How to Buy StopElon Token in Trust Wallet

StopElon is a new coin planning to dethrone DOGE and stop Elon Must from manipulating the world of crypto. A lot of investors have started buying StopElon Token with the hope to compete with Elon and take control of the crypto world. Therefore, if you find it difficult to buy StopElon coin, here in this guide, we will discuss how to buy $StopElon coin in Trustwallet using Pancakeswap.

The $StopElon token is built on Binance Smart Chanin (BNB) just like Shiba Inu with the same network chain. Therefore, it makes it easier than expected to buy the StopElon token with either your BNB (Binance smart Chain) or USDT or BUSD.

How to Buy StopElon

StopElon Token Price

The price is evolving at the moment as it moved from $0.0000019 per coin to $0.0000481795 within 48 hours of trading. And as we speak, $StopElon coin has recorded over $24M worth of investments from different investors.

With the trading volume, it’s believed that the StopElon memecoin is in competition with popular coins or token such as DOGE, Safemoon, and the recent. If the should rise to 1cent within 365 days, it would definitely be a coin with a lot of prospects.

$StopElon Contrac Address

You can find the $StopElon coin contract address in BSCSCAN or via the coin market website where the coin is listed, this includes Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Coinhunt, and many more.

Find below the Stop Elon token contract address.

StopElon Token Contract Address: 0xD83cec69ED9d8044597A793445C86a5e763b0E3D

Where to Buy StopElon Token

StopElon token is currently available on Trust wallet via Pancakeswap. As I earlier said that the $StopElon coin is built on Binance smart chain, so you will be able to buy the coin via on trust wallet.

How to Buy StopElon Token on Trust Wallet

Now, to buy the $StopElon coin follow the steps below.

  • Launch your Trust wallet app.
  • Select “DApps” from the wallet navigation.
  • Go to “Popular >> PancakeSwap.”
  • Select “BNB” or “USDT” or “BUSD” to select your fund.
  • Select “Select a currency” and paste the “StopElon token” wallet address.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and select the “$StopElon” coin icon.
  • In the “BNB or BUSD or USDT,” column select the amount to spend in buying the “StopElon token.
  • Set the “Slippage tolerance to “12%.”
  • Select “Swap” and wait for a couple of seconds.
  • On the “Confirm transaction” page select “Swap” to buy your $StopElon coin.”

Now, close the PancakeSwap page and navigate to the trust wallet screen.

How to Show StopElon in Trust Wallet

To monitor your StopElon profile you need to display or show the Token in your Trust Wallet. Therefore, to add the $StopElon token to your Trust Wallet, follow the steps below.

  • While on your Trust Wallet screen select the two lines to the top right.
  • Paste the “StopElon contract address” in the column that says “Search token.”
  • Toggle the “$StopElon” icon from grey to blue.
  • Navigate back to the Trust Wallet screen and scroll down until you find the token information.

We share here-in how to buy StopElon token and how to add or show the token/coin in your Trust wallet.

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