How to fix Xfinity XR15 Remote not Working | Best Practices

It’s not a new thing that from time to time our electronics are bound to have problems, it is normal and all you need to do is find a way to fix your problems. In this article, we’ll be looking at XFINITY XR15 remote not working and possible ways to get this problem fixed.

The XFINITY XR15 remote is one of the latest products from XFINITY which could be used to come through the XFINITY TV box using a voice command.

Due to one or two reasons, your XFINITY XR15 TV remote may stop working which may make you wonder where the problem might be coming from.

Your remote may stop working because of a few reasons; it may be related to hardware or software problems.

This article will be looking at everything about the XFINITY TV remote. What May cause your XFINITY XR15 to remote stop working and are possible ways to fix these problems as soon as possible?

How to Reset Xfinity Remote

Xfinity XR15 Remote not Working and possible fixes

Many things may cause your xr15 XFINITY remote to stop working and when this happens it will affect everything about your TV box and its functionality because you cannot effectively make use of the TV box if your XFINITY remote is not working properly.

The things that may cause your XFINITY remote to stop working may be unresponsiveness of the buttons, weakness of the buttons making them incapable, and other things that may be unforeseen

Below are some of these problems that may cause your XFINITY remote to stop working and ways you could use to fix the problems and get your XFINITY XR15 remote working effectively again.

Xfinity XR15 Remote not working because of Unresponsive Remote Buttons and fixes

Your remote may stop working because of unresponsive remote buttons this may be as a result of a dead battery.

In this case, to fix this problem you need to check all the buttons follow the directives below for possible fixes.

When you press the buttons of your voice control remote and the LED does not show any light then your battery is dead and needs to be replaced.

Bear in mind that you should not put your used battery in the sun to charge them as this may be very dangerous.

If you press the buttons of your remote and it shows red light then this means that the battery level of your XFINITY XR15 remote is very low and also needs to be replaced with new ones.

After you have bought new batteries for the XFINITY XR15 remote try to do your normal activities with the remote and if the buttons are still unresponsive then you need to contact XFINITY customer care and report the problem to them.

Xfinity XR15 Remote not working

Factory Reset to fix Xfinity XR15 Remote not working

Irrespective of what may be the cause of the XFINITY remote not working doing a factory reset on the remote would likely fix the problem. This can fix just about any problem including unresponsive buttons on the XFINITY xr15 remote.

If you have considered resetting your XFINITY xr15 remote below are a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

Long press the setup button on your remote hold, hold this button until the LED light of your mood changes to green colour. It should blink red at the initial time.

After you have done this successfully using the buttons on your XFINITY xr15 remote press the numbers 9-8-1 carefully.

This code you just entered will guarantee that you have reset your XFINITY xr15 remote and the LED light on your remote will start blinking

The colour of the blinking LED light would be green. It should blink twice.

Bear in mind that if you reset your XFINITY XR2 remote you will ultimately unpair your remote with your TV which implies that before you make use of you the XFINITY xr15 remote again you need to repair it with your TV box

In a situation where your XFINITY xr15 remote does not have a setup button, you can reset your remote using another method.

Below is a step-by-step on how you can reset your XFINITY xr15 remote without a setup button by

Without Reset Button

If your XFINITY xr15 remote does not have the reset button then you need to make use of the triangle and diamond button which is the A and D button. To do this follow the steps below:

Locate the A and D buttons and long-press them simultaneously for about 3 seconds or 5 seconds.

This will make the LED light on your remote flash twice in green colour. When this happens enter the numbers 9, 8, and 1 using your remote.

If you have followed this process successfully you will notice that the LED light on your remote will blink three times in blue colour. This shows that you have completed the reset process.

Xfinity XR15 Remote not working because it is unpaired – how to fix

In some cases, your XR15 XFINITY TV remote may not be working properly because it has been unpaired with your TV box.

This may be because this may not necessarily be because somebody unpaid it; it may be a minor software problem that may have unpaired your remote.

In a situation like this, you should try pairing the remote to the XFINITY TV box again and check if it is now working properly, if it is not then you need to reset the remote and try pairing again.

Make use of the right remote

This is one of the primary reasons why your XFINITY xr15 TV remote will not be working properly.

TV boxes that are paired with a particular remote, trying to use another remote to control the TV they make the may not work.

In this case, you need to make use of the right remote to control your XFINITY TV box or you can check if your TV box is paired with another remote because if it is, no other remote will work with it.

Your XFINITY xr15 remote will not work if it is not the remote that is paired with the TV you are trying to control.

You need to unpair any other remote and pair your XFINITY xr15 remote with your TV box; this should fix Xfinity XR15 Remote not working.

Contact Customer Care Support to fix Xfinity XR15 Remote not working

The XFINITY xr15 remote is an advanced remote that is used basically to streamline the performance of your TV box.

If you have tried all the aforementioned possible fixes above and still your remote is unresponsive and not working; you need to contact the XFINITY customer care to help you fix the problems themselves.

They will be in the best position to offer solutions to any problem including hardware and software problems.

They will be in the position to tell you if you will need to send someone to pick the remote so they could fix it or they will give you a professional guide on how to go about the troubleshooting process.

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