How To Reset your Panasonic Smart TV

This article will focus on how to reset your Panasonic Smart TV. When you perform a factory reset on  a Smart TV, it automatically takes  the TV back to default settings. So a reset is typically done when there is a problem that can only be fixed with a reset or if you want to sell the TV.

With everything being equal, you should reset your Panasonic Smart TV at least once in a month, as doing so helps to get rid of any unwanted data, which makes  it faster than before, and also resolves storage issues and freezing apps.

Although the Panasonic brand is no longer as popular as they were years ago, but they have been able to maintain their position as one of the most reliable brands in the history of electronic gadgets, in terms of reliability, authenticity, and overall functionality. Panasonic TVs, just like other TV brands come in various sizes, features and various display screen types, ranging from LED  to Smart and OLED TVs, which are  capable of delivering a remarkable viewing experience.

Over the years, Panasonic TVs have stood out in the  areas of sound and picture quality and even durability. Now, coupled with the features of a  Smart TV, it makes it even more fascinating.

In this post, we are going to look at how you can reset your Panasonic Smart TV, as well as things you can do before considering to factory reset your Panasonic Smart TV and lastly how to set up, reconnect to the Internet, and reloading streaming channels on your Panasonic Smart TV.

How to reset your Panasonic Smart TV

Things You Should Do Before Performing a Factory Reset on Your Panasonic Smart TV

Armed with the understanding, that when you reset your Panasonic Smart TV, it can wipe its memory clean, ridding it of all its stored data, especially those that are still useful, it is usually wise to consider some of the options we will be discussing in this segment, as they can resolve the issue you are facing while still affording you the comfort of having your data intact. So, if your Panasonic Smart TV is malfunctioning,

Back Up Relevant Data

Data backup is the simply copying data from a primary to a secondary location, to protect it in case of a disaster or an accident to your device. There are quite a number of ways to back up data, but for your Panasonic Smart TV, do the following;

  • Launch the My Files icon.
  •  Locate the file you would like to transfer to your USB.
  •  Long press the file to select and tap on either Copy or Move.
  •  Head back to the My File homepage and select USB storage 1.
  •  Select the folder you would like to save the file in, then tap on Copy here.

With that, your data will be copied into your external storage for safe keeps.

Restart Your Panasonic Smart TV

 After you have successfully backed up your relevant data, you can restart your Panasonic Smart TV with the following steps;

  • Turn on your Panasonic TV
  • Using your remote, press the Play/Pause button, simultaneously with the Select button in the navigation center of your Remote for approximately 10 to 20 seconds.
  • A prompt will appear on your screen, and your TV will restart itself.

Once your TV turns back on, it means restart has been successful.

Update your Panasonic Smart TV

Updating the TV to the latest software allows you access to the newest features and fixes specific problems, without you having to reset your TV altogether. So, before attempting to reset your Panasonic Smart TV, try to update it by;

  • Launching the Panasonic Smart TV and connecting to the internet connection.
  • Select the Main Menu of the Smart TV.
  • Click Network in the menu and select Software Update.
  • Choose the new TV firmware and click OK in the prompt.
  • After downloading the firmware, your TV will automatically restart.
  • After the restart, you will get the new firmware version.

Clear App Cache

Another thing you should do before attempting to reset your Panasonic Smart TV, is to clear the app cache, because often times, a full cache is responsible for your TV being slow and freezing. So, to clear cache, do this;

  • On the remote control of your smart TV, press the ‘home’ button pointing the remote towards the smart TV.
  • Now, navigate to the Settings in your smart TV.
  • Enter the option named Apps.
  • Next, System Apps
  • What you need to do now is choose the particular app whose cache, you want to clear and voila!

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How To Reset your Panasonic Smart TV

If having done all we have discussed above and your TV is still not functioning as should, then it is time to finally reset your Panasonic Smart TV and you can do that by;

  • Press Menu on the remote.
  • From  the arrow down and arrow up to select Setup then OK.
  • Select System then OK.
  • Select Factory Default then OK.
  • Select Yes then OK.

That is how you factory reset your Panasonic Smart TV.  Next thing you will have to do after resetting it, is to setup the Smart TV again, because it has been restored to factory setting.

How To Setup Panasonic Smart TV

In the box of your TV, you should expect to find;

  • The TV itself
  • Pedestal(s) and screws
  • Power cable
  • Remote control and batteries
  • Owner’s manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Product registration and/or warranty card

NOTE: Depending on the model of the TV and where you live, you may also find additional items or accessories. So, to get your TV set up and running;

  1. Start by connecting the basic cables to the basic ports.
  2. Then turn ON your TV.
  3. Once your TV is on, it will display the Guided Setup, but you will need your remote control to get that done.
  4. So, using your remote control, press the Power Button.
  5. Select your preferred language.
  6. Select your location or country.
  7. The next screen will prompt you, to set up for Home Use or Store Use, select as necessary.
  8. Then, connect to internet, in order to deploy the smart features of the TV. If you already connected an Ethernet cable between the TV and router go ahead and highlight Wired and select Connect to wired network which will setup the connection automatically. If you want to go Wireless then go to the right and select Set up new wireless connection.
  9. If you opted for Wireless then go ahead and choose your network from the list.
  10. Then, connect to time zone, if the TV didn’t do so automatically. As soon as the TV is connected to the internet, it downloads and installs its first software update and then restarts.

As promised, the article has been able to explain how you can reset your Panasonic Smart TV, other things you could consider doing before performing the factory reset on your Panasonic Smart TV and finally how to set up your Panasonic Smart TV.

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