Easy Fix to Roku Low Power on TV Screen

Roku is a small electronic device that makes it easier to stream content to your smart tv without breaking the bank. This alone makes Roku one of the clear favourites when it comes to accessing a multitude of channels without having to spend soo much. 

Coupled with that, the device is easy to use. However, it still has its fair share of issues such as the “Roku Low power” which requires some troubleshooting steps.

Having your Roku Device show a Low Power Error on your TV means one thing. The power feeding your Roku device is low. 

You might be surprised as to why this is so.

Here is why? When you get a USB cord, it is always at an optimum level. However, if you use it for a year without replacing it, the USB cord might drop power making it feed a lesser power to your Roku device.

Since this issue is very common with Roku devices, which have been in use for a very long time.

A replacement would resolve it. However, it might not be the case.

Without further ado, let’s delve right into how to resolve “Roku Low Power” 

How to Troubleshoot Roku Low Power 

How to Troubleshoot Roku Low Power 

If you have used your Roku device for a while and you are recently faced with a “Roku Low Power” message that suddenly pops on your Tv screen or you come across this message not too frequently. The first thing you need to do to resolve it is to change your power outlet

Try out another power outlet

You might not be aware of it, but your power outlet is the first thing you should check while also changing the outlet to see if the power outlet isn’t having any issues. While doing this, try unplugging and plugging back all the Roku connections to the power socket.

If after doing all these the Roku Low Power message still displays on your screen. Then you should follow this step which has worked for a handful of Roku Users.

Replace your USB cord

 Replace your USB cord

There are two different reasons for this. Sometimes, you might be using an incompatible cord or it is not connected properly, or probably you have used the USB cable for a long time and it has begun to drop power.

In any of these scenarios, you are bound to get a “Roku low Power” message.

To resolve this, simply replace it with another Roku USB cable or get a new one. However, you want to make sure it is a quality cable. You can get the Rambow USB cable on Amazon as an alternative to Roku cables.

Apart from replacing your USB cord, another option which has worked for Roku users, most especially those with freezing apps issues, is to clear Roku’s cache memory.

Clear Cache of your Roku Device 

Sometimes, your Roku device could experience an intense level of freezing/Crashing apps, while you are using it.

If you are faced with these and you feel it is caused by Roku low power. 

You can clear your doubt by clearing the device cache before purchasing another USB device or Adapter.

if you are unsure about how to clear your Roku device cache.

Here is how to do that.

  • Visit Roku’s home screen.
  • Now, press the home button on your Roku remote 5 times.
  • After doing that, press the arrow up 1 time, the rewind button 2 times and the fast forward button 2 times.

Once you have done all these, your Roku device will reboot in a few seconds.

You can check here for a more comprehensive step on how to resolve a frozen Roku device 

If your Rokus device still keeps giving low power after trying out all these troubleshooting steps, then you might have to carry a reset.

Carry out a Factory Reset

If you are unsure about how to carry out a factory reset. 

Follow the instruction below.

Note: doing all these will remove all your Downloaded content

  1. Visit the Roku home screen.
  2. Now, choose settings.
  3. Proceed to the system option.
  4. Choose Advanced system settings.
  5. Navigate down till you see “select factory reset” then chose factory reset everything.

After carrying out a factory reset on your Roku device and the “Roku Low Power” Persists Then you might want to contact the Roku Support Team

Roku Blue Light Blinking

A blue blinking Light is common among Roku Express users. Most especially new users. If you are experiencing this, you want first to ensure your Roku device is correctly connected to a working power outlet with the right cables.

If they are and the issue keeps persisting, Replace the USB cable.

Roku express blinking white light

If you are experiencing a Roku White Blinking light, the two most likely causes of these are either your Roku connection or a faulty HDMI cable.

In this case, what you should do is simply disconnect your Roku device from power while reconnecting it again. 

If that doesn’t solve it replace your HDMI cable. and then the USB power cord if the HDMI doesn’t resolve it.

However apart from your Roku device, sometimes the blinking light could be a result of your remote difficulty in pairing with your Roku device

To resolve this go to the next heading under this one

Roku light blinking and remote not working

Roku light blinking and remote not working

The Roku remote blinks anytime it tries to pair with the Roku TV. Now, if it keeps blinking but nothing seems to happen, it means the remote isn’t pairing.

To resolve this you have to carry out a close check on the remote by doing the following steps.

Open the battery compartment and re-insert/Replace the battery

Unplug the Roku device and reconnect again

  1. Disconnect the Roku device.
  2. Now, open up the battery and re-insert the batteries or replace it’s weak.
  3. Connect the Roku player.
  4. Wait for 5 seconds and long press the ‘Reset’ button in the remote’s battery compartment.
  5. After doing that, you will see a pairing message after the Roku device is ON.

If this isn’t clear check here for a more compressive guide on how to pair your Roku remote.

Roku Streaming Stick plus Blinking White Light

If you are faced with this, what you should do is simply disconnect your Roku device from power while reconnecting it again. If that doesn’t solve it replace your HDMI cable and then the USB power cord if the HDMI doesn’t resolve it

Roku Blinking Purple Light

If you are stuck with this issue, you should try holding down the Reset button on your device while it is still connected to a power outlet. After doing this, the issues should stop unless your HDMI cables are having issues. If the issues persist, you need to contact the Roku support team here.

White Light Blinking on TCL TV

If you own a TCL TV and you are experiencing a white light blinking, you can simply resolve it by resetting your TV.

The reset button is located at the back of your TV and you might not be able to press it unless you use a pen or a paper clip.

Once you have any of that, simply use the pen to press the button for 10 seconds to resolve this.

Below are some commonly asked questions from Roku users who are stuck with a Roku Low power issue.

How do I fix Low Power on Roku?

  • Replace your USB cable with a New Quality One
  • Change your Roku Device Power Outlet
  • Clear your Roku Device cache
  • Carry Out a Factory reset

How much Power does a Roku need?

Your Roku device only needs 0.6 amps of power, which is 0.1amps higher than what a normal USB cord will supply. But it works sufficient notwithstanding since it needs around 3 watts.

Where is Low Power Mode on Roku TV?

Low power is simply a feature that allows you to conserve power usage when your Roku device isn’t in use and in a standby mode. Probably you don’t want to turn it Off due to the prolonged startup time.

Here are what you should do to activate low-power mode on your Roku device

  • On your Roku TV home screen
  • Go to “settings”
  • Now, go to “system”
  • On the “system” window navigate to “power” and select it
  • On the Power windows, you will see the “power saving mode”
  • You can either select the auto power saving which activates if after 4 hours there is no interaction or choose one of 15 minutes

Should Roku be Unplugged when not in use?

Turning off the device might not be good advice unless you want to save the pennies it consumes from your electricity, which isn’t as much as you’d expect.

The reason is that turning the device off makes you wait for the new updates to install and also for the services to reboot which might take a while.

A better option is to activate a low power usage while it is in a standby state.

Some Roku devices can’t be Power Off unless you unplug them from the power out, however, there are other ways to power them off. you can check here for tips on how to do that.

How many Volts does a Roku Stick need?

For optimum performance, the minimum Voltage that the Roku stick needs is 5 volts. That is one of the reasons why it is not advisable to feed the USB cable from the Tv to the Roku device.

Which Roku uses the Least Power?

The Roku Express uses the least amount of power since it was revealed that it uses 2.4W while streaming.


Resolving your Roku low power issue should be much of a fuss since it is mostly caused by your USB cable which you can easily replace. But you should ensure you are getting either a Roku cable or an alternative cable with high quality.

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