How to Start a Food Blog

If you look to cook you should own a blog to teach people about your cooking skills. Blog as an online platform will let you reach out to many people far and wide to learn from home via your blog about how to cook the best recipe based on what you share with them.

Apart from the fact that people around you keep telling you that you can start a blog you can also use it as an avenue to start teaching people how to cook different recipes and sharing your knowledge. And here is how to start a food blog in just three steps.

Since you look to cook and you know how to cook then you don’t have a problem choosing a blog niche. Your blog will just be full of different food recipes. As you cook them you will share them with your audience via your blog with graphics. You can also add a video to show the step-by-step process you followed for your audience to follow through as well.

Starting a food blog is the same as starting a blog in other niches. After you know where your strength lies, then, you need three things to get started.

How to Start a Food Blog

What are the basic requirements that you need to start a food blog?

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • WordPress installation & design

Don’t be stressed out. We will walk you through the process to get your food blog domain name, and hosting service, and help with the WordPress installation process. The design, however, depends on the individual as you’d need to choose a design that you like but is highly responsive. If the design is pretty cool but not responsive on mobile it can tank your traffic.

For a responsive theme, you can check out GeneratePress. It’s one of the most responsive themes with different designs that you can try out there.

We use GeneratePress on this site too.

Get your Domain Name

The first step is to get your food blog domain name. This has to be unique to you. It could be your name. It could be your nickname. And it could be what you are known for if you like it.

What is most important is to get a unique name that your followers can easily remember. So, once you have decided on the name you want to use, then, it’s time to get the domain name ready.

I will show you how to do this right away.

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  • Go to the “WPX website” and select “Domains” from “Pricing.
  • Type the “Domain Name” you resolve into the column to see if it’s available. You should see something like the image below once you entered the domain name.WPX Domain
  • Click on the “Register” button right in front of the domain name extension you want to choose. It’s better to always go for a .com domain name. But if you plan a company you can choose what defines your goal as the domain extension.
  • The domain will be added to your cart. Click on the cart to proceed. See the yellow label in the image below.How to start a food blog
  • Click on “Order hosting with this domain” Starting a food blogto add a hosting service to the plan so that you can install your WordPress site. Or click on the “Continue” button to order your domain alone.

Note: Since we need the hosting service as well as the domain; we need to proceed with “Order hosting with this domain.”

  • Choose your hosting plan. If you want us to suggest which hosting plan to go for (monthly or yearly), I will suggest “yearly.” The reason is that you will be able to Save 2 months’ charges on all the plans. Once you have decided on the plan to choose click on the “BUY Now” button.How to start a recipe blog
  • Since it’s a new food website. Choose I am launching a new website and hit the “Continue” button.How to begin a food blog
  • Choose the hosting location that is close to your target audience. If your audiences are US based, then, you should select “US”, if they are from the UK, select the server otherwise choose Australia. All servers are reliable as we have tested them.  So many people we prefer the US servers. They are all the same. The purpose is to ensure that you have the fastest website ever.Choose server for your hosting
  • To get 2 monthly plans for free choose the yearly plan on the right side of the registration if it’s not selected automatically
  • Fill out the registration form, choose your payment method and check out to buy your domain and hosting plan.

Your hosting and domain will be ordered and ready for use. The next thing now is to install your WordPress site.

How to Install WordPress

WordPress is an open source. So, you don’t have to pay a dime to install it after you must have gotten your hosting plan and domain name.

Note: We recommended WPX hosting because it has cPanel so you don’t have to be a programmer to use it. It’s all about drag and drop.

  • Log into your WXP Hosting account. You will see your web hosting and domain.Web hosting and domain
  • Click on “My Service” >> WordPress Hosting.”WordPress hosting
  • Click on your “Domain Name.”Click Domain name
  • Click on “Manage Websites” >> Manage WP.”Manage Website
  • Click on “Install WordPress on Website.”Install wordpress
  • Confirm that your admin e-mail is correct, choose a username, and password and click on “Install WordPress.”Install WordPress on Website
  • After a couple of seconds your WordPress site will be installed and ready to use.

Note: It may take about an hour to be accessible in all locations due to the DNS propagation.

Log into your WordPress Site

All the information you need to log into your WordPress site will be sent to your email and as well shown on the screen. Now, to log into your website for the first time, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Enter your password and username.
  • Click on the “Login.”

That is it. As simple as it’s. You can create a food or recipe blog in under 10 minutes in just three steps.

With this article about how to start a food blog guide, you should be able to get your blog running in a few minutes. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to use the comment section. We will be glad to help.

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