How to use Attendant for Zoom App

How to use Attendant for Zoom App has been explained in this article and all you need is read this article to the end to easily used the App.

I can eloquently say that zoom is the number one video conferencing call app; not that it doesn’t have close competitions but it has maintained its uniqueness, professionalism since its inception. Many people use this app, including operational organizations, educational institutions, individuals, etc.

Some folks who started conference call with zoom have stuck with the app irrespective of other apps that have flooded the internet. This can be attributed to the constant improvement of the app and the flexibility of the app that allows advanced tweaks and settings for better function.

While this app has all that a video conferencing app requires, the are other advanced features that can be added to the app by adding order compatible apps to it.

One of these third-party compatible apps is the Attendant For Zoom App. It is one of the most popular third-party compatible apps that could be used to advance the features on Zoom. This app works perfectly for people in the educational sector as it allows teachers, students, and professionals to have large meetings and manage all the activities in the meeting effectively.

Note that this app is not officially released by the official owners of zoom, and the general public has advised Zoom to buy the app as it has proven to be one of the most compatible apps for the video conferencing Giants.

To fully maximize the potentials of the attendant app for zoom, you need to have some basic knowledge about the app and how it works on zoom. 

In case you are a teacher or an employer and you want to use the app for meetings, this article will help you understand how to comfortably use this app and achieve your maximum benefits.

This article real by the end of this article you understand how to use the attendant zoom app to manage large meetings effectively advise you grab a bottle of drink and carefully read this article to the end as you’re on your way to improve your zoom meetings like a professional you are

Reading this article to the end is just one of the steps as you also need to apply every step starting by downloading the app from the link will provide at the end of this article.

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What about the Attendant Zoom App?

How to use Attendant for Zoom App

Before we dive into how to use Attendant for Zoom App, let’s talk about the App. Attendant for Zoom works like a sidebar for Zoom on a Mac (or even PC) and can run on iPhone or iPad by logging in as co-host/host.

With Attendant, you can perform some very useful automatic operations such as quickly unmute, get fast attendance, mute / unmute, turn off everyone’s camera, or long-press to look at one person’s video.

The attendant is free, but with an optional subscription of $.99 per month or $5.99 per year, you can unlock some other features such as auto re-entry if someone reconnects, manually sort video, comment count, news topics, attendance count, and sort by name, And more.

In my test of the app, I found it great to manage Zoom meetings with students. There are a lot of tasks for teachers to do when managing a Zoom class, and the Attendant is making it faster.

Zoom app appears to be purchased and released as a branded add-on. If you are an instructor who uses Zoom on a Mac or PC, you will need to check out Attendant for Zoom as a way to simplify much of your day.

The Attendant does not support single sign-on or webinars, so you’ll need to use a standard login to Zoom for a side app.

Even if you’re not a teacher, it can still be an excellent addition if you run large Zoom meetings for your business. Below is how to use Attendant for Zoom App.

How to use Attendant for Zoom App

Go to the App Store, and download the “Attendant for Zoom” application on your iPhone or iPad. Or click the link below to view the app’s app store menu.

Open the app and log into your Zoom account. Currently, it does not support single sign-on or login to webinars.

Now, when you have to host a meeting on Zoom, join the meeting from your Zoom account as always from a device other than the iPhone or iPad that you will be using the Attendant with.

Next, enter the meeting ID or link in the Attendant and click the “Join Meeting” button to join the meeting from the Attendant as well.

how to use Attendant for Zoom App

Now, for Attendant to work, acknowledge the Attendant for Zoom account in your meeting and make it the host or co-host; Either that works. But without giving the Application Attendant host or shared hosting capabilities, the app would not be useful.

how to use Attendant for Zoom App

Note: If you the name does not get changed in the Attendant app, the default participant name when joining the meeting from the app will also be “Attendant for Zoom”. You can change the display name from the application settings. Click on the “Setup” icon, then change the name in the “Name” field.

how to use Attendant for Zoom App

Once you make the Attendant a co-host (or a host), you can manage the entire meeting from the app.

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