How to Get Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime

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A lot of things have changed in the technology world after the smartphone was invented. And Nowadays you don’t have to stick your neck out in a room to watch the latest news or movie series nowadays. You can do that from anywhere at any time.

Previously, if a movie or series was showing at a specific theatre, you had to be present not to miss it, but with the introduction of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, you can now download videos for online use. Your smartphone’s capabilities are nearly limitless.

However, if you’ve been using Amazon Prime on your MacBook or PC for a while and are looking for “how to get Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime,” you’ve come to the right place. You’re at the right place.

One distinction between the two platforms is that Amazon Prime Video is a subset of Amazon Prime and contains a large number of content, whereas Paramount Plus is a standalone video streaming platform.

Now that you’re aware of this, let’s look at how to get Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime and how to get it for free for 30 days!

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How to Get Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime

How to get paramount plus on Amazon Prime

To learn how to access Prime Video on Amazon, you must first be an Amazon Prime member.

The steps you must follow if you don’t know how to implement them are as follows:

  • Visit Amazon Prime now.
  • Start your free trial” should be chosen.
  • Continue by following the instructions on the screen.

Once that is done, Here’s how you can add Paramount Plus to Amazon Prime Video.

  • Visit now.
  • The Paramount+ channel may be found and chosen.
  • Select “Learn More” from the banner at the top of the screen.
  • “Begin your 7-day free trial” should be selected.
  • Click “Start your free trial” after selecting the Premium ($9.99) plan.
  • After the seven-day free trial period, you will be charged through your Amazon account.

NB: Please be aware that Prime Video currently does not offer the Paramount+ Essential bundle.

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Paramount Plus Free with Amazon Prime

There was a period whereby Amazon Prime ran a promotion where they dropped the subscription price to access everything on their platform from $9.99 to $0.99.

But that period has gone and the promotion has ended, so right now there is no way you can get paramount plus on Amazon Prime for free unless you use free trials

I will be speaking about that below.

How to Get Paramount Plus for Free

One of the ways to get Paramount Plus for free is to leverage the free trials they offer.

Below, I will be listing some free trial programs you can take advantage of to get Paramount Plus for little to nothing.

7-Day Risk-Free Trial

To get the 7-day free trial of Paramount Plus, visit the Paramount + website.

  • Locate and click on “Sign for Paramount+.”
  • Enter your details.
  • Choose the plan you want.
  • Choose your payment information to proceed with the signup.
  • Once you are signed up, you will be able to access all the content of Paramount Plus free of charge for 7 days.

2 months Risk-Free Trail 

With Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you may benefit from the free months of Paramount Plus and the Halo TV series.

Here is how: If you are an Xbox gamer, you’re in luck.

The reason for this is that you would be able to access the most recent movies and TV shows from Paramount Plus with the Xbox Game Pass service.

All you have to do is visit the Perks Gallery to receive a free month of Paramount Plus.

1-month Risk-Free trial period

Through a coupon extension on your browser, you have still another chance to profit.

The updated processes just require you to install the Coupon Extension before you can start using them.

This is how to go about it.

  • Install the Coupert coupon extension on your Chrome browser.
  • Now, go to Paramount Plus and sign up for the service.
  • To enter your personal information, click “Continue” after selecting a plan.
  • Once you are done with that, click “continue.”
  • Select After reaching the payment page, look for a coupon code on the right pane.
  • Afterwards, click on the box to uncover all the available coupon codes offered by Coupert.
  • As you scroll through the coupons, you will see the trial offer of 1 month for free instead of 1 week. Select it and continue.

How to Get Paramount Plus on TV

How to get paramount plus on Amazon Prime


To watch Paramount Plus on your TV, you have to first add it to your apps and then create an account. Here is how you do both:

Add Paramount Plus to your TV.

The first step in getting Paramount Plus on an Apple TV is to connect it to your TV. On your smart TV, you should have access to Google Play or a browser.

Sometimes all you need to do is choose the applications tab and look for Paramount Plus.

After you’ve done that, download and install it on your TV.

Create or sign in to your Paramount Plus Account.

You must log in or make a new account after installing the app. Now, if you already had a 10 All Access account, you don’t need to make a new one; just log in using your current login information.

If you don’t already have one, you have to register for one by providing your email address and password.

To help you decide if Paradigm is the best option for you, it will offer you a 7-day free trial when you sign up. Your account will be charged after 7 days.

Paramount Plus Amazon Prime Cancel

You will receive a 7-day free trial when adding Paramount Plus to your Amazon Prime account, allowing you to check out and enjoy the channels before being charged.

Now that you are in the free trial period, you can cancel your subscription if you decide that the Prime membership isn’t for you.

If you added it using Amazon Prime Video, follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Choose Prime Video Channels from the menu where you can see Manage Your Prime Video Channels.
  • Now, look for the subscription you wish to cancel.
  • Finally, confirm your selection by clicking or tapping Cancel Channel.

Paramount Plus Subscription

The Essential Plan and the Premium Plan, both offered by Paramount Plus, are priced at $4.99 and $9.99, respectively, with an annual membership saving you $20.

Below is a complete overview of the various Paramount Plus subscriptions:

Paramount SubscriptionsEssential PlanPremium Plan
Price$4.99 per month after Free Trial Period$9.99/month after free trial Period
Adverts Limited adsNo Ads
Shows  & MoviesOver Ten thousand of episodes & movies, NFL on CBS live, 24/7 live news with CBS News Tens of thousands of episodes & movies, NFL on CBS live, 24/7 live news with CBS News
Video Content 80,000+ entertainment hours 80,000+ entertainment hours 
ExtrasMovies, news, classic shows, premium movies, Top soccer like Champions League liveMovies, news, classic shows, premium movies, Top soccer like Champions League live, Your local CBS station live
DownloadableNo Yes 


By now you should be well aware of all it entails and how to get paramount plus on amazon prime.
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