How to Get a Refund on Oculus Quest 2

Did you recently make a purchase on your Oculus quest 2 and will like to know how to get a refund on Oculus quest 2? Then read through this article, as you will learn the procedures required to demand a refund on Oculus quest 2.

The Oculus quest 2 virtual reality device is a standalone virtual reality device that can be used for various activities like playing virtual reality games, watching movies, and listening to music.

The Oculus quest 2 has an Oculus store where you can purchase games, movies, and other items.

It consists of different kinds of games and movies, and should you be in a situation where the item advertised was not the same as what you got, or the game had bugs that makes the experience less enjoyable, you have the option of getting a refund on Oculus quest 2.

However, before you get a refund on Oculus quest 2 after making a purchase, there are specific criteria you must meet. The section of the article below will list the requirements you must complete before you can request a refund on Oculus quest 2.

Requirement for Getting a Refund on Oculus Quest 2

You can get an automated refund on Oculus Quest 2 after purchasing either a game, app, or experience if:

  • You properly submit your request within 14 days of purchasing the app or game.
  • You have not used the content you purchased for more than 2 hours.

If you meet the above requirement, but you are not qualified for an automated refund, you can contact customer support to verify your eligibility and get further assistance.

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How to Get a Refund on Oculus Quest 2

To request a refund for a purchase made from the Oculus store, you have to open your Oculus app and follow the steps below.

  • Open your Oculus app and navigate to the menu option.
  • Then select Settings, and from the setting menu, click on payment history.
  • From your payment history, click on the three dots beside the item you would like to get a refund for.
  • Then select request refund and follow the instructions, including stating why you are requesting a refund.

If you have followed the instruction above, you have successfully initiated getting a refund on Oculus quest 2, all that is left is to wait for your request to be addressed.

Note that once you initiate a refund request, you will lose access to the content you initiated a refund on. However, if your refund request is denied, you will regain access to the content.

You should expect your request to be handled within 5 days, although if the request is granted, it might take longer before the payment reflects on your original payment method.

Also, if the content was a gift you got from someone else, you can initiate a refund request. However, if accepted, the refund will go to the party that made the purchase.

Also, if you purchased a gift for someone, and the person did not claim the gift within 30 days, you will automatically get a refund.

Also, if you would like a refund on content that is not supported by the automated refund channel, you will have to reach out to the customer support team.

What are the Contents not Eligible for Refund on Oculus Quest 2?

Digital contents like games and apps are eligible for request on the Oculus store, provided you initiated the request within 14 days of purchase and you have not consumed the content for more than 2 hours.

However, some of the content listed below are not eligible for a request from the Oculus store.

Some of the non-eligible contents are:

  • Movies, contents purchased as part of a bundle, and in-app purchases are not eligible for a refund.
  • Third-party content purchased outside the Oculus store is not eligible for a refund by Oculus.
  • Subscriptions are not eligible for refunds, and the only option is to cancel the subscription to avoid making further payments.
  • You can not request a refund on a previously refunded content.

The above contents are not eligible for a refund on Oculus quest 2. However, if you still think you are entitled to a refund, you can reach out to the Oculus support team for further assistance.

How to View Oculus Purchase History

You can easily view your purchase history from the Oculus store to get a detailed account of all your purchases.

To view your Purchase history via the mobile app, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

  • Open the Oculus app and go to the settings menu.
  • Then from the settings menu, select payment history.
  • The list of the purchases you have paid for will appear on your screen.

You can also view your purchase history online by following the instructions below.

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Then log in to your account by clicking the login option shown at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Then select your username at the top right corner of your screen and click on my order.
  • A list of all the purchases you have made on the Oculus store will appear on your screen.

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Can Oculus Refund Request be Denied?

Yes, as explained in earlier sections of this article, if you request a refund after 14 days of purchase or have consumed the content in question for more than two hours, your request will be denied.

Also, if the content is not eligible for a refund, the request will be denied, although if you believe that the content in question should be eligible for a refund, you can reach out to the customer support team.

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What is the Oculus Companion App?

The Oculus companion app is the Oculus mobile app that allows its users to perform various activities such as finding friends on the virtual reality platform and downloading virtual reality apps and games.

Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

Some of the best Oculus quest 2 games available on the Oculus store include:

  • Star Wars: Vader Immortal Trilogy
  • Walkabout Mini Golf
  • Ghost Giant
  • Song in the smoke
  • The Room VR: A Dark Matter
  • Eleven: Table Tennis
  • Beat Saber
  • Pistol Whip
  • Resident Evil 4 VR
  • Superhot VR
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Oculus Quest 2 Game List (Free)

The Oculus store boasts various amazing kind of games, most of which requires you to pay before you can access them.

However, some of the games available in the store are also free and require no payment to access.

Below is the list of games that are available for free on the Oculus store.

  • Puzzling Places
  • MarathRUN
  • PokerStars
  • Bait!
  • Gorilla Tag
  • Cards and Tankards
  • The Under Presents
  • Echo VR
  • Elixir
  • Pavlov: Shack


This article has explained in detail the procedure required to request a refund on Oculus quest 2. We explained the criteria your request must meet and also looked at contents that are not eligible for a refund on Oculus quest 2.

We also listed some fun free and paid games available on the Oculus store. For further assistance as regards requesting a refund on the Oculus store, you can contact the Oculus customer support team.

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