List of Apps to Add Fingerprint Screen Lock to your Android Phone

With the way most Android OS is rolling out Fingerprint lock feature OTA on new and default the lock feature in new the OS like Android Oreo and Android P. The Fingerprint screen lock feature seems to be a must use this now. If you are using a minimum of Android Lollipop you stand the change to get the fingerprint update soon or later. However, if you are stuck in the old Android version like KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, etc you probably need the fingerprint screen lock app to play on your friends’ intelligence.

However, if you are in love with the way the fingerprint sensor in Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat, Android Oreo, and Android P devices work and an update to enjoy the feature is not coming anytime soon, here is a post to relieve you of the peer pressure of fingerprint sensor phone.

Here in this article, despite tons of fingerprint app in play store, I have compiled the best and most effective fingerprint screen lock prank for Android. This doesn’t happen for real but it a foolproof that your phone has a fingerprint sensor feature by unlocking your Android with your fingers your friends are enjoying their latest Android OS device.

Best Fingerprint Screen Lock Pranks Apps for Android

Here is a list of the best fingerprint screen lock pranks apps for Android to unlock your phone with your fingerprint.

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank

The best fingerprint app to fool your colleague is the prank app. It’s also available in APK format. However, the lock screen prank app is a full proof to convert and customize your Android with no fingerprint sensor feature to a fingerprint sensor device within seconds.

Best Fingerprint Screen Lock Pranks Apps for Android

The app is easy to set up and within minutes it will display on your phone that the screen is locked with a fingerprint. You also have the feature to customize your device wallpaper with a fingerprint scanner wallpaper to look exactly like a real scanning sensor for Android devices.

Fingerprint Lock screen

You don’t need to bother when the fingerprint sensor feature will find its way to your device. All you need is to download the lock screen prank app to force the fingerprint screen on your phone.

Fingerprint Lock screen

This app doesn’t only make your phone looks like it has fingerprint feature enabled it has used your fingerprint to unlock the device which really pulls the prank the hard way that your phone has a built-in fingerprint sensor.

To make the fun a real, you can set your phone to vibrates whenever you unlock your phone with your finger lock. At the same time, for the iOS fans, you can set and customize your device time to look like iOS time using the screen lock app.

Fingerprint LockScreen Prank

This app is mainly for a prank and it doesn’t really unlock your phone with your thumb or whichever finger you choose to unlock your phone. The app present you will a fingerprint wallpaper and tends to unlock your phone when you place your finger on the sensor icon.

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank

In a real sense, you were supposed to unlock your device with your finger using the sensor either at the back or in the menu key just like Samsung fingerprint sensor. However, the fingerprint LockScreen prank app provides you with an interface as if your phone really has the fingerprint sensor active.

Fingerprint Pattern App Lock

This is another fingerprint prank app to add fingerprint lock to smartphones with only a password, PIN, and pattern lock. The multipurpose app can also be used as AppLock to lock Gallery, phone apps, videos, messenger, and other folders.

Fingerprint Screen Lock Pranks

While the fingerprint unlocks feature only supports a device with fingerprint sensor feature such as Samsung smartphone, Marshmallow devices, Nougat devices.

However, for Android without fingerprint lock option the app can be used to play pranks with your friends with the fingerprint wallpaper that your phone has the new security feature.

Mobile Security Fingerprint Screen Lock Prank

The mobile security fingerprint prank app is a collection of fingerprint wallpaper to pull pranks at your friends using a fingerprint screen lock wallpaper as your phone default wallpaper.

The app turns smartphone interface to look like the normal Android phones with lock screen feature using a wallpaper with administrator’s right.

However, the app wallpapers are designed in such a way that friends without fingerprint sensor device will not be able to identify whether your phone is using a fingerprint sensor wallpaper or a real fingerprint scanning feature.

The mobile security fingerprint screen lock prank app cannot really scan your finger when you placed it on your phone rather it uses a simulated package to unlock your phone accompanied by a beep or vibrations.

How do you see these? Did we mention your favorite fingerprint lock app you have experienced? Kindly use the comment section to suggest your best and favorite fingerprint screen lock prank app for Android devices such as Samsung, Android Nougat devices, Android Marshmallow devices, Android Oreo, and Android P.

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