 is compiled using the iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 10.3.3. However, it worth to note that the badge icon on each app is not controlled by a single feature in general.

So, the icon on different apps may indicate different information. For instance, the badge icon on Podcast indicates that I have some unread or unchecked information on Podcast while the notification of app settings indicate that I have a new OS to install.

So, they are different and they should not be treated equally. Therefore, I’ll not advise you to turn off the settings badge icon so that you will get the latest OS update information on your device.

Tab Settings in the app menu

How to Turn Off/On Badge App icon on iPhone 7

Click on Notifications

How to Turn Off/On Badge App icon on iPhone 7

Choose the app you want to disable badge icon on in your app menu. In this case, I will disable the badge icon on Discord app and then click on next.

How to Turn Off/On Badge App icon on iPhone 7

Toggle to the button to the right of the Discord app to turn off the badge icon on it in the app menu

How to Turn Off/On Badge App icon on iPhone 7

Now, navigate back to the home screen or app menu to check whether the notification is still available on the Discord app.

Therefore, to turn off the badge app icon on all apps repeat the same process for the apps showing red indication on top and disable them. Meanwhile, you may want to allow WhatsApp notifications and perhaps, email notification in case you don’t have time to check them often.

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