Kai Musk Net Worth, Career, Age, and Siblings

How huge is Kai Musk net worth? Has he started making fortune as a celebrity kid? Well, you will learn about Kai in this bio and how much he has made that contributed to his total net worth or net income.

Kai Musk is a celebrity child since his dad (Elon Musk) is top the Forbes list of the world’s richest men. Elon is popularly regarded as an Entrepreneur, Investor and Engineer, and he has been popular following some feud whereby one of his transgender sons called Xavier Musk wants to cut off ties with him.

His mom Justine Musk isn’t as popular as Elon. But she’s achieved a pretty decent amount of success being an accomplished author and a TEDx speaker. Presently, Kai isn’t spotted in the limelight with his dad, however, he seems to live a pretty discreet life since he is just 16 years old.

As of 2022, Kai Musk’s net worth is yet to be reviewed since he is still schooling and hasn’t kickstarted his career in any direction


Kai Musk was given birth using IVF along with two of his triplets brothers named Saxon and Damian Musk. He was born along with them on the 1st of January 2006, in America. His father is Elon musk while his mother is Justin Musk.

Kai comes from a Mixed race and owns different citizenship since his dad is a citizen of America and South Africa. Meanwhile, his mom comes from Canada. 

His parents are Christians and Kai Musk also practices Christianity while his zodiac sign is Capricorn. 

Early Life & Education

Kai Musk early life

Kai was born alongside two other boys who were known to be his triplet brother. He was raised in America along with his siblings and his parents. However, there are few details about his early interest. 

But, one thing we know for sure is, He is not enrolled in a normal school.

Elon has been a strong believer that the schooling system is ineffective and fails to educate kids based on how the world is moving so he created his school named AD Astra. 

In the school, all his kids are enrolled there together with some SpaceX employees.

Unfortunately for him, Justin and Elon parted ways two years after kai was born since it was reported that they got a divorce on September 13 2008.


Kai is still a teenager and it would be safe to say he hasn’t started in any direction yet, since he is still in school. However, he is getting all the support he needs from his parents who have been able to build something for themselves from scratch. 

Meanwhile, his dad Elon started out his career after dropping out of Stanford University while he was undergoing a degree in physics. His career as an entrepreneur began when he started two tech companies Zip2 and PayPal.

While his mom Justine started her career as a writer and author professionally after she published her first book called Blood Angel in 2005. 

Kai Musk Net Worth

If Kai has a chosen career his net worth would run to million dollars being a celebrity child that will help him land endorsements and a lot more. But, Kai’s net worth evaluation takes a new turn at the moment.

It is not impossible for Kai to evaluate Kai’s assets to his name, however, there is no news of such since he is focused on his schooling, plus he hasn’t made his career decision public. However, His dad Elon Musk who is The richest man in the world according to Forbes list has a net worth of $236 billion while his mom Justin musk has a net worth of $ 5 million.

Kai Musk Siblings

Kai Musk was born along with two twin brothers making him a triplet. His triplet brothers are Damian Musk and Saxon Musk. While he also has twin brothers named Xavier Musk and Griffin Musk. That is all as he also has half-siblings named “X Æ A12” and Exa Dark Sideræl.

Elon Musk Children

Kai Musk

Elon Musk is an advocate of giving birth to many children when compared to his compatriot bill gate who speaks as though he follows the Malthusian theory after some of his utterances against depopulation control.

Presently, Elon musk has 2 Sons who are twins from His first wife, Justin Musk. Their names are Griffin Musk and Xavier Musk while 

He also had a triplet with Justin Musk named Damian, Saxon and Kai musk. After he parted ways with Justin he has other escapades with different women. But, his sixth child came from a lady called grime. The name of her kids are X AE A-XII Musk and Exa Dark Sideræl Musk .

This makes the total number of Elon musk children seven

Kai Musk Sibling: Saxon musk

Saxon musk is one of the triplet brothers of kai musk since they were born on the same day. Presently, he is also 16 years old and he currently school at his dad’s school called ad Astra.

Since kai was born on January 1 2006, Saxon was also born on that day

Kai Musk Elder Brother: Xavier musk

Xavier Musk comes from a wealthy family. he is the elder brother of Kai Musk since he was born in 2004 with a twin brother called Griffin. 

Recently, there have been round of news about Xavier being a transgender since it was revealed that he has changed his gender from boy to a girl and also, It was revealed that he wants to cut out family ties with Elon musk and doesn’t want to bear the same name as his father. It’s that intense. 

You can read about his biography here

Kai Musk Girlfriend

Kai Musk is still on the young side and is still a minor, so it is safe to say he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. Probably he is focused on his schooling and determined to make a name for himself. Just like his father.

Kai Musk Age

On January 1, 2006, Kai Musk awoke somewhere in the United States of America. He is 16 years old in 2022 and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. Kai celebrates his birthday every year on the 1st of January with his friends and family. Elon Musk (father) and Justine Musk (mother) are his parents. His father is a well-known businessman, while his mother is a novelist.

Kai Musk Height & Weight

Kai Musk is 16 years old, and it was discovered that the height of males stops around 16 years. But, standing at 5 feet 2 inches seems like a decent height since it is equivalent to 157cm.

Meanwhile, Kai musk’s last reported weight is 52kg which is the same as 115lbs.

Kai Musk Instagram

The majority of celebrity kids prefer to live a discreet life, probably, due to their parents other. But it makes sense for their safety. 

Kai musk isn’t different since he also has an Instagram account but he keeps it private just like the son of the popular actress Andie MacDowell son who is also private on Instagram, you can read about his over here

Kai Musk is active on Instagram under the username @kai_musk, but the account is private.

Interesting Facts About Kai Musk

  • Kai Musk schools in Ad Astra. It was created by his father out of his Hate for the schooling system.
  • He comes from three ethnic groups since his father is from South Africa and has American citizenship while his mom is a Canadian 
  • Kai has two 5 siblings from his mother and 2 half-siblings 
  • His father is the current Forbes richest man
  • His mom is an accomplished TEDx speaker and an Author
  • Kai’s name was added to the September 2010 Marie Claire article “Inside America’s Messiest Divorce” close by his mother.
  • He has a transgender sibling

How old is Kai Musk?

Kai musk is still on the young side as of June 2022 since he is 16 years old and was born On January 1, 2006, along with two triplets brothers called Saxon and Damian.

When was Kai musk born?

Kai musk was born on the 1st of January 2006 to his mom Justin musk who parted ways with Elon a few years ago. He celebrates his birthday on January 1st every month.

What country is Elon Musk from?

It was revealed that Elon Musk comes from Pretoria, South Africa. However, he has grown up to be an American citizen since he currently works as an entrepreneur.

Full Name:Kai Musk
Birth Date:January 1, 2006
Age:16 years
Net WorthUnknown
Country:United States
GrandparentsMaye Musk and Errol Musk
NationalityAmerica, Canadian, South African
EducationAd Astra
FatherElon Musk
MotherJustine Musk
SiblingsSaxon, Xavier, Griffin Musk, Nevada Musk, and Damian Musk

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