How to Fix Hisense TV Problems Black Screen

Have you come across Hisense TV Problems Black Screen in the course of operating your Hisense TV? If you had come across it, then let us look at how you can resolve the issue at once. There is no cause for alarm, the solution will be discussed at length in this article.

Assuming you turned on your TV and the only thing you can see is a black screen. There are many reasons for this bad situation to occur. But some of the reasons causing every user of Hisense TV to experience this limitation will be analyzed and the possible solutions.

Why do I experience Hisense TV problems with black screen?

When Hisense TV problems black screen happens, it means something is surely wrong somewhere with a particular part of your Hisense TV, your Hisense Tv might produce sound but the screen is dark, no pictures are showing at all. You need to fix it. When you encounter this obstacle, it is your Mainboard/Powerboard or T-Con board that had been faulty or other parts might be negatively affected.

Let us briefly look at what the Mainboard and T-Con board mean.

The mainboard is a control board that controls all the functionalities of a TV. The mainboard has control over power, sound, picture, volume, and so on. It is also known as Motherboard, Printed circuit board, while a T-Con board receives a signal from the motherboard and translates the signal into a picture or image on the TV screen. The full meaning of T-Con is Timing Controller.

How to fix Hisense TV Problems Black Screen.

Try to carefully follow the following guide to put an end to Hisense TV problems black screen. Take the steps one after the other.

Check for the State of Power in your Hisense TV

Immediately, switch off your Hisense TV, unplug it from the power source, and leave it for about two minutes. Then, replug it and switch it on. And ready to look for any LCD light or if any light would come up on the screen as it used to come up as usual, before your TV developed a fault. 

What we just did now to troubleshoot, is known as Power Cycle. The power cycle enables the TV to have a fresh start and the power cycle eliminates lagging power in the TV that may be causing your TV not to function well. If the problem continues to exist, then you need to sail further until the issue is resolved.

Hisense TV Problems Black Screen

Resetting the picture Settings your Hisense TV

You will need now to press the MENU button on your TV remote control, then go on to SETTINGS and click it, then move further to DEVICE PREFERENCES, PICTURE. Kindly move on to RESET DEFAULT and you will receive a prompt from your Hisense TV, if you would like to confirm the action of resetting the picture settings, then, click OKAY to confirm the action. 

After you have taken your time to check your remote control settings for picture resetting for any kind of settings that may be causing the problem. And you discover the black screen persists. Then, let us soft reset.

Soft Reset

To reset any system means, someone is ready to lose all information stored in the system. But the case of soft reset is different, soft reset prevents all your information, such as usernames, passwords, and other files from being wiped off. Now, let us take a look at how to perform the soft reset.

  • From MENU on your remote control, press it.
  • And press on SETTINGS, then navigate your way to SYSTEM, select it.
  • Now click on POWER.
  • Then, click on SYSTEM RESTART.
  • And your Hisense TV will automatically turn off and restart itself after a while.

This method similarly helps to remove all residual power causing a glitch in your Hisense TV, this should solve the issue of Hisense TV problems black screen. If the condition remains adamant, that it refuses to leave. Then, we need to deal with it with another weapon of warfare against the black screen. Now, let us go forth to fight it out and win.

Faulty Blacklight

If the backlight is having fault, there is a high tendency for the black screen to come up. And if it comes up, then we need to battle it down. 

  • Switch on your TV and choose any TV station.
  • Make sure you switch off all lights present in your room where you put the television so that you can have a dark room.
  • Then, take a torch and turn it on and direct the torchlight to the screen of your television, if you can see pictures on the surface of your screen, then the backlight of your TV is having a problem. The way out is to replace the backlight. Finally, we need to look at the very important last step to tackle the black screen in this article.

Damaged Motherboard or T-Con

The pieces of evidence of damaged motherboard or t-con are black screen, lines over images on the TV screen, unbalanced TV colors. If all these happen to your TV, then the only solution is to change your motherboard or t-con board visiting a repairer.

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