How to Fix Live Nation Error Code 0002

Most times when you want to buy a ticket on Live nation you might run into an error code 0002 and be unable to buy. Live nation error code 0002 occurs when there is a queue waiting to buy a ticket on LiveNation but unable to complete the transaction and could neither able to add the ticket to the cart or check out tickets that have been added to the cart.

With the live nation error code 0002, you won’t be able to book or reserve a seat on LiveNation until the error is resolved. This is different from the Ticketmaster error code 001 that defines the lack of space to book in the ticket booking area or arena.

The live nation error code:002 however means that you are unable to add a concert ticket to the cart or unable to check out an added ticket on your LiveNation cart.

So, in this article, we will walk you through the steps to fix error code 0002 on LiveNation and be able to reserve your concert ticket by adding it to the cart and complete the ticket checkout.

What is Live Nation error code 0002

Error code 002 on Livenation refers to a code that denotes the inability to add a live nation ticket to your cart and the inability to check out the added ticket on your cart. This however implies that LiveNation will not allow you to complete your concert booking checkout because of the error code 002.

Why Error Code:0002 on Livenation

The error code 002 LiveNation results because of the following reasons.

  • Unable to add the live nation ticket to the cart.
  • Unable to complete the live nation cart checkout.
  • Can’t transfer a ticket to a friend on live nation
  • Live nation app cannot connect to the server
  • Server Timeout.
  • The live nation app screen goes blank.

Live Nation error code 0002 message

The exact message that appears on the LiveNation screen when you try to add your ticket to the cart of checkout your cart ticket reads…

Sorry, we could not process your request, please try again later. Error Code: 0002

The text above is the official message you will see where there is a Ticketmaster error code 0002 and LiveNation error code 0002.

Live nation error code 0002

Causes of Live Nation Error Code 0002

The following reasons could contribute to the LiveNation error code you are seeing whenever you want to book or reserve your concert seat online.

  • Issues with Livenation’s server
  • Issues with your browser or network-related issue.

The issues with LiveNation’s server could be a server down problem or misconfiguration to handle massive traffic. This can only be resolved by the Livenation’s team provided they know this earlier.

On the other hand, the client-side issue which we refer to as an issue with browser or network-related issue could be caused by browser cache or outdated device.

Whatever causes the LiveNation error code 0002 will be handled and provide a lasting solution with this article on the possible ways to fix error code 0002 LiveNation.

Fix Live Nation Error Code 0002

To fix error code 0002 on Ticketmaster check out this guide. It’s a detailed process to fix the error code on Ticketmaster. For error code 0002 on Livenation, follow the steps below to fix the error code.

Check Livenation Server status

The only way to find out whether the Livenation server is down is to check out the status of online portals that provide information on the status of a website otherwise stated on the LiveNation social media handle such as TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

To check whether the server is down you can either go to “Downdetector” or “Isitdownrightnow.” It will be stated if the server is down or not. And you can also check out the comment section to see what others are saying about the live nation server status.

Update Livenation Mobile App

If the LiveNation app screen goes blank whenever you want to buy a ticket or transfer your ticket to your friend it’s better to check whether there is an update from the developer to fix the black or blank screen.


Follow the steps below to update the LiveNation mobile app on your Android phone.

  • Launch the “Google play store” app on your phone
  • Tap on your “Profile” picture to the top right
  • Choose “Manage apps & device” from the popup.
  • Click on “Manage >> update available” and select the “Livenation app.
  • Tap on the app and select the “Update” tab.
  • Done.

Wait for a couple of seconds to update the Livenation app to the latest version and launch the app to process the buy ticket or ticket transfer whether the app screen will go blank or return error code 0002.


The approach to update apps on iPhone/iPad is similar except for a different apps store. Follow the steps below to update the LiveNation app on your iPhone.

  • Go to the “Apple apps store” on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Choose your “Profile” picture on the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the “Livenation app” and click on the “Update” tab next to it.
  • Done.

Now, wait for a couple of seconds until the app is updated to the latest before you attempt to buy your ticket to see whether it’d go through or still can’t bypass the blank screen or error code 0002 screen.

Clear Livenation App Cache

An excess cache can cause the Livenation app to be malfunction. Therefore, we will recommend that you clear the app cache and data to possibly fix the Live nation error code 0002 when trying to buy or transfer your ticket to a friend.

  • Go to your Android phone “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and click on “Apps or Apps manager.”
  • Find and click on the “Livenation app.”
  • Tap on “Storage >> clear cache >>clear data.”
  • Done.

This process will remove excess cache and data from the app. The “clear data” option will remove your Livenation account login password and username from the mobile app and prompt you to sign in whenever you want to use the app.

Use the Livenation Website on Incognito Mode

Here is another recommended approach to fix the live nation error code 002. It works for most people and I think it should work for you too.

  • Launch your browser and click on the more option. This is most time the three dots to the top right. But for Opera browser user, check out the left panel and click on the more option or menu.
  • Choose “New Incognito mode to open a new tab.
  • Sign in to your Livenation account and try to add a ticket to your cart or checkout or even try to transfer your ticket to your friend to see whether the error code 0002 goes off or not.

Clear Browser Cache

This workaround also helps to fix error codes on most platforms including the Livenation error code or when you are faced with the inability to buy a ticket or transfer your ticket to your friend.

  • Chrome

Follow the leads below to clear your Chrome browser’s cache.

  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Click on “Settings” from the drop menu.
  • Tap on “Privacy and Security” under the “Settings.”
  • Click on “Cookies and other site data.”
  • Scroll down and choose “see all cookies and site data.”
  • Search for “Livenation” using the search box.
  • Choose “Remove all Shown.”
  • Save changes.

Now, re-visit the LiveNation page to buy your concert ticket to see if the code 0002 is gone or not.

The process above is for the Chrome browser alone. For other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge browsers check out this guide.

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