5 Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting Service

Private cloud and dedicated IP address for web host are the same. With a dedicated IP, you experience less workload and less threat on your IP. However, same goes for a dedicated or private cloud such as Hybrid cloud, Microsoft cloud, IBM cloud and other popular cloud server discussed in this article.

A private cloud is a dedicated cloud service with single or organization access to operate and manage to deploy server features. A private cloud has more benefits compared to a public cloud. With a private cloud, you control and manage an entire hosting service dedicated to a single IP and different from the public IP address.

I see private cloud as a private computer for computing and manage deployment service of your own without additional access. The private cloud help to boost security and improve cloud privacy which cannot be enjoyed on publich cloud server.

Different cloud companies are emerging every day promising to offer the best cloud solution and claim the best cloud server vendor. However, our cloud vendor comparison showed that few vendors are worthy of your attention and your comapny stress.

However, before you choose to take a look at the least of the popular cloud server vendor solution here we take a look cloud server benefits regarding private hosting. These benefits are also peculiar to the publich cloud but they are less effective unlike on private cloud.

Private Cloud server

5 Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting Service

Here we have summarized all the private cloud hosting benefits into just 5. These benefits are what you cannot do without when you opt-in for a private cloud over a public cloud.

1. High Security And Privacy

The first benefit you will enjoy when you ditch public cloud for private cloud services is a high level of security and privacy. A private cloud offers more secure option with single access to your cloud dashboard unlike public cloud with two or more access to the same cloud IP.

The level of private and public cloud security and privacy is achieved using different pool resources different from each other. The private pool resource offers a higher level of security measure and privacy with an access restricted to a single organization’s firewall compared to public cloud security and privacy.

2. High Level of Reliability

Both public and private cloud server offer a certain level of reliability based on the poop resource. Due to a high level of security on a private server, it improves the tendency of the server not to have a failure point, unlike public where you can easily exhaust your server and network coverage.

3. Cloud Bursting

In the event spike of your cloud hosting, some server offers cloud bursting as a form of cloud solution with a private cloud hosting unlike public cloud hosting where you have to upgrade your hosting service to either an enterprise or business service.

The cloud bursting allows private server administrator to switch some certain part of the private server to public server to create more functional spaces, unlike public cloud where there is nowhere to move some functional part of the server to since it’s on public cloud server already except for upgrading.

4. Cost and Energy Efficiency

A private cloud offers a reliable resource pool to partition activities on a private organization cloud to different activities where different personal handle different assignment and still maintain the efficient level of the server which public cloud does not offer. The cost and energy efficiency of a private cloud helps to reduce an organization carbon footprint.

5. Full Control

A private cloud is only accessible by a single organization to be able to manage and configure the cloud to match company’s need and meet the purpose of hiring a cloud different from public. For this function, you can try azure cloud or hybrid cloud server to enjoy full control.

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