How to Activate Hulu on Xbox

Activating Hulu on Xbox could be a bit of a hassle especially the part requiring an activation code. Following this guide carefully would take you through a quick guide on Hulu activate on Xbox. Just take this guide as your handbook in the activation of Hulu on all Xbox-supported devices.

Hulu no doubt has been a top streaming service that offers unlimited access to exclusive content and the latest library of movies and TV shows. You can have access to this wide array of premium content from Hulu on your Xbox One and Xbox 360 console. Hulu also supports other devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Smart TV, Apple TV, PS4, and many other streaming devices.

Hulu activate on Xbox can be broken into three basic steps. The first is downloading/installing the app on your Xbox device. The second step requires you to sign up for your Hulu account or create a new one if you are a new user. The final step is carrying out the activation process using an activation code that would be provided. All these steps would be carefully reviewed in this guide.

Understand that Hulu is only supported in the US and Japan at the moment. Nevertheless, we have provided a simple tip at the end of this article that would help you activate Hulu in whichever country you are in at the moment. Keep up!

Hulu Installation on Xbox

Just like every other app, the first step in activating Hulu on Xbox is to download Hulu on your Xbox device. This is quite simple once you follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 device and sign up for your Xbox live account.
  2. On your Home Screen, navigate to the Apps Store section.
  3. On the Apps Marketplace, Search for Hulu Plus.
  4. Download Hulu Plus and install it on your Xbox device.

After you’ve downloaded the Hulu Plus app, you can always access it in your Xbox apps section. You can also uninstall the app in this section.

Hulu “Sign Up” on your Xbox

After downloading the Hulu Plus app on the Xbox apps store, the next step to initiate Hulu activate on Xbox is to sign up to Hulu. As a new user, you would be required to create a new account by signing up. An existing user would only be required to sign in.

For a new Hulu user

  1. Launch the Hulu Plus App under the Apps section on your Xbox.
  2. Select the “Sign Up” option.
  3. You would be required to some information such as your “email address”, your “password” and other “personal information.”
  4. After this step, you would be required to enter your “payment option” and select your “billing address.”
  5. Enter “Submit” and your information would be processed. You would also be allowed to personalize your data before activation.

For an existing user

  1. Launch the Hulu Plus App under the Apps section on your Xbox.
  2. Select the “Login” option.
  3. Enter the “email address” and “password” you used to sign up to Hulu.
  4. Click “Submit” and you would be able to access your Hulu.

Hulu Activate on Xbox

The next step after signing up to Hulu is to activate Hulu on Xbox. To do this, you would need a web browser on your mobile phone or desktop. You would also be using an activation code to prompt Hulu activate on Xbox. I’ll explain how to get this activation code and finally how to initiate activation.

Hulu Activate on Xbox

Getting your Activation Code

  1. Launch your Hulu Plus App and sign up for your Hulu account on your Xbox.
  2. After signing up, a code would pop up on the screen of your Xbox.
  3. This code is your activation code, take a mental note of this or write it somewhere as you would be using it in the next step.

So where do you input this activation code? 

Using your Activation Code

  1. Get your mobile device or a computer that has internet access.
  2. Go to your web browser and search
  3. On this site, you would see a text box where you can input your activation code
  4. Once you’ve entered your activation code, click the “Sign Up Now” button.
  5. And there you go, you would get a confirmation on your Xbox upon activation. you can start streaming the latest movies and TV shows.

Hulu Activate on Xbox from Anywhere.

I can’t access Hulu on my Xbox! As I said, Hulu is only available in US and Japan. however, you can access Hulu in your own country using certain hacks. For this, you would need a strong VPN service. A VPN simply changes your IP address to confuse your network provider where you are really located at. A VPN can make your service provider think you are in the US even if you aren’t. 

How can you activate Hulu on Xbox using a VPN service? You can activate a VPN on your Xbox in two ways. You can either use a VPN router or you can use a Smart DNS. In this article, we would be focusing on how to use a Smart DNS to activate VPN on your Xbox. Simply follow these steps:

Getting a VPN Service.

  1. Simply download one of these VPN services. Express VPN, Surfshark or NordVPN
  2. After downloading, create an account on one of these VPN service and select a subscription plan.
  3. Go to my account and find the Smart DNS box. Click on it.
  4. Check your email for confirmation.
  5. You would get two DNS address on your email. One is the primary DNS while the other is the secondary DNS address.

Activating a VPN on your Xbox.

  1. On your Xbox, go to “Settings.”
  2. Under settings, go to “Advanced Network Settings.”
  3. Click on “DNS Setting” and choose “Manual Set Up.”
  4. Under this, add the first DNS address and follow up by adding the secondary DNS address.
  5. Now go back to “Settings” on your Xbox and select “System.”
  6. Under “System” select “Language and Location.”
  7. In this section, select the USA as your location.
  8. Restart your Xbox after selecting your location.
  9. That’s it, you’ve set up a VPN on your Xbox.

The next procedure to is start the steps listed above from installing the Hulu Plus App to activation of the Hulu Plus App on your Xbox. You can now enjoy unlimited access to Hulu exclusive content wherever you are.

The guide above would definitely help you start watching Hulu on your Xbox device. It’s a very easy process that can be checked back over time. Like I said, take this guide as a handbook in helping you activate or reactivate Hulu on your Xbox. If this article helped, you can let us know in the comment. You can also check out  our guide on How to Get Free Hulu Accounts with Premium Features.

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