How to Turn On/Off Auto Generated Captions on TikTok

TikTok auto generated captions is a speech recognition that translates speech to text on TikTok videos if the option is turned on. However, a lot of people prefer to turn off the TikTok auto generated captions due to incoherent translation of the speech to text on the TikTok video screen.

However, the auto generated captions on TikTok can be turned off across all videos on the short video app or a specific video via your TikTok profile settings.

Therefore, without taking much of your time in this article, we will walk you through the steps to take to turn off auto generated captions on TikTok on Android as well as how you can use the TikTok web to turn off the auto generated captions in your TikTok account.

What is Auto Generated Captions TikTok

Auto generated captions on TikTok is an algorithm that translates speech from the TikTok video to text on the video screen. So, with the TikTok captions on the screen, you can easily decode what the presenter is talking about.

With the captions on TikTok videos, you wouldn’t need to strain your ears as you can easily follow the speech rhythm on the video screen from the speech to text captions.

You can also turn off the Facebook auto-generated captions following the steps in this guide.

TikTok auto generated captions

How TikTok Auto Generated Captions Work

The TikTok captions algorithm translate speech to text on the short video platform mainly for the disabled who have hearing challenges.

However, the algorithm to turn on auto generated captions on TikTok works differently from how the algorithm works to turn off auto generated captions on TikTok videos.

The process is flexible so you have control over your video as well as videos that are uploaded by other users.

Therefore, this article will detail both processes on how you can easily turn off or remove auto generated captions from videos on TikTok.

How to Turn on Auto Generated Captions on TikTok on Android

We are looking at the possibility of adding the TikTok auto generated feature that translates speech to text on the TikTok app on your videos and other users videos on Android.

Turn on TikTok Auto Generated Captions on your Video

Here are the steps to take to enable or turn on TikTok auto generated captions on your videos. You can do this on new videos or existing videos in your TikTok account.

  • Open the “TikTok” app on your phone [Android or iPhone].
  • Choose the video to upload from your device storage.
  • Click on the “Edit” option to edit the video.
  • To turn on “Captions” tap on the icon on the editing page.
  • The TikTok app will auto generate the captions for the video.
  • Click “Save” and “Publish” to publish the video with the auto generated captions.

With the steps above you can add auto generated captions to your TikTok videos. 

How to Edit TikTok Auto Generated Captions on Published Videos

If you have uploaded a video without the TikTok auto generated captions you can edit the video and turn on captions on the video for the TikTok speech to text to start working.

  • Go to your TikTok profile page.
  • Find the video you want to turn on the captions.
  • Open the video and choose the edit tab that is located at the bottom right.
  • You can either edit the whole captions or edit the captions line by line to match what you are saying in the video.
  • Once you are done correcting the captions click on the “Save” tab to make changes to the captions.
  • Click on the “Post” icon to publish the video with the newly edited captions.

You can use these steps to turn on and correct captions on videos you have published on your TikTok account with incorrect or wrong captions.

How to Turn off TikTok Captions on a Video you are seeing

You can turn off TikTok captions on a video you don’t own. If the captions are not corrected or the captions are annoying, you can simply turn off the captions to have your breath.

  • Open the video with captions that you want to turn off.
  • Play the video and click on any of the video captions once it appears.
  • Take note of the bubble that appears either above or below the video once you clicked on the caption.
  • Click on “Hide Captions” to “turn off” the video caption.
  • The video captions icon will turn to a small box and disappear from the screen.

Although, the doesn’t turn off the TikTok captions on all videos. It does on the video you are watching. This implies that for each video you want to watch without captions on TikTok you need to repeat the same process since there is no way to turn off captions on TikTok permanently on videos you don’t upload.

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