How to Resolve Samsung Dryer not Starting

Did you recently try to dry your freshly washed clothes and notice your Samsung dryer not starting? We understand how that can be an incredibly frustrating situation. So this article will help you identify possible reasons for your Samsung dryer not starting and how to resolve them.

Samsung is a notable brand for making various kinds of high-quality electronic gadgets, and the Samsung dryer is no different.

The Samsung dryer is the best choice for many individuals due to its notable brand and excellent features such as easy control, fast drying time, and WiFi connectivity that automatically starts your wash cycle.

Although there are times that you might notice your Samsung dryer not starting due to one reason or the other. While it might be worrying and frustrating, especially if you have a lot of clothes to dry, the issue can most times be fixed by following very simple steps.

The remaining section of this article will explain the likely reason behind your Samsung dryer not starting and how to resolve it.

Why is Samsung Dryer not Starting?

The Samsung brand is known for making efficient and reliable electronic devices, and the Samsung dryer is no different.

Although, on rare occasions, it might develop issues like the Samsung dryer not starting for various reasons.

Some of the most reported reasons for the Samsung dryer not starting include:

  • Insufficient or no power supply to the dryer.
  • The current dryer setting is not correct.
  • The dryer door is not locking.
  • The control panel is displaying an error code.
  • The thermal fuse is malfunctioning.
  • The dryer start button is faulty.

Any of the reasons listed above could be the reason for your Samsung dryer not starting. The article’s section below will explain basic steps to fix either of these issues and get your Samsung dryer to start functioning optimally.

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How to Fix Samsung Dryer not Starting

Some of the most common reasons for the Samsung dryer not starting have been listed in the article’s section above.

In this section, we will be giving a detailed explanation of the solution you can employ to fix the issues.

Check the Power Supply to the Dryer

The Samsung dryer is an electronic device that requires an adequate power supply to work effectively.

You have to ensure that the power supply is adequate to power the dryer.

You should also check that the dryer is correctly plugged into its power source and refrain from plugging it into an extension cord as the extension cord cannot conduct the sufficient amount of voltage needed by the dryer to function effectively.

Suppose you are sure that the power voltage is adequate and the dryer is correctly plugged into its power outlet. However, if your dryer still does not have the necessary power to function, you should check your home circuit breaker and fix any malfunctioning breaker.

Check the Dryer Setting

If the dryer is set to child lock, it will prevent it from spinning when you attempt to dry your clothes. If you notice that the child lock setting is on, press the child lock button for about 5 seconds to turn it off.

Also, if you have preset your dryer to a delayed start, it would not start spinning immediately after you turn it on, as it would wait to start at a later preset time.

If your dryer is set to delicate or damp dry, then your dryer might actually be working, but because of the current configuration, it would take a long time to dry especially heavy clothes, and this might make it look like the dryer is not working.

fix Samsung dryer not starting

Check the Dryer Door Lock

If the door of your Samsung dryer is not locked correctly, then the dryer will not start a cycle.

So check for any obstructions in the form of cloth items or any other item and remove them, then correctly close the door before beginning a cycle.

Ensure that the Cycle Actually Started

In some cases, you might have thought started a cycle and left to do other things, only to come back to discover that your clothes are still wet.

So be sure you have pressed all the necessary buttons before leaving the dryer to do its job.

Check the Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse helps cool down the dryer during a cycle to prevent overheating, and when the thermal fuse is malfunctioning or clogged, it might prevent air circulation in the dryer.

If you think your dryer’s thermal fuse is defective, the only solution will be to replace it with a new one.

Check the Dryer Start Button

The start button, when turned on, signals the dryer to start a cycle. If the start button is defective, it would be unable to send the necessary signals to the dryer to commence a cycle.

If the start button is malfunctioning, the best solution is to get a new start switch, as that should resolve the situation.

Samsung Dryer Reset Button

Unfortunately, the Samsung dryer does not have a dedicated reset button that you can use to reset the dryer when it is necessary.

However, the step necessary needed to reset your dryer is straightforward.

All you have to do is to switch it off and unplug it from the power source for about 5 minutes, after which you plug it back and turn it on.

You can then attempt to use the dryer to be sure that whatever issue you had that prompted the reset has been resolved.

Samsung dryer reset button

Samsung Dryer is not Turning on but has Power.

If you are sure that your Samsung dryer has power but is not turning on or spinning, then you should ensure that the child lock is not set, as that might prevent it from working.

You can also check the thermal fuse and the start button for signs of possible malfunction, as they might cause the dryer not to turn on.

If you are sure either the thermal fuse or start button is defective, the solution will be to find a replacement to put in the dryer.

Samsung dryer not turning on


This article has explained possible reasons for your Samsung dryer not starting, and methods you can use to resolve it. If after trying any or all of the troubleshooting methods listed in this article with no success, we recommend that you seek a professional for further assistance.

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