How to Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working on Browsers

If you do everything you need to do to use WhatsApp web on your computer desktop and on browsers like Chrome, Opera-mini, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, yet you are faced with “WhatsApp Web Not Working” while the QR code takes forever to loads and sync your mobile WhatsApp to web WhatsApp yet no positive result.

You will thank me after reading this post and leave a happy comment. Meanwhile, the best practice when you have issues with WhatsApp app or WhatsApp web loading always make sure to visit WhatsApp FAQ first because there is a possibility that someone has asked the same question when the person was having the same problem.

Here in this post, I will use Google Chrome browser as an example to fix the problem the WhatsApp web that refuses to work on Chrome. However, you can follow the same approach on other browsers following the steps I will share with you below.

How to Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working

To fix WhatsApp web not working on browsers open your browser and visit WhatsApp web to login to your WhatsApp account and click on secure in the address bar to view site information and click on cookies.

WhatsApp Web Not Working

Click on to view files systems, indexed databases, local storage, service workers and session storage and then click on the remove button. Make sure to click on highlight so that all cookies blocking WhatsApp web from working will be deleted.

WhatsApp Web Not Working

Click on “Done” to close the cookies information page, restart your browser and computer for 100% accurate result and then rescan your WhatsApp QR code and you will see everything will be fine.

WhatsApp Web Not Working

Clearing WhatsApp information cookies resolve the issue of web WhatsApp not working. This may not be permanent if you ought to update your WhatsApp web to the latest version and you are not doing so.

Please do let me know if this works for you, mind you, it works for me so it should work for you and it works on all browsers.

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