Best Adventure Games for Girls

Boys shouldn’t be the only one to enjoy games of various kind. Games like PS4, Nintendo, Pubg, PES, Dream League Soccer, FIFA, Akinator, etc are games for boys.  Not to talk about the PPSSPP games for Android and iOS that boys enjoy playing. What about games for girls? Let’s talk about it.

Apart from fashion apps for games, cooking apps, dressing app, and makeup apps, what other apps games are there for girls? If you are a girl and you are reading this post today, I’ll share with you games for girls you can play that boys are also playing.

You can always be cooking. Or dressing up all the time. Playing games could be additional means you can use to catch fun. Apart from games for boys girls, there are some girls that only a girl will want to play.

Hardly can you see a boy who will love the cooking app more than the Game of the Throne. But for girls, after Telemundo, you can be playing games to keep you busy during your leisure time

Best Games for Girls

I have seen boys playing these games though. But, girls are addicted to them. So, here is a list of the best games for girls to catch fun.

1. Angry Birds

I learn about Angry bird in 2015 when I visited my ex. This girl can play Angry bird for a whole day. In fact, she shares the Angry birds game with other girls to play and have fun.

Since then, I have been recommending this game for girls. The game involves shooting, though, which you may think it should be a game for boys.

But, the truth been said, statistically, girls play the game more than boys and it’s currently rated one of the best games for girls.

The game is tricky so you have to be conscious of the shooting. For you to survive the whole level which is almost 40, you need to master the act when combating with enemies shooting at you when you are above them or coming towards them.

Best games for girls

2. Candy Crush Saga

One of my lecturers plays this game a lot after seeing some group of girls playing it. When he requested for it, I thought he was joking not until he got to a difficult level that he needs an expert guide.

Candy Crush Saga is a color combination game where you are the player will have to arrange the color by swiping them together for canceling. The first thing to note when playing Candy Crush is that you have a limited number of moves to finish a certain level.

To be frank, you have to master this game. I have seen a lot of girls playing Candy Crush, unlike boys. Therefore, if you are searching for games you can play as a girl, you should try Candy crush saga and you will love it.

Download Candy Crush for girls

3. Pet Rescue Saga

This game for girls calls for a high level of intellect. The mission is to rescue a pet trapped by the enemy and you must do everything to make sure the pet is rescued alive.

The game is between life and death for the pet. So, in the pet rescue game, you will be provided some box which you have to match together without exceeding the total number of moves.

Playing this game is more like when you are learning how to cook using the cooking app. Everything must be added accordingly without a mistake.

So, while considering games for girls or which games girls play that you can share with your friends for a competition, pet rescue sage is yet a great one.

Rescue Pet download for girls

4. Cut the Rope 2

We know girls love candy. As a girl, candy can solve a lot of problem like chewing and the likes. However, cut the rope 2 is an adventure game that you must feed Om Nom.

In the game, a candy sweet is hanged in a rope and Om Nom is damn hungry, to feed it, you must make sure the candy dropped on its mouth when you cut it otherwise you will have to start all over again.

It’s not that easy though. But if you love adventure games that will make you learn patience as a girl, you can consider the cut the rope 2.

Best games girls play

5. Fruit Ninja

Hello girls, you must have heard Fruit Ninja as one of the best games for boys and girl, right? This is a game of sword where you aim at those fruits and begin to slice them.

You need a lot of accuracies to be able to go a long way playing the Fruit Ninja game. To win big with the game you need to be very accurate and master the act of projecting very well.

However, if you are good enough you can challenge other girls playing online and be rewarded.

To earn more blades to cut more fruits at once you need to speed up the level by playing the game constantly.

Cooking games for girls

6. Princes Gives Birth a Baby

This is a game for all expected mother in the future. The princess is pregnant and she needs to give adequate care for her unborn prince. Now, here you can either act as the mother-in-law or sister-in-law to learn how to take care of her.

Princes give birth a baby is an educational game to learn how to take of pregnant women and the unborn child that she’s expecting.

If you don’t want to act as the relative, you can act as a nurse or a doctor to give her all the necessary care she deserves to make sure she put to bed safely.

So, while playing the game you check for things like the princes’ blood pressure, her heartbeat, and the body responds to the situation.

Now, this is where I recommended this as one of the games for girls, once Princes gave birth to the price, you are no longer a nurse or doctor, now you are a consultant.

You will be the one to care for the baby, give the baby and mother administered drugs, and monitor their well-being.

Play this game as a girl

7. Kim Kardashian Hollywood

If you are a fan of the Hollywood celebrity actress here is a game to create your own Kim. You create your own stardom and join Kim on the red carpet.

Here in this game, you can customize your Kim with all sort of available style which is inspired by Kim herself. You can also connect with friends on social media if they are playing the Kim Hollywood game.

Best games I play as a girl

8. Cooking App

You can get yourself any of the cooking apps both free and paid such as BigOven (Free), Jamie Oliver’s Recipes (Free), (Free), Yummly (Free), Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (Free), SideChef (Free), Pepperplate (Free), and Paprika Recipe Manager ($4.99) to learn extensively how to cook all various kind of foods.

Irrespective of the cooking app you will be able to carry out any lesson learned without a physics tutor. In fact, after makeup apps, cooking apps in another app for girls.

Download cooking game for girls

9. Baker Story

This is a cooking app I intentionally sectioned from the list of cooking apps for girl above. While playing this game, you will learn a lot about a business startup as a girl.

So, you have to design your own bakery, bake the best cake, bread, and other baking food and make sure your customers are fully satisfied. To keep your customers, you mustn’t run out of your business ideas.

However, when you run out of ideas on how to keep the business growing you can just contact your online friends and get ideas on how to keep your customers happy.

This is included as one of the best games for girls as it helps to learn more about a business startup.

Games for girls

10. MovieStarPlanet

I’ll not only recommend this game for girls above 18 years of age. Rather, I’ll recommend this game for teen girls who have the ambition to become a celebrity in the future.

The MovieStarPlanet game projects you into the future while playing the game and become an important icon in society. You gather wealth and become a celebrity while playing the game.

You start out the game by customizing your own cloth, sure, dressing, create your own movies, and plan how to become what your aspired playing the game.

MovieStarPlanet for girls

Which of these games have you played before? Which one can you recommend for other girls to play?

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