Banks that work with WhatsApp Payment System

In the early hour of today, we reported that WhatsApp is bringing a new beginning to the giant instant app on its latest payment system in WhatsApp to send and receive fund using the app UPI algorithm.

Meanwhile, the payment system update was launched in India where the instant app has its largest popular of about 200 million active users and now the WhatsApp payment has a new list of banks that currently support the use of WhatsApp payment system to transfer and receive money secure with UPI.

For over a decade now the entire human race has witnessed a lot of change in how humans relate to technologies and how we have been able to help adapt so quickly. One one of such among others include the BBM payment system back in 2015 and now, WhatsApp payment system is another we need to take a look in 2018.

In order to have the feature fully integrated and to make sure that the majority of banks allow the system to work with their bank system algorithm, a list of banks that are currently working with WhatsApp payment feature are increasing at the speed of light. Before it was just a bank but now we already have over 70 banks across India and some other countries. Meanwhile, the list is still counting.

WhatsApp payment

Some Banks that work with WhatsApp Payment System 2018

As of today, below is the list of banks that work with WhatsApp payment system

Axis Bank Ltd.



State Bank of India

Yes Bank Ltd

Airtel Payments Bank

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank

Andhra Pradesh Grameena Bank

Bank of Baroda

Apna Sahakari Bank Ltd

Meanwhile, in this post, I shared a comprehensive guide on how to send money on WhatsApp to another WhatsApp user using WhatsApp phone number with a secure UPI.

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