How to Fix Kenmore Elite Dryer not Heating

Kenmore is a brand known for dryers and washers. It has rooted so well with different types of dryers and washers. The elite dryer is one of them with multi-function. However, it can malfunction sometimes and would need a DIY repair guide. So, in this article, you will learn how to fix the Kenmore elite dryer not heating.

If your elite Kenmore dryer is new the warranty should cover it if it’s still valid so that you can get a new replacement for it or the Kenmore company take the responsibility to fix it because it’s not heating.

But if the warranty is void you can also fix it yourself or contact a service provider that can easily help you to fix all Kenmore brands including your Kenmore dryer.

All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide we are going to share with your in this article on how to fix your Kenmore elite dryer not heating.

Meanwhile, before we proceed, consider this general guide on how to fix the Kenmore dryer not heating and Kenmore oven not heating.Kenmore Elite Dryer not Heating

Why Kenmore Elite Dryer not Heating

The main reason why the Elite dryer will not heat up is either a mechanical or electrical fault. If it’s mechanical then you might need to change it and if it’s electrical, then the wiring has to be the problem.

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Therefore, from our research, the following are a few reasons why the Kenmore elite dryer will fail to heat up when connected to the power source.

Other reasons why your elite dryer won’t heat up include tripped circuit breaker, clogged vent, faulty thermal fuse, broken heating element and stoppage of gas flow.

  • The elite dryer cable is not plugged correctly into the wall socket.
  • Your dry is half open, half closed.
  • ECO or Cool settings enabled
  • The circuit breaker is tripped.

How to Fix Kenmore Elite Dryer not Heating

We will discuss various steps you can follow to fix your Kenmore Elite dryer if it’s not heating up. Meanwhile, the troubleshooting can be used to fix other Kenmore dryers if you are having a different brand.

Your Dryer Circuit Breaker is TrippedKenmore Elite Dryer Circuit breaker

If your dryer was hot the last time you used it and it turned out not to be heating at the moment it could be that the dryer circuit breaker has been tripped. Your Kenmore Elite dryer has a recommended volt breaker of 220/240V where one if for heating and the other is for power.

If a circuit break occurs you will only see that the dryer is working but it’s not heating. Therefore, to fix this, you need to follow the suggestions below.

  • Check your elite dryer electrical panel to see whether the circuit breaker is tripped.
  • If the circuit breaker is the reason why the dryer is not heating, then you want to reset the breaker that causes the problem.
  • Check out for any blown fuse. If there is any, remove and replace it.

Your Dryer Flame Sensor is FaultyElite Dryer flame sensor

This is common in most gas dryers. So, if your Kenmore Elite dryer is a gas dryer then you might experience this. Even if your Kenmore Elite dryer has enough gas to function perfectly but the dryer flame sensor which is to heat up the dryer is faulty, then, your Kenmore Elite dryer won’t heat up until fixed. The best way to fix this is to locate the faulty sensor and replace it with immediate effect.

  • Go to the dryer drum
  • Locate the small black box that is attached to the flame igniter on the outside.
  • You should see the flame sensor
  • With the help of a multimeter, you can test its resistance.
  • If the resistance test result is a fault one then you need to remove the flame sensor and replace it.

Thermostat or Thermistor not Working

Kenmore dryer Thermostat or Thermistor

If either the thermostat or thermistor is not working then you might have problems with your Kenmore Elite dryer heating up. Both the thermostat and thermistor have to work properly for it to heat up as expected. Follow the steps below to confirm and fix this.

  • Find where the thermostat is located on the dryer and test for continuity with your multimeter.
  • Once you have located it, the thermistor is next to it.
  • Test for the thermistor continuity.
  • If either the thermostat or thermistor fails the continuity test then dryer heating won’t function properly.
  • Remove the one that failed the continuity test and replace it.

N:B If you are not an expert you can do a video coverage while removing it so that it will help when you want to replace it.

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Your Kenmore Elite Dryer Ventilation is Blocked

Your Kenmore Elite Dryer Ventilation is Blocked

If the dryer vent is blocked it can affect the dryer from heating. If the lint screens that are attached to the ventilation hose are blocked it can also cause the dryer not to heat up. However, the best thing to do at this juncture is to look for where the ventilation hose is located and check if it’s working properly and isn’t blocked.

If it’s not blocked, the consistence flow of air from the dryer and warmness will confirm that. But if otherwise, it could mean that the vent has been blocked and the airflow is going back to the dryer thereby affecting the dryer from heating.

Following the process below will guide you to clear your Kenmore Elite dryer vent. Please be careful to follow all the steps.

  • Firstly, disconnect or turn off the gas if your dryer is electric or gas dryer.
  • Remove the tape used to seal the vent hose and remove the dryer. You may need to unclip or unscrew it if screwed or clipped.
  • Remove the ventilation panel to have proper control over it.
  • Clean the area from all clogs. You can use your ventilation cleaning kit if you have one or use a vacuum attachment to remove the clogs.
  • Once the clogs have been removed the hose vent is now clean, reattach it back to the dryer. Ensure it’s properly fixed so that there won’t be an escape for their airflow.
  • Fix the hose back as it was before you removed them and place the dryer back as it were.

If the vent blockage is the reason your Kenmore Elite dryer not heating then it should be fixed.

Your Kenmore Elite Dryer Lint Trap is BlockedKenmore Elite Dryer Lint Trap

If your dryer lint screen is blocked it can cause the dryer not to heat up. At every cycle, you should endeavour to clean your lint screen si that the lint trap won’t be blocked. Whether you are using a lint screen or not, lint can still find its way and cause the lint trap blockage if not cleaned regularly.

  • Disconnect the dryer from the power source or turn off the gas if your elite dryer is the type that uses gas.
  • Remove your dryer lint screen and wash it gently with detergent and water.
  • Check the lint screen slot and see if there are dirties that you need to remove. If found, remove them with a vacuum attachment.
  • Unscrew the panel around the lint screen to remove all dirty
  • Wait until the lint screen is dried and reassemble it.

Once this is done, connect the dryer to the power source or turn on the gas and see if the heating error has been corrected.

Your Dryer Lint is Buildup

This isn’t particular about a Kenmore dryer. However, this could be what you need to do to fix Kenmore Elite not heating. Meanwhile, you need to access the dryer’s drum and motor which will likely tell you whether your dryer’s lint is built up or not.

  • Take the steps below to see if you will be able to access the lint and do the cleaning.
  • Turn off your dryer and disconnect it. If your dryer uses gas, ensure to turn it off.
  • Remove your Eliter dryer’s panel. You can achieve this by unclipping it or unscrewing it if it uses screws.
  • To have a clear picture of what is happening you can remove all obstructing panels in the area. Do not forget to study how you remove them so that you won’t have much problem fixing them.
  • Clean the lint with your cleaning kit. If you remove a wired connection, ensure to replace it to avoid further problems.
  • Once the lint is cleaned, reassemble the removed panel and check whether it’s heating up now.

Your Dryer Gas has Finished

Another thing that can cause the dryer not heating is if the gas has finished. It’s just like a dryer that is using electricity, if there is power interrupted the dryer won’t heat up. Therefore, you want to check to confirm whether the problem has to do with your dryer gas.

  • Turn on your dryer gas valve
  • Check the gas pipe and see whether it is connected to your dryer.
  • If the is gas then it should heat up. But, if the gas is finished, it won’t heat up as expected.

Note: If you failed to pay your gas bill you might be disconnected.

Your Kenmore Elite Dryer Thermal Fuse

Kenmore Elite Dryer Thermal Fuse

If your Kenmore Elite dryer thermal fuse is blown it can add salt to the injury as your dryer won’t heat up. So, the reason why your Kenmore Elite dryer not heating or won’t heat up could be because the thermal fuse is blown.

If that is the case, you need to change it and replace it with another one. So, we will work you through how to replace the Elite dryer thermal fuse below.

  • Turn off your Elite dryer complete and cover your hands. You can wear your hand gloves.
  • Remove the dryer back panel by first removing all the screws.
  • Remove the wires from the thermal fuse so that you can have unblocked access to it.
  • Unscrew the thermal fuse using a screwdriver from your kit.
  • Once unscrewed, remove the fuse from the dryer housing.
  • Replace it with a new thermal fuse and screw the new fuse into the housing
  • Fix the fuse wires and ensure that the wire is locked into the appropriate position.
  • Cover the panel and screw the panel just the way it was before you removed it.
  • To prevent your Elite dryer thermal fuse from blowing before time, remove the dryer vent at the back.
  • Use your vent hose to clean the flexible vent hose and replace it once you are done.

The issue surrounding your Kenmore Elite dryer not heating revolves around these suggestions. And at this point, you should be able to fix your dryer not heating up whether it’s Kenmore brand or not.

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