How to Pair Indy Fuel

Did you just get Skullcandy Indy Fuel true wireless earbuds as a gift or you bought them with your money? Well, the process of how to pair Indy Fuel is the same irrespective of the way you got the earbuds.

With your pair of Skullcandy Indy Fuel earbuds, you can pair them to your desired device(s) to enjoy your favourite music.

Pairing your Indy Fuel earbuds is quite easy once you can identify the device you want to pair the earbuds to while following a standard Bluetooth connection setup without any interference.

One of the biggest challenges you can enter while pairing your Indy fuel earbuds to each other is when they are not properly connected to themselves or the other devices such as iPhone, Android, or Windows/PC.

However, these wireless earbuds have 3 brands namely, the Skullcandy Indy, Indy Evo, and Indy Fuel.

For this article, we are dwelling on the Indy Fuel earbuds. Follow the steps below to get to know how to pair Indy Fuel earbuds within a few minutes.

How to pair Indy Fuel

Features of Indy Fuel Earbuds

Before you begin with the pairing process of your Skullcandy Indy Fuel earbuds, you need to be familiar with their features. Below are some of the amazing features of Indy Fuel:

  • The Indy Fuel earbuds come with a complete battery life of about 30 hours using the charging case.
  • It has an IPX5 water-resistant rating.
  • Indy Fuel earbuds have a 6mm dynamic driver, three equalizer modes, a specialized app (Skullcandy app), and much more.

How to Pair Indy Fuel Earbuds with each other

Before you pair Indy Fuel earbuds with each other, you need to first identify the product name and model number (if applicable), then go ahead with the pairing process. 

You will find this information usually printed on the underside of the earbud lid or on the charging case that came with the Skullcandy Indy Fuel earbuds originally.  

If you just got a new pair of Skullcandy Indy Fuel and you are pairing it for the first time, follow the steps below:

  • Remove your Indy Fuel earbuds from the original packaging.
  • Place the earbuds in the charging case and ensure the LEDs turn red.
  • Remove the earbuds from the case once they are fully charged as this will activate the pairing mode.
  • You will see only the left earbud will begin to flash red and blue light as they enter pairing mode.
  • With the aid of your preferred device (iPhone, Android, or Windows), open Bluetooth settings on your device.
  • Choose Indy Fuel from the list of available devices to connect your device to the Skullcandy earbuds.
  • Verify this option by accepting any PAIR or OK prompts.
  • Your earbuds will connect to your device after a few seconds.

Now, they are ready to use. You can as well download the Skullcandy app to control your earbuds. Your Indy Fuel earbuds have touch sensors on each earbud. Control your earbuds with the tap commands. This application is available in the Apple Store and the Play Store for iOS and Android devices respectively. The first thing to do while opening the application connects your earbuds, and once that has been done, three pages will appear.How to pair Indy Fuel

How to Pair Indy Fuel Earbuds to iOS and Android Devices

After you have successfully paired Indy Fuel earbuds to themselves, you may want to pair them to other devices such as IOS and Android as well. Follow the steps below on how to pair Indy Fuel earbuds to iOS and Android devices:

  • Open the lid of the charging case and remove the earbuds.
  • Once they are taken out, the earbuds will turn on automatically.
  • Long-press on the multifunctional touch button on both earbuds for about 4 to 6 seconds so they can pair with each other.
  • After that, they are ready to pair to any device.
  • Go to the device’s (iOS or Android) Bluetooth settings.
  • Choose “Skullcandy Indy Fuel”.
  • If a password is required, input “0000”.
  • Once this has been entered, then pairing will be done.

This is all about how to pair Indy Fuel earbuds with iOS and Android devices.How to pair Indy Fuel

How to Pair Indy Fuel Earbuds to PC (Windows)

Do you know you can also pair your Indy Fuel earbuds to a PC? Well, the process is straightforward and fast. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Enable the Window’s Bluetooth.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select “Bluetooth and other devices”.
  • Tap on “Add device”.
  • Click on Bluetooth.
  • Open the lid of the charging case and remove the earbuds, this will turn on the earbuds automatically. 
  • Press down the multifunction touch button on both earbuds for about 4 seconds.
  • Again, press and hold the multifunction touch button on both earbuds for 6 seconds so they can pair with each other.
  • They will be ready to pair to any device even your PC after this.
  • Select “Skullcandy Indy Fuel”.
  • Enter “0000” if a password is required.

After that, the pairing will be done and successful. This is how to pair Indy Fuel to a PC without any hassle. How to pair Indy Fuel

How to Turn On/Off Indy Fuel Earbuds

In case you need to turn off your Indy Fuel earbuds after long hours of listening to your favorite music and you need to turn it off, you can follow the steps below to guide on how to turn them off your Indy Fuel earbuds:

  • Remove the Indy Fuel earbuds from the case to turn it ON and connect.
  • Place the earbuds back in the case to turn the earbuds OFF and charge.
  • You can turn ON your earbuds by manually holding the touch sensors for about 4 seconds.
  • To turn OFF the earbuds, hold the touch sensors for about 6 seconds.

How to enable Solo Mode with Indy Fuel Earbuds

In case you wish to listen to just one of your favorite songs using just one of your Skullcandy Indy Fuel earbuds at a time, you can achieve this with the help of the new feature known as “Solo Mode” which can be found on the latest Skullcandy Indy Fuel earbuds available.

To enable the Solo Mode, follow the steps below:

  • Turn on your Earbuds as you normally do.
  • Return the earbud you will not be using back into its original position in the charging case once your earbuds are turned on and in working condition. 
  • You can remove the earbud from its charging case to disable Solo Mode and resume listening to both of your earbuds again. 

However, you can reset your Skullcandy Indy Fuel earbuds totally if you are having issues reconnecting both of them again. How to pair Indy Fuel

How to Reset Indy Fuel Earbuds

If you can’t pair your Indy Fuel earbuds to your devices, then resetting your earbuds may fix the pairing issues you may encounter. Follow the steps below on how to reset Indy Fuel earbuds:

  • On your device (whether iOS, Android, or PC), open your Bluetooth Settings and remove “Indy Fuel” from your paired devices list.
  • Then turn off the Bluetooth feature.
  • Take both earbuds from the charging case.
  • You will hear a voice prompt showing that your earbuds have been turned ON.
  • Press the touch sensor on both earbuds 3 times, and then press and hold for 2 about seconds.
  • Both Indy Fuel earbuds will blink Red twice and then Blue twice, a tone will indicate a successful reset, and your earbuds will enter into Pairing Mode again.

On your smart device, open Bluetooth settings and turn the Bluetooth on.

Choose “Indy Fuel” and accept any PAIR or OK prompts you receive to complete the pairing process.How to pair Indy Fuel

Why won’t my Indy Fuel Pair together?

If you are facing difficulties pairing your Skullcandy Indy Fuel earbuds, here are a few tips you should note that will allow you to reset your earbuds even while ensuring your pairing abilities are still readily available. Follow the steps below to fix can’t pair Indy Fuel earbuds to the device(s): to pair your Skullcandy Indy Fuel earbuds: 

The left or Right side of the Earbuds stopped working

If this occurs, it may be because the battery is low or it did not connect accurately with the device. To fix this, follow the steps below:

  • Try charging the particular earbud that is not working or both by placing them in the charging case.
  • Try a factory reset of the earbuds.
  • Now, verify if the Earbuds are functioning within a normal working range.

If this doesn’t work, it may be that the earbud is probably faulty, and it’s time to get a refund or replacement for it. You can proceed to the next fix.

The left or Right side of the Earbuds has a Low Volume

If you have a low volume on both or one of the Indy Fuel earbuds, it’s possible your earbuds are dirty or the volume has been set low. To fix this, follow the steps below:

  • Clean the Earbud using a cotton swab or carefully clean the mesh using a pin.
  • You can as well try to factory reset the earbuds.

Microphone not working

If the microphone suddenly stops working, then it’s because the microphone has been muted, or the earbuds are wrongly positioned. To fix this issue, follow the steps below:

  • Check the device’s microphone volume to see if the microphone is muted.
  • If that doesn’t work, that implies that there might be a defect in the earbud, therefore you can try replacing them or get a refund.

Earbuds won’t connect to windows, laptop, or PC

If your Indy Fuel earbuds won’t connect to a PC or laptop, the Bluetooth on the computer may have a pairing issue. To fix this, you can follow the steps below:

  • Disable Bluetooth from nearby devices.
  • Activate the pairing mode of the earbuds.
  • Pair and connect earbuds from Settings >> Bluetooth & other devices >> Add a new device >> Select Bluetooth,
  • You can as well try to uninstall and reinstall the Bluetooth driver, or update the Bluetooth driver.
  • All these can be done in Manage >> Device Manager, reset earbuds (if available), and then repeat the step all over.
  • Finally, you can fully reset the earbuds.

Do we hope you can now pair your Indy Fuel earbuds to your devices irrespective of the ones you choose to connect them to? Feel free to drop your comments, suggestions, and challenges you may have encountered on your journey on how to pair Indy Fuel earbuds.

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