How to Enable Instagram Auto-Generated Captions

What is Instagram auto generated captions and how can you enable or turn on the feature to translate your speech to text in your Instagram stories and is it possible to turn off the auto-generated captions on Instagram stories?

If yes, you are in a safe hand. This article will address all that you need to know about Instagram captions or Instagram closed captions.

Although, Instagram is not the first to add the speech to text feature which is widely known as captions to the platform.

We have seen this in the TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook app to mention a few. With this, it is safe to say that the world is moving toward auto-generated captions.

But, since some video captions are not correct or wrongly spelt, a lot of the users are craving to learn to turn off the feature. Also, for live streaming services, the video captions can be intruding with participants comments.

Meanwhile, before we proceed you may want to check out how to turn off Facebook auto-generated closed captions on Android and live videos and how you can easily enable your TikTok captions.

Instagram Auto Generated Captions

You first need to update your Instagram app to the latest version to add the Instagram story captions feature to the app.

But, if you are running the latest Instagram version you can take a bow from this section and scroll to the steps to take to turn on your Instagram stories auto-generated captions.

Instagram auto generated captions


Follow the steps below to upgrade your Instagram app to the latest version with the auto-generated captions on stories.

  • Launch the “Google Play Store” app on your Android phone.
  • Click on the “Profile” icon to the top-right.
  • Click on “Manage apps & device.”
  • Click on “Manage” on the navigation.
  • Tap “Updates available.
  • Click on “Instagram.”
  • Tap “Update.”

Hang on for the Instagram app to download and install the latest update from the cloud on your device.


You may be prompted to provide your iPhone/iPad Apple ID username and password before you can update your app. So, ensure that you have your Apple login available.

  • Open the “Apple” apps store on your iPhone.
  • Click on the search box on the bottom menu.
  • Type “Instagram” to search for it and click on the app from the search suggestions.
  • Select the “Update” on the screen.

Wait for the latest Instagram app to download and replace the existing one on your iPhone/iPad. This process is automatic so you don’t have to do any other things once you have upgraded the Instagram app to the latest version successfully.

How to Enable Instagram Auto Generated Captions

You need to know how to use the Instagram story to be able to use the Instagram captions on your stories. So, here we are going to discuss how to add auto-generated captions to Instagram stories automatically.

  • Open the “Instagram” app and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the “Instagram Stories” or “Instagram reels.”
  • Upload your video or story and click on the “Next” tab.
  • Click on “Advanced Settings” under “New Post.”
  • Scroll down to “Accessibility” and click on “Show Captions.”
  • Done.

The video you want to upload will show an auto-generated caption on the post. So, with this, your Instagram story or reel will have captions and the video story will be translated to text.

How to Enable Instagram Auto Generated Captions on All your Videos

Here you can enable auto generated captions on all your videos on Instagram with a single click.

  • Launch your Instagram app.
  • Click on the “Profile” icon to the bottom right.
  • Select the three horizontal lines to the top right.
  • Click on the “Settings” gear icon.
  • Scroll down and select “Account.”
  • Select “Captions” when you scroll down to the middle of the screen.
  • Toggle on the “grey” tab to turn on the Instagram auto generated captions in your account.

Instagram automatically translate your speech to text in the English language. However, it is not guaranteed that the captions spelling will be correct. So, it’s advisable to check out your video captions and do just to them.

How to Enable Instagram Auto Generated Captions on Existing Videos

Suppose you have some videos on Instagram without the auto-generated caption you can add or enable it on them without deleting the videos.

And here are the steps to take to turn on auto generated captions on Instagram videos you have published.

  • Log into your Instagram account.
  • Go to your Instagram profile and click on the video with captions.
  • Tap on the “…” horizontal dots to the top right of the video.
  • Click on the “Edit” tab.
  • Write the video captions.
  • Click on the “Check” icon to the top right.
  • Done.

So, if a video is missing a caption on your Instagram account you can add it by editing the video.

Instagram caption auto-generated feature is an advanced feature that translates speech to text on the platform most especially for people having an ear-impairment problem.

Although the auto-generated captions are not 100% error-free at least it goes a long way to help in translating speeches to text in the English language on Instagram.

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