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How to Download & Install Grammarly For Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is my favorite browser and I love to make everything happen on it. I don’t install Grammarly spell checker for Mozilla and Opera but I installed the free spelling checker and punctuation correction on Google Chrome because it is fast and easy.

So if you would love to download and install Grammarly for Chrome browser here is everything you need.

Grammarly free spelling checker has a keyboard for iOS and for an Android phone. Recently we discussed where to Grammarly for Android phones and how to install Grammarly for words.

These are the fantastic use of Grammarly most especially for those that use words to type most times and would like to go error-free when they plan to send out information typed on word documents.


However, for bloggers or internet marketer who type always on a browser, you should consider installing Grammer for browsers such as Grammarly for Mozilla, Grammarly for Opera, Grammarly for Explorer and finally, Grammarly for Chrome browser which we are going to discuss here today.

The entire Grammarly extension [plugin] and Android & iOS keyboard work the same way. The program checks the words you typed and assign appropriate suggestion to the words.


Most times, Grammarly is so much concern about punctuation and spellings. That is the more reason why it’s called spelling checker and it’s free.

When you installed Grammarly on your browser it’ll integrate a green icon to your writing interface that rotates always checking for errors and mistakes to correct.

The moment the program cites a mistake it will highlight it in red color and prompt you to hover your mouse pointer to it for Grammarly to suggest the best word that fits into the suggestion error.

And if you think the suggestion is not correct you can choose to ignore the Grammarly attention and move ahead.

How to Download And Install Grammarly For Chrome

For Google Chrome users you will enjoy the un-ending feature of this free spelling checker today and henceforth without subscribing to Grammarly premium.

Following the procedure below you will be able to add Grammarly plugin to your Google Chrome browser.


1. Open your Google Chrome and visit Google plugin or extension page and search for “Grammarly for Chrome” without quotes. Or better still you can visit this link to download Grammarly plugin.

2. Click on Add to the browser to the upper right of the page above as seen in the image below once it has successfully added. The latest Grammarly for Google Chrome version is Version: 14.818.1325 and it’s just 4.63MB.

Download Grammarly for Chrome

3. Navigate to your Chrome browser toolbar and click Grammarly icon. A new page will open on the same interface just click signup for free.

Download and Install Grammarly for Android

3. Once you have created your Grammarly account login to your email account and verify your Grammarly registration.

You can now start to enjoy the free Grammarly spelling checker for Chrome browser.

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