iRobot Says Up Its Latest Roomba Software Update

Some Roomba users complained that their Roomba was getting drunk RECENTLY. This happened months ago, as the Roomba keeps hitting it against the wall.

It sounds strange, but it did happen after a software update for the affected users. However, it didn’t affect all Roomba users, and very few models took the hit.

This prompted users to look for the most recent firmware updates and update them, but most got stuck when iRobot announced its latest Roomba software update, but the app displayed an older version.

This isn’t the only reason why you might want to update your Roomba software; aside from that, it is one of the reasons why you are here to figure out why your iRobot says up its latest Roomba Software Update while you are seeing another available version on the iRobot website.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s delve into how to update your Roomba model before going into ways you can resolve that.

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Says up its Latest Roomba Software Update 2022

says up its latest Roomba software Update

When your Roomba is at the Homebase and connected to a WiFi network with the internet, it will automatically update itself.

It may take some time and effort to update your software, and it may be difficult in some cases. If your computer isn’t updating, you should check the WiFi signal around your home base to ensure it is strong enough.

Roomba i3 Latest Firmware

You might have gone to the iRobot website to see if your Roomba has any software updates and discovered that there are updates available. But your Roomba doesn’t seem to update itself.

If you are concerned about this, there are a few things you ought to know.

For every Roomba model, it is stated that it takes 24 hours after an update is released before your model is updated with it. However, based on user complaints, it takes way longer than that.

If you are in this scenario, be patient for a week before contacting the iRobot customer operator.

While this might seem too long for a software update, some users have had to wait for six weeks before they got a software update. However, it usually happens if this is the first update. So if this is the first update, you might want to be patient for a while.

Force a Roomba Firmware Update.

says up its latest Roomba software Update

Your Roomba cannot be forced to update its software. It is a good thing you asked because if you contacted Roomba customer service operators, you would get the same response. However, there is something you can do if you wish to get the latest software downloaded on your Roomba.

Your Roomba has Been Factory Reset.

It might sound stupid, but once you carry out a factory reset, all your Saved settings and maps will be deleted, but immediately after the process, it will download the latest firmware update.

So you have to be patient with the update if you have yet to do so.

How to Update Roomba

It has been stated by the Roomba customer operator that you cannot update the Roomba to its latest software version all by yourself. There is no shortcut to that.

The Roomba firmware update is rolled out from their side automatically, so you have to be patient if your Roomba software isn’t updated after seeing a later version on the IRobot website.

Roomba’s Latest Version

If you want to check for the latest version of your iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner, you can check these links to see the latest software for your Roomba model.

Roomba j7 Software Update

As stated above, you cannot update your Roomba software from your side. It is automatically rolled out, and it normally takes 24 hours if you are a first-time Roomba user. However, if you are curious about what the latest version of your Roomba j7 is, check out the link below.

Roomba i3 Latest Firmware

Just as mentioned above, if you have an i3 Roomba model and you want to check for the latest version, Check out the link below.

Roomba S9 software update

Roomba’s software is rolled over from IRobot. You cannot initiate an update anywhere on the app or the website. However, if yours hasn’t been updated yet, return it to the home base and give it some time to catch up.

IRobot software version

Checking the software version of your Roomba is simple; simply launch your iRobot app and navigate to Robot Settings > About Roomba.

Software Update is Currently Unavailable

A lot of users have complained about their Roomba saying “software is not currently available,” and it could seem confusing to some.

However, it is not something you should worry about. What it basically means is that your iRobot Roomba software is up-to-date.

If you glance through the software version of your Roomba, you will notice that it is up-to-date.

If it isn’t, make sure the wifi signal around your house is strong. 


By now you should be well aware of how to deal with your iRobot Says up its latest Roomba Software Update and what to do if your Roomba isn’t updating.

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