New Gmail Design “How to Enable & Enjoy it”

New Gmail Design

Google gives the Gmail a new design different from what we have known before. The new Gmail design is freaking up and I am loving it. I love it because of the new confidential mode feature that boosts the world most popular email service.

The whole process to roll out the new design is taking shape gradually. Not all will see the change by default. However, if the new design has been rolled out in your region you should be able to see and set the new look. While you can roll back the old Gmail design but I bet it if you will like to roll back the old design.

The new design is cool with a high level of privacy.

Meanwhile, there are two ways to enable the new Gmail. Technically, to enable the new Gmail requires simple procedure but in some regions, you have to be in the incognito mode to enable the new Gmail design.

Therefore, for the sake of this post, I will share with you the simple approach you need to follow to enable the new Gmail design and enjoy it

How to enable the new Gmail Design [Method 1]

To enable the new Gmail design log into your Gmail account in standard view and click on the settings gear icon and click on “try the new Gmail”.

New Gmail Design

This is the simplest method to change the old Gmail design to the new design. Meanwhile, in some regions, the moment you click on try the new design it bounce back and you will not be able to enable the new design.

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For this reason, the second approach will let you change the old design to the new design without a bounce back.

How to enable the new Gmail Design [Method 2]

To change the old Gmail design to the new design login to your Gmail account in the incognito mode and click on the settings gear icon. Select “Try the new Gmail” and the new design with replace the old design instantly with a welcome message.

New Gmail Design

The new Gmail has more options compared to the old design. However, don’t forget that the design is yet to be rolled out globally, therefore, there is a possibility that the new design feature is yet to be rolled out in your feature.

To enable the new design just keep refreshing every day if none of the above steps work for you but it works for most people and most of our readers.

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