How to Reset Beats Studio Buds

Apple Inc. is very famous for inventing several smart devices that stand out among other similar companies that manufacture gadgets. One of Apple’s greatest inventions is the Beats Studio Buds which are truly wireless earbuds with noise-proof features. 

In case your Beats Studio Buds are acting up and won’t come up as they should, then this article will show you how to reset Beats Studio Buds in simple steps.

Beats Buds are the best-sounding earbuds you can invest your money on that offer transparency mode, solid 8 hours of battery life, and very quality sound just like AirPods.  

With the Beats Studio Buds, you can listen to your favourite music, make phone calls, use Siri, and more.

They are more secure and comfortable to wear compared to the AirPods, they also aid in active noise cancellation. They work perfectly with iPhones and Android devices.

Wearing the Beats Studio Buds won’t place too much pressure on your ears, and registering commands via the physical buttons doesn’t harm either. This particular design comes with three pairs of differently-sized tips to assist you to get the best fit. These buds also have mediocre controls.

The only limitation this great earbud has is that they have very low call quality and they are missing Apple’s H1 Wireless Chip. Read on to find out why you need to reset your wireless buds and how to reset Beats Studio Buds. How to Reset Beats Studio Buds

What Can Cause Beats Studio Buds to Malfunction?

The major causes of Beats Studio Buds glitches are environmental stressors. Some of which include:

  • Dropping your earbuds carelessly anywhere.
  • Dirt, sweat, and other debris getting inside the earbuds
  • Water damage.
  • When it is exposed to very hot or cold temperatures.

Always take care of your earbuds carefully as all these factors can severely damage them. Clean the interior part of the buds regularly, and also the charging case, and don’t leave them in the car on hot summer or cold winter days. All these factors are potential threats that cause your Beats Studio Buds to malfunction from time to time.How to Reset Beats Studio Buds

Why do you need to Reset Beats Studio Buds?

You don’t just reset Beats studio buds except there’s an issue with which you need to fix. The following are reasons why you may need to reset your Beats Studio Buds:

  • If you have Bluetooth, sound, or charging issues with your earbuds, then you may need to reset them.
  • If one side of the beats studio buds is not working.
  • Beats studio buds keep flashing red and white.
  • Beats Studio buds charging case is not working. 
  • Beats Studio Buds are not charging.
  • When you experience hang-ups and freezing issues. 
  • Software issues, you may have outdated software that can affect charging and other processes.
  • Unexpected Application crashes. 
  • You may need to reset your earbuds when you want to wipe all personal data off your phone before selling it or when you just got a new one. 
  • When you need to disable a forgotten screen lock password or pattern.
  • When you need to restore the default functionality of your earbuds.  
  • Another issue that may cause you to reset your earbuds is overlong use which makes your Beats Studio buds respond slowly.

These and more may likely make you reset Beats Studio buds to fix the issue permanently. How to Reset Beats Studio Buds

What to do before you Reset Beats Studio Buds

Once you know the reasons why you need to reset your Beats Studio buds, then the next thing is knowing what to do just before resetting the earbuds. Follow the step-by-step process below on what you should do before performing a reset on your earbuds:

  • Ensure you back up all the files you don’t want to lose (via your computer or an SD card).
  • We don’t recommend backing up applications on Beats Studio Buds since this may be the reason why your earbuds are malfunctioning.
  • After performing the hard reset, ensure you install them one after the other while monitoring the reactions of your Beats Studio Buds.
  • Once you have been able to save all personal data, delete them to avoid accidental formatting during a hard reset process.

After following all the aforementioned steps, then you can go ahead to reset Beats Studio Buds. 

What gets deleted from Beats Studio Buds during a Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset on Beats Studio Buds will remove all user data and customer settings (anything that was not there initially). Once the reset has been done, your device will be as if it just came right from the store new.How to Reset Beats Studio Buds

How to Reset Beats Studio Buds

When your earbuds stop working suddenly, just relax! You can reset your Beats Studio Buds once you carefully follow these 3 easy steps below. Here’s how to reset Beats Studio Buds and get them back to listening to your favourite songs:

  • Place the 2 earbuds in the charging case while leaving the case lid open (Apart from charging and general protection, the case also performs corrective functions such as a reset). 
  • Long-press on the System button on the case for about 15 seconds to initiate the reset process.
  • Now, release the System button once the LED indicator light begins flashing red and white.

The red and white flashes show that your Beats Studio Buds have been completely reset and you are good to go! However, the LED indicator light will continue to flash white, which implies that you can now pair your Beats Studio Buds with your Mac, iPhone, Android device, or other smart devices again. This is how to reset Beats Studio Buds. 

In case you are holding down longer than usual with no sign of red and white flashes, then your earbuds may be faulty.How to Reset Beats Studio Buds

Do I need to update the System after Resetting Beats Studio Buds?

Many users are confused and don’t know if they need to update the system again after completing the reset process. 

Well, you don’t need to update the system again since the Software on your Beats Studio buds will not be affected by hard reset and will remain the same just as it was before.How to Reset Beats Studio Buds

How to fix Beats Studio Buds won’t Reset

Have you tried the tips stated above and yet your Beats Studio Buds won’t stop malfunctioning? Don’t know exactly what you should do next? Well, here is how to fix the Beats Studio Buds won’t reset:

  • Restart your earbuds by turning off the buds by long pressing on the Beats logo on each headphone.
  • Turn them back on by tapping the exact button you used to turn them off.

In case restarting the earbuds doesn’t fix the issue, then they are most likely due to an internal fault. At this point, you may need to visit your local Apple Store to check if your buds can be restored to normal or if they are completely beyond repair.

As important as your Studio Buds are, you need to take proper and careful steps in handling them so they can last as long as possible. This is how to reset Beats Studio Buds. Ensure you leave a comment in the section below and let us know if you were able to successfully reset our earbuds. 

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