Frozen Firestick- [Quick Guide to Unfrozen it]

It is no news that Amazon blessed its users and world in general with the Fire TV’s miniature model called the Firestick. The firestick gives an easy and stress-free way of streaming various interesting and informational television shows, movies, and other visuals. Sounds interesting? What’s not so interesting is that you might have to fix a frozen firestick.

Amazon firestick lacks a vast storage capacity; thus, a very large number of downloaded movies, shows, or apps may lead to difficulty or lagging in the TV Stick performance. Issues such as the stick freezing and buffering can come up constantly and affect your viewing experience. By the way, we have a guide on solving buffering here.

However, low storage capacity isn’t the only reason for experiencing a frozen firestick. Other possible reasons could lead to this. Examples are;

  • RAM is running slow
  • Insufficient internet connection
  • Low internet signal as a result of Fire TV stick being far away from the Wi-Fi router
  • Excessive and non-stop use of the Firestick TV leading to overheating

Using the Restart Method to fix Frozen Firestick

Basically, a frozen and unresponsive firestick requires a restart, just like how it applies to iPhones and computers. When the possible reasons we listed above happens, the firestick TV freezes on the firestick start-up menu, making you lose control of the menu and unable to use the remote.

In situations like this;

  • Disconnect Firestick power cord from the power source

disconnect fire TV from power source

  • Keep Firestick down, unused for few minutes (preferably 10)
  • After a while, plug-in the power cord again
  • If done successfully, your device will power on and cycle through the restart process
  • It’s advisable that you wait for a minute or two for the device to process menu and applications

This basic solution can resolve the trouble and fix the Frozen firestick issue. If successful, you will then be able to access the TV’s various services.

How to Restart using remote

Meanwhile, it is possible that your remote is not affected by this issue. You can restart your firestick TV from the remote control while Firestick is frozen. We have provided the guide to follow to use this method of fixing frozen firestick

  • On any screen
  • Press both the select and the play or pause button on your Firestick remote at the same time

fix frozen firestick with remote

  • Long press both button for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Now wait until Fire TV stick turns off and then it restarts by itself

fire stick powering off

Factory Reset to Fix Frozen Firestick

It is possible that the basic restart method doesn’t work out and fix the frozen Firestick. Another path to solving the issue is to perform a factory reset.

It’s important to note, though, that a factory reset will delete all content from your Firestick, and you will have to register once again with your Amazon account to gain access to the content again.

We have provided a simple guide to using this alternate method  through factory reset to see if it will permanently resolve the frozen issue;

  • On the home screen, look for the Settings icon and open it.
  • You will see various choices like My Account, Accessibility, My Fire TV, amongst others.
  • Click on the My Fire TV icon.
  • Under it, look for the Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • When seen and clicked, a warning notice appears and informs you that you are about to reset your Fire TV to Factory Settings. It further tells you that your saved items will be lost. Therefore, you have to be careful and sure when deciding to reset your device to fix your frozen firestick.
  • Your PIN number will then be requested after this as a security measure (you might not be asked if you don’t have one)
  • Finally, you click the Reset button.

After doing all these successfully, your firestick TV automatically restarts and will appear as though you just got it.

We believe all tips and guides given above will help you fix your frozen firestick permanently. If in case you are unable to fully grasp these guides or facing any other relative issue, we are open to guiding you further through the comments section.

Kindly drop your thoughts and opinions also as we and our audiences would love to learn from your experiences.

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