How to Fix Ticketmaster Error Code 001

Ticketmaster error code 001 normally occur whenever you want to buy a ticket to reserver a seat for yourself on Ticketmaster convert. With the error code 001 on the Ticketmaster’s ticket purchase site, you will not be able to purchase and make a seat reservation during the concert.

However, Ticketmaster error code 001 occurs whenever there is a discrepancy in the seating allocation such as whenever there is a full seat reservation already or whenever there is a traffic collision on the website by users wanting to reserve their seat.

It is ideal to say the error code 001 on Ticketmaster is the number one known error code on the platform during seat reservation just like the error code 002 and error code 007.

However, we detailed why you are seeing the error code 001 on Ticketmaster during seat reservation or booking and how to fix the Ticketmaster error code 001 in this article.

What is Ticketmaster Error Code 001?

Error code 001 in Ticketmaster means that there is a discrepancy or traffic collision on the Ticketmaster website whenever you want to book a ticket or reserve a seat for the Ticketmaster concert.

And whenever there is an error code 001 on the Ticketmaster page you will not be able to book or reserve a seat for the concert until the Ticketmaster error code is fixed.

And how do you fix the error code 001 Ticketmaster to be able to book or reserve a seat for the concert? Follow the process below to fix can’t buy a ticket on Ticketmaster due to error code 001.

How to Fix Ticketmaster Error Code 001

Sometimes you cannot fix the Ticketmaster error code using the frontend approach except the admin created more seats for reservation or booking in the area where you want to buy the Ticket. However, follow the steps below you will find a solution to the error code 001 when you want to reserve your seat on Ticketmaster.

More Seat Equal More Booking

When an area is full in the seat reservation booking in the area will be closed. So, if you try to book a seat in the area it will return an error code 001 meaning that the seat reservation in the area is full or has been completed. And you can no longer reserve or book a seat in the area.

However, to fix the error code 001 then, you need to switch to another location or area for your seat reservation for the concert.

What most people do whenever there is a shortage of seats or all the available seats have been booked or reserved, they turn to another part of the stadium or area to book their ticket for the show.

So, to find a way to reserve your seat on Ticketmarket is to find another location where seat booking or reservation is still ongoing. This is usually around the stadium or the viewing arena but different from the location you choose.

Ticketmaster Server is Down

Ticketmaster server down can result in error code 001 and unable to book or reserve a seat for the concert. Although, this is an internal issue and can only be resolved internally such as lack of bandwidth to curtail the site traffic or the site server is down due to massive traffic because of the site reservation.

Therefore, to start with, you want to consider checking out the Ticketmaster website server status to know whether the server is down or not.

To confirm the Ticketmaster website status check out what “Downdetector” has to say about it. This is where you will find out whether the error code 001 resulted from the Ticketmaster server error or not.

Ticketmaster error code 001

Clear Browser Cache

An excess cache can result in an error code on Ticketmaster when you are trying to book or reserve a space. So, we recommend clearing the cache of your browser. So, we will walk you through the steps to clear cache in some popular browsers on your computer.

Chrome Browser

To clear Ticketmaster cache on Chrome browser to fix error code 001 follow the steps below.

  • Launch your Chrome browser.
  • Click on the three dots to the top right and select settings from the drop menu.
  • Choose “privacy and security” under the settings panel.
  • Choose “Cookies and other site data” under the security options.
  • Find the “general settings” option and select “see all cookies and site data.”
  • Search for “Ticketmaster” using the search box.
  • All information related to the Ticketmaster cookies will appear.
  • Choose the “Remove all Shown” on the page.
  • Click on “Clear all” from the popup.
  • Done.

Check out the Ticketmaster booking page to see if it returns error code 001 or it has been fixed by clearing the site cookies and data.

Mozilla Firefox

Here is your quick guide to clear the Ticketmaster cookies and clear the error code 001.

  • Launch your Mozilla Firefox
  • Choose the “Security and privacy”  option.
  • Go to “Cookies and site data >> manage data.
  • Search for “Ticketmaster” to find all cache related to the Ticketmaster platform.
  • Click on the “Remove all shown”  button.
  • Accept the confirm popup button.
  • Done.

Now, attempt to reserve your Ticketmaster seat and see whether the error code 001 has vanished.

Delete your Ticketmaster Google Activities

Deleting your Ticketmaster google activities can also help to fix the Ticketmaster code 001 error message when you are trying to book a space or seat for your favourite concert.

  • Go to a browser and go to
  • Sign in to your Gmail account if you ain’t signed in already.
  • Select “Delete activity by” on the left side of the page.
  • Choose the range of activities to delete. For a perfect result, choose the range of when you started to notice the Ticketmaster error code 001 on your device.
  • Hit the delete activities button.
  • Done.

This helps to remove all activities in the past weeks or the chosen range from your Google activities and fixes all supposed error codes such as the error code 001 and grant access to the booking site.

Don’t Pay to Buy Ticketmaster on other Vendor

When you are desperate to solve the error code 001 on Ticketmaster due to the inability to book or reserve a seat don’t buy from a 3rd-party vendor as you can only book your ticket from the Ticketmaster website.

And here is the rule of thumb to fix error code 001 on Ticketmaster.

  • Book or reserve your seat early to avoid the error 001 code.
  • Go to another location or arena on the stadium to book a seat where there are spaces left unbooked.
  • Know when booking or seat reservation will start to be able to book or reserve your seat as early as possible to scale through the hurdles on the error code 001 or the Ticketmaster error code during booking or seat reservation.

We provided information on how to fix the Ticketmaster error code 001 in this article. In one method din’t work for try another method until the Ticketmaster error code is fixed.

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