15 Best Makeup Apps for Android & iOS (iPhone) Devices

There are a lot of makeup apps for Android and iOS devices. With these makeup apps or makeover apps, you will be able to give the best to yourself rebranding your photos before you upload it to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. So, in this article, you will learn about the top list of makeup apps for ladies in 2018.

Looking glowing as a lady is what is most important even without a steady income. A good eyes brown, dimples, nice makeup, gorgeous lip gloss, well-arranged eyelashes, and wearing nice cloth. As a lady, fashion speaks more to them.

It’s the first impression before anything and as such, make-up play a major role. However, for your makeup artist, you don’t need to pay a professional make-up artist to help arrange your eyelashes, trim eyebrows, powder your face, and tell you the beat level of lipstick you should use.

All you need is a makeup app on your Android or iOS devices to put you through. These makeup apps give a variety of ways to trim your eyebrows, arrange and trim your eyelashes, fix eyelashes, and best makeup combination that will make you look glow and more charming doing it yourself than when you pay a makeup artist to help you.

This is not to say, a makeup artist is not doing great, but with any of these make-up apps you can do it yourself and save yourself some money for another purpose.

Meanwhile, at the end of the post, if your favorite makeup app is not mentioned and you can vouch for it, don’t hesitate to let us k ow so we can also take a look at it and sew if it’s indeed a great one. However, these make-up apps are genre from users review, play store ranking, number of downloads, and based on our experience.

Beat Makeup Apps for Ladies Who Uses Android Phone

If you use an Android phone you should consider one of the following make-up apps for Android phones. Here, are the best makeup apps for iOS and Android that are at the top of our list.

1. Youcam Makeup

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Almost 90% of ladies I know use Youcam makeup app and update the apps to the latest version always just to stay updated with the latest fashion in town when it comes to makeup kits. Youcam app has over a hundred makeup guide you can follow without a watching a makeup video tutorial.

Youcam is actually one of the best makeup apps I have seen people using with some amazing quality to stay on to with the latest makeup in town. This app is all about cosmetic and beautification.

For starters, you have a guide to do every makeover you love to do and look exactly how you want to look following the app guide while standing in from of your mirror.

As for me, I personally recommend Youcam makeup app for every lady, girls, and women out there as a worthwhile app when it comes to looking stunning in your makeover.

2. YouFace Makeup – Makeover Studio

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When it comes to what you need to know about makeup guides such as how to draw the best eyebrow, best cosmetic kit, powdering, makeover photos, and many other, YouFace makeup is one of the makeup apps I personally recommend for my female friends.

YouFace makeup app just gives a stunning look on your phone with just a click. When you take that amazing selfie and you look for a way to make it look like a studio photo, you don’t need to crop or use a photoshop software to edit and purify the photo, all you need is download and install makeover studio app for Android phones.

3. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Genius

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This is the only makeup genius app you need to start looking stunning and different in your makeup. The beauty of the makeup app is that; you can use a live shot to see how a makeup will look on you rather than using a static makeup.

With this app, the only thing you need to became amazing glowing is your Android phone to serve as a static mirror and give a touch of all you would have using makeup you have in your makeup kits. With the L’Oreal Paris Makeup Genius, you just simply need to choose your how lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, and your face look.

The L’Oreal Paris Makeup Genius is simply amazing as it gives you an overview of how you will look in real life if you should do the makeup on your face as it’s in the app. However, if you love what you see and you’d like to have a physical product you can other for it using the L’Oreal Paris Makeup Genius app.

4. Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover

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Mary Kay looks like a name right? Well, if you say she is a salesperson you are still saying the same thing. The Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover gives you the exact service they render if you choose to call for their service. However, with the beautify makeup samples and the available images you can be assured that you have the best makeup guide on your phone.

It’s a two-way thing with Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover, you can either use an existing picture or take a new selfie and give a touch of some hands such as adding a piece of jewelry, change your hairstyle, do some nail fixing, and many more using the app.

This’d exactly give you an overview of how beautiful you will look if you choose to let Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover. However, it’s not easy to have a pedicure home service except you can pay what it takes, however, with the look in the selfie and the glimpse of touches you had on your picture you can choose to do it yourself with what you have in your makeup kits.

5. Modiface Photo Editor

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I’d advise using Modiface Photo Editor as your makeup app if you want to set the whole internet and social media on fire. See, with Modiface Photo Editor makeup app, you can change virtually everything in your face.

You can change your face, your eyes, your flat nose to a pointed nose, reshape your face, do a lit bit of face lifting. However, after the touch of beauty on your picture you can choose to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even save it on your phone for future use.

6. Perfect 365

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You can either have enough of yourself or do more with perfect 365 makeup app. As a matter of fact, perfect 365 is one of our favorite makeup apps for both iOS and Android devices.

With perfect 365 app, you have a lot of option to choose from. Suppose you hairstyle is braiding, you can change it to weaving without losing it and make another hairstyle, it’s just one of the usefulness of the app.

This app can simply change the look most people known you for and give you another look entirely without leaving the comfort of your room. However, if you think your knowledge on how to use the app is below average, all you need to do is follow the app DIY guide to create a professional makeover on your picture.

The purpose of using makeup kit is to look stunning and wow on your social media account. Without mincing world, the Perfect 365 makeup output can be posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the whole world to see.

7. Retrica

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Of all the popular makeup apps, Retrica has a few features that never seize to amazes me in a way I never expect an app to work. With Retrica app you don’t need to makeup first to transform your look into an astonishing and stunning look.

The Retrica app gives a room for amateurs to create a stunning picture using the makeup app. With the app, you can change how your skin appears, change wigs, remove spots, and do a whole bunch of works on your photo without the help of a dermatologist.

Before you upload your picture to any social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just upload it to Retrica to refine it, create a photo collage with it, add some fun and funny texts to your picture, create a video or GIF with your stunning picture after makeup, and hit the share button to send it to your social media account or save it to your phone.

8. You Makeup Photo Camera

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You makeup photo camera is one of the best makeup apps to achieve a professional studio work on your picture using your Android phone.

The “You makeup photo camera” app comes with over a hundred makeup style to choose from and turn your picture into a stunning and powerful photoshop photo using your phone without attaining a professional photo editing level.

Another great feature of this makeup app is the face recognition feature that helps to detect your face faster and helps to turn your makeup from an aspiring outfit to a real makeup and more natural when you share it with your friends on social media.

9. InstaBeauty Makeup Selfie Cam

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There is no way I can do without taking about Instabeauty as one of the best makeup apps for Android phone users. This app is far more than a photo editor, it’s a professional makeup app for both professional and amateur to create a stunning photo with makeup drag and drop kits.

The InstaBeauty makeup app contains more than a hundred makeup style to choose from and help filter your face based on what you choose and asked the app to do for you. The makeup app helps you to remove whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, acne, and rosacea when creating a studio like photos on your Android phone.

10. Candy Camera

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Candy camera is our last choice of best makeup apps for Android users before we take a look at some amazing makeup apps for iPhone and iPad. The makeup app offers a fantastic selfie picture while you use your phone as a mirror to tush and posh your face to look stunning and pimples free with a drag and drop makeup kits.

Without mincing words, you should consider using the free studio app for Android phones to transfer your photo from ordinary to an amazing one. With the Candy camera app, you can come up with a different type of a look like a yummy look, add some emoticons to your face, use the app facial recognition, and do more with your phone.

Best Makeup Apps for iOS Phones

For iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and other iPhone products users, you too can be part of the merriment and enjoy the power of the following makeup apps on your iOS device to posh your selfie and give you the most amazing camera shoot ever.

1. Youcam Makeup App for iOS

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Youcam app is also popular among the iOS device users. It makes, pedicure, and other artistic work easier. It makes you look smarter and beautiful than you think you are with amazing emoticons, eyebrows, eyelashes, lipstick, and lot more than you need in your makeover kits.

The Youcam makeup app saves you a bulk. The app makes you selfie looks like a bridal shower’s picture, a birthday picture, a wedding picture, and a lot more with the app product following the current trending in the fashion industry. Whenever you think your makeup is amazing and you are good to go with your fashion and a perfect makeover, just take a look at your Youcam makeup app to see the next touch on how to stay on top.

2. LGFB Beauty

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Look Good Feel Better beauty as popularly called LGFB beauty is a program for all cancer patient, both men, and women, young and old, boys and girls to help them re-modify their face as a result of their diseases side effect which may have a negative effect on their look.

The app is developed so that cancer patients will be able to change their look often if they want to upload their pictures to social media or use it on their phone. For ladies, a new hairstyle is added every month to try for a new look that is different from the previous one. And for male, you will also have access to different haircut often.

Without much ado and off all the makeup apps for iOS and Android phone, Look Good Feel Better beauty app is one of the most cherished makeup apps for cancer patients.

3. GlamScout

Beauty comes so easy with GlamScout makeup app. Before you upload that favorite picture to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram first upload it to GlamScout to scouts the picture for you. Within a glimpse of eyes, the app identifies the exact makeup you face is missing and transform it into an amazing beauty and elegant look just like a celebrity look.

Yet in the same makeup app, you can use the app as a mirror and use the app camera to take selfie rather than uploading your picture and give some touches to your photos

When next you want to look like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce or any of the popular celebrity, just take your GlamScout and do the necessary makeover on your face and transform your face into something different.

Online Makeup App in 2018

You can as we learn makeup online. There are a lot of websites that offer a free guide to know more about the makeover guide online without paying a dime. If you are interested in this, you will find this section appealing.


Perfectcorp is the number one and most popular online makeup site to craft a new look from your existing photo and from your phone camera. Perfectcrop works just like the above makeup apps but it has a connection with the internet. Unlike the above makeup apps, once you have successfully downloaded and installed your favorite on your phone you are good to go. However, you need an internet connection to use perfectcorp online makeup emoticons and makeup kits site to add a touch of beauty to your phone.

Once you are done polishing yourself on the website adding a new wig, flat nose to pointed nose, beautify your face, and some other necessary touches that make you look stunning you can download the picture, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Which of these apps and online makeup website is your favorite? Do you even use them before now and how well do you use them?

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