Samsung TV Red Light Blinking

Most of our home gadgets depend on electricity, and this often predicts their lifespan. If there is a power surge while our gadgets are plugged into a power source this could cause lifelong damage to any plugged home appliance.

It is common for your Samsung TV, to blink red light and this could be a problem caused by failure of power output, Power surge, software glitches, or damage to the hardware component of your Samsung TV. The red light blinking is known as the red standby light.

Therefore, in this article, I will explain simple steps to fix the “Samsung TV red light blinking”.

Samsung TV Red Light Blinking

At times your Samsung TV won’t switch On and in some situations but in the real sense the TV is turned on but it would show you a blank screen. However, at this juncture, you have to take notice of your Samsung TV’s red standby light if it’s blinking or not.

If your TV’s red standby light is blinking, this is could be fixed by changing your power outlet or removing the surge protector if you use it along with your Samsung TV. But, if the reverse is the case it goes be in the worst-case scenario.

I would show you the easy steps to troubleshoot your “Samsung TV red light blinking” issues. Note, if your TV is damaged by a power surge the resolving solution will be to contact a TV repairer to help you with all you need.

Failed Power Source Outlet

Almost all our gadgets depend on power supply, irregular voltage can do a lot of damage to our gadgets. You must use your Samsung TV with an outlet that works well.

If the red standby light comes ON without blinking or flashing, then your Samsung TV is not receiving power and won’t turn ON. You can test the outlet you want to use with other devices or you can use a multimeter to test for continuity. Make sure you change the original power source outlet.

Faulty Surge Protector

Make sure you are not using a surge protector with your Samsung TV. Surge protectors, often wear out, and in turn, stop providing the necessary voltage for your Samsung TV. The Surge might wear out and stop providing the required voltage for your Samsung Tv. And in turn, this could cause a “Samsung TV Red Light Blinking” issue. Therefore it is advisable, not to use a surge protector with your Samsung TV.

If after removing the surge protector, the red standby light comes on and your Samsung TV stops flashing or blinking light. Then your Samsung TV is now receiving power and should turn ON.

Samsung TV Red Light Blinking

Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

Corrupted launch configurations, can prevent your Samsung Tv from Power ON rightly. Therefore power cycling your Samsung TV can help fix this issue. Follow the steps below to power cycle your Samsung TV:

  • Unplug your Samsung TV for about 30 seconds (make sure you remove the power cable from the power wall outlet).
  • Press the Power ON button and hold for about 15 seconds
  • Now plug your Samsung TV into a power outlet that works perfectly well. You can try other gadgets with the wall outlet or test it with a multimeter for continuity.
  • Then Power On your Samsung TV.

Unplugging Extras

If the HDMI source selection on your Samsung TV, is connected to a gaming console it can prevent your Samsung TV from properly switching ON. If the Gaming console is not properly switched off and the source of HDMI input was not changed, then it could affect your Samsung TV.

Therefore make sure, you properly shut down your gaming console and change the source of HDMI input so that your TV would not Blink or flash red light.

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Hardware related problem

Hardware-related issues can’t be ignored, your Samsung TV red light blinking issues are related to hardware problems. There may be an issue with the power board or main board of your Samsung TV which may need to be replaced.

The warranty often covers new Samsung TVs purchased within 12 months to 24 months.  You need to find the nearest Samsung authorized service center. You can use the Samsung service locator to find the nearest service point. Or you should simply return to the store where you purchased your Tv.

Samsung TV Red Light Blinking

Samsung TV Red Light is On

In case your Samsung TV standby red light  is showing and not blinking, we would show you troubleshooting steps to fix this issue:

Press Power Button On Your Remote Control

If your Samsung TV doesn’t switch ON, but the red standby light appears, this could be a remote control problem. Your remote control is unable to control your Samsung TV.

  • Check your Samsung remote control batteries.
  • Reset your Samsung remote control.
  • Check if your Samsung remote control is sending an IR signal to your TV.
  • Repair your Samsung remote control
  • Replace the faulty remote control

Press The Power Button Located on Your Samsung TV

If your remote control is not working, alternatively you can press the power button located on your Samsung TV. Although the location of the power button differs depending on the model of the Samsung TV. If the Power button on your Samsung TV, powers ON your Tv then your remote control is faulty and should be replaced.

Samsung TV Red light Not Showing

Often when the red standby light is off, then your Samsung Tv doesn’t have power or it has a damaged screen. Normally the red light turns off whenever your Samsung TV is switched ON.

Press Any Button on Your Samsung Tv

Press any button on your Samsung TV, other than the power button, and make sure you are not using a remote control. For newer Samsung TV Models they have buttons located on the back right side.  Now If anything comes on the screen, then your Samsung Tv is ON. And if not this could be related to a power issue.

  • Unplug your Samsung TV for about 30 seconds.
  • Plug your Samsung TV back into a working outlet that works perfectly well. You can try other gadgets with the wall outlet or test it for continuity with a multimeter.

If the red standby light comes on, then this is related to a power issue. Your Samsung TV will receive power and will be switched ON.

Request Service

Generally, you should request service, if your “Samsung tv red light blinking”, red light is ON, or red light is Off. You can contact Samsung Support to request a service. Also, the warranty covers Your Samsung Tv within the first 12 months to 24 months of purchase. You will be required to provide general information including Name, Contact number, Serial no, Model no, and Proof of purchase.

In conclusion, the red standby light is a small red light that appears at the edge of your TV when you point your remote control toward the TV. Normally, when the red standby light is on shows that your TV is on standby. While if the red standby light is Off shows that your TV is being used or does not have power.

Therefore “Samsung tv red light blinking” issues can be fixed by :

  • Changing the power source outlet
  • Changing the surge protector
  • Power cycle your Samsung TV
  • Unplug extra cables and request service.

If none of these fix the TV, it could mean that the TV is damaged or it needs extra care to be resolved.

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