How To Cancel Blue Apron Subscription [A Quick Guide]

You can easily cancel Blue Apron subscription at any time you like. The Blue Apron membership renews automatically, so it is best to cancel your subscription early enough before you get charged for a service you are no longer interested in.

It is advisable that you unsubscribe from the service up to seven days before your next billing date. You can also be rest assured that you will not be charged any cancellation fee and you can also re-subscribe at any time you wish. Follow our guide below to easily cancel Blue Apron subscription.

How It Works

Blue Apron is a great food service that sends out all ingredients and instructions needed to cook a meal that their own chef has planned for you. You can also select from their meal plans for the week and you will also have access to a list of all the ingredients which will be delivered in a box to your doorstep. They will also get a meal plan and shopping for you allowing you to make incredible meals in your house.

With Blue Apron, you do not have to worry about shopping or thinking of meals. All you will need to do is just cook and enjoy it. Most importantly, you will get the meal plans that suit your particular culinary needs. You can also decide to skip your orders for up to five weeks in advance and also cancel anytime you feel like it.

Blue Apron Plans

Irrespective of the plan selected, Blue Apron will teach you how to make new meals you didn’t know about before or meals you have never tried. It will also introduce you to farm-fresh and seasonal ingredients. Blue Apron Plans will also help you to curb food wastage as all their recipes are specifically designed for a particular number of persons.

The Signature Plan for 2

The Signature for 2 plan is a great choice for 2 or 3 recipes every week. Also, this plan is perfectly portioned to serve two people. You will get to select 2 or 3 out of 8 unique recipe options that are created by the culinary team every week. They can also make these selections for you based on your dietary preference.

Signature Plan for 4

This is another great plan that is great for feeding a family of 4. Their team will also create up to 6 delicious recipe options for this plan every week and you can select up to 4 recipes per a single delivery.

Vegetarian Plan for 2

This is a great plan for vegetarians as it offers great meat-free meals that are absolutely tasty. They offer up to 4 different vegetarian dishes every week specifically portioned for 2 people to enjoy.

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How to Cancel Blue Apron Subscription

We discussed different approaches to cancel your Blue Apron subscriptions below,

Cancel Blue Apron via mail

To cancel your subscription via email, simply send a mail to requesting the company to cancel your membership. Make sure you include all your personal information and account details linked to your account. Immediately they get the mail, they will send a response to you containing further instructions that will help you cancel your account entirely. Just follow their instructions and that is it!

Cancel Blue Apron over the phone

To do this, dial the Blue Apron customer service line, 888-278-4349. However, before you make this call, ensure that you have all your account details ready. Then you can also follow the customer care instruction to help cancel your subscription.

How to Cancel Blue Apron Order from your Browser

Follow our guide below to cancel your Blue Apron order from their website.

  • Launch your browser and go to the Blue Apron official website.
  • Log into your account using your credentials and select Manage.
  • Then, click on Cancel Meal or Wine Deliveries.
  • Select the particular Blue Apron order you will like to cancel.
  • Then, select the Upcoming link at the top bar.
  • Select the Manage Delivery icon and then click on the Skip This Delivery option.
  • You will get a pop-up message which will ask you to confirm this decision. Select the Skip icon if you will still like to proceed with the cancellation. That is it, you will have successfully canceled your order for the week.

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Now, you can easily cancel your Blue Apron membership anytime you wish and subscribe back to the service at will. Blue Apron makes it very easy for people to unsubscribe from their service. All you need to do is get across to their customer service team via email or phone call.

You are at liberty to select the option you are more comfortable with. If you don’t get nervous during phone calls, that will be the best option as it is faster. Meanwhile, if you have any challenges following our guide above, let us know in the comments section below.

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