How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp

WhatsApp rolls out night mode feature to both Android and iOS. And if you have not been enjoying this, here is how to enable WhatsApp night mode on Android and on iPhone.

WhatsApp Mod like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp ++, YO WhatsApp has been using Night mode before the official Android and iOS WhatsApp choose to introduce the night mode.

If you are using WhatsApp Mod this would probably not new to you. But, to those using the official WhatsApp app, the eye comfort mode is definitely a booster to the messenger users.

Enable WhatsApp night Mode

What is Dark Mode?

You can refer to the WhatsApp dark mode as an eye comforter to use WhatsApp messenger in the dark when phone screen brightness cannot be controlled.

Whether you set your phone brightness to automatic or manual, the rate at which your phone screen emits light at night cannot be controlled when chatting using the WhatsApp messenger.

The lack of this feature on WhatsApp has forced a lot to go to bed in time due to emitting of rays of light back to the eye and thus affect the eyes.

This feature will help to curb the dreadness attached to using WhatsApp at night with the screen light out of control.

Who gets this Feature?

iOS users are the first to get this WhatsApp unique feature. While Android users are still waiting patiently for this feature.

If you are a WhatsApp beta tester you would be among the first few people to get notified of this update once it’s available to all beta user.

However, the feature is not automatic so you have to manually enable it via your WhatsApp settings.

Update WhatsApp

The first approach to take to get the latest WhatsApp night mode is to update your WhatsApp messenger.  If you don’t have the updated WhatsApp app follow this procedure.

  1. Open the Google play store app
  2. Click on the menu option
  3. Tap apps & games
  4. Find WhatsApp in the list of apps
  5. Tap on update

Now, the WhatsApp messenger app will start downloading and the update will be done automatically once the download is completed.

Enable WhatsApp Night Mode

Here is how to enable WhatsApp night mode on Android and iOS phones.

  1. Launch the WhatsApp app by clicking on the icon
  2. Tap on the 3 dots to the upper right
  3. Click on the settings tab
  4. Tap on appearance
  5. Click on night mode

A message will appear that you about to enable the night mode feature on your messenger. Click OK.

This night mode is similar to Google Chrome night mode and YouTube app night mode.

If this feature has been rolled out and you have been using it or you are able to set the feature active kindly leave a comment below.

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