How to Generate Unlimited Kahoot PINs

Kahoot is currently at the top of our list to boost academic level as a student and as a teacher to set different questions for your students to answer using Kahoot PIN. However, you may be prompt to hack Kahoot to stay on top of your class and become the best student by providing answers to Kahoot quizzes via Kahoot hack.

Also, we also discover that hacking Kahoot to access makes it easier for students to bypass Kahoot restriction using cheats and generate unlimited Kahoot PIN to answer questions anonymously or answer Kahoot quiz with the hope that it’d be recorded as your current performance.

Here in this article, we’d detailed everything about Kahoot hack, Kahoot academic game, how to create Kahoot quiz, and how to hack Kahoot.

This post is for academic purpose and it should be used as one. We do not take a penalty for any misuse of this Kahoot cheats and tricks to answer quizzes unprepared for on the platform.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot Hack

Kahoot is an adventure game different from other games for catching fun or cooling your temper from a group of developer hosting everything on

It’s strictly an academic game designed for both students and teachers. For students, they answer quizzes set by teachers and each student performance is recorded with a personal Kahoot PIN that serves as a registration number.

Teachers create Kahoot account to set quizzes for students and students create Kahoot account answers quizzes.

The Kahoot bot generates a distinct Kahoot PIN for teachers and students to be able to access their Kahoot account. No two registrant will have the same Kahoot login information such as Kahoo PIN. Quizzes?

Each question has multiple answers, at least, 2 answers and at most, 4 answers for students to select the most appropriate answer for the question.

If the answer to the riddle is unknown, as a student, you can take a break and come back to complete it later.

As a teacher, the Kahoot game platform allows you to create quizzes for your students and provide a most suitable answer to the question. Each student has a record of their performances that can be accessed by the teacher.

However, the student can’t alter his or her performance with Kahoot code and each student has from 2 seconds to 2 minutes to answer each question during the test period.

Create Kahoot Quizzes

To start with, we detailed the step by step procedures to create Kahoot quizzes as a teacher so that you can have your students answer your quiz to measure their individual performance.

1. To start creating your Kahoot quiz, go to or or

2. If you already have an account with Kahoot, click on the sign in option otherwise sign up for a new account and click on the create Kahoot account option.

Note: When you want to sign up for a new Kahoot account, you will have 4 different options to pick from which are;

  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Work
  • Socially

To be able to create a quiz, choose “as a teacher” in the account type option.

3. Log into your new account and choose either “New Kahoot or Get Kahoot” or NewK!. Then, you have to choose which type of question to create which could either be a quiz or survey or jumble or discussion.

Now, you will be taken to

4. Tap on the “Quiz” option or your choice of questions. Describe your quiz in the first paragraph, add other relevant information such as video introduction, language, visibility, and then click on OK, Go!

5. Go to the Game creator and click on “Add question”. Describe your question, add an image if required, set time limit, include credit source if available, choose the correct questions, and click on Next to the top right

6. Click on save to save changes to the Kahoot quiz you created. Repeat the same procedure to add more quizzes and provide at least one good answer. After which you need to click I’m done when you are done settings your quiz.

Note: You have the privilege to edit your questions, play it, and share it with your students and other staff of your organization.

Hack Kahoot Account

Here is how to hack a Kahoot account. To hack Kahoot successfully depends on the trick you know that is working.

I have used a few tricks to hack Kahoot game generating unlimited Kahoot pins and codes. The exact trick is what you are about to learn here.

  • Go to SpamKahoot website at “”
  • Enter your Kahoot game PIN, account Nickname, and number of bots you want to deploy
  • Pass robot text by enabling I’m not a robots option
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Kahoot Spam site and click on “Flood”
  • Now, go back to the Kahoot game and the total number of bots entered in the required box will be deployed already.
  • Each question will be taken care of by the deployed bot.

You can now sit down and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Note: This is the only advantage of hacking Kahoot bots. Once the bots are deployed to the Kahoot question, they can no longer be removed from the hacked account.

Hack Kahoot Using Google Chrome Extension

Hacking should be taken as a personal decision as this will not help your tutor to measure your performance 100%.

The required process is very direct and it doesn’t require any technical move. Following the procedures, you will be able to hack your Kahoot account using the Chrome extension to flood Kahoot bots into the quiz.

  • Download and install the Kahoot Hack Google Chrome extension
  • Open a new tab and go to to enter a gameplay with the game codes and username.
  • Hover to the mouse pointer to Kahoot hack extension and tap on it
  • Enter the number of bots, Bot as the prefix, and game PIN.
  • Then, click on submit
  • Once it’s submitted the plugin will start deploying the number of bots

Hack Kahoot Ninja

The last procedure will be how to hack Kahoot using Kahoot Ninja website. The approach is similar to Kahootspam website flooding questions with bots while you grab a cup of coffee for enjoyment.

  • Go to
  • Enter Kahoot PIN, name, Kahoot username, and Kahoot password
  • Click on Invite Hacker

Then grab a cup of tea or water to chill while the bots hacker does the work for you.

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