How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone

If you have been waiting for Facebook dark mode iPhone, here is the post for you. Facebook selectively roll dark mode on Facebook to some selected Facebook users. First, to desktop users and now to smartphone users (iPhone/Android). The similar app dark mode on Instagram and Twitter app finds its way to the Facebook iPhone app. So, if you have been waiting for how to turn on dark mode on iPhone while using the Facebook messenger app, this guide will be of help.

Note: The new Facebook dark mode is not officially on all iPhone devices. Only some selected Facebook users on iPhones have the feature pushed to their device. However, if you are a selected member, the Facebook dark mode for iPhone will come up on your Facebook mobile app.Facebook Dark mode on iPhone

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone

If you have been selected to enjoy the new dark mode on your Facebook iPhone app here is a step by step to turn it on.

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app on your iPhone.
  • Click on “Menu” to the bottom.
  • Scroll down and click on “Policy Privacy”.
  • Click the “Dark Mode” button.
  • Enable/turn on the feature.
  • The new dark mode theme for Facebook on the iPhone will turn on.

It is possible that when you go through the procedures above you would still not see the dark mode theme. Do not panic. The Facebook iPhone dark mode is only available to some selected users.

Since the dark mode is only available to only a limited number of iPhone and iPad Facebook users then the rolling might be yet to get to you. Before the global release to all iPhone or iPad users to use Facebook dark mode.

It’s also not mentioned that the new Facebook dark mode will be released for a particular iOS version or a particular iPhone brand, say iPhone 7 or iPhone X. But, it’s possible that the Indian and Brazilian users will be among the first to receive the update before a global release.

Note: Before you jump into the conclusion that the Facebook dark mode for iPhone and iPad is not yet available in your region go to the Apple store and update to the latest Facebook iOS app.

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