How to Earn a “Refund” After Purchase from Amazon and Walmart

Paribus is a finance app and a website to monitor a rise and fall is a price of a good, help you to track them, seek for a refund, seek for pay for not delivery orders in time and pay the refund to your credit card [IF] authorized. Paribus is mainly a tracking app that syncs users email address, scan products receipts, and negotiates with the company where their user buy the product and file a paper for a refund if there is a drop in the price of the good.

Take for instance that you order for a product on Amazon and the price fall with it, Paribus will help you contact the Amazon and request a refund of the over-priced and redeem it to your credit or debit account if linked.

Not only that, if you order for products and the product is not delivered in time, Paribus will help contact the company a redeem failure to deliver product in time on your behalf and redeem it to your account.

With this, you can earn a minimum of $10 from Amazon for not delivery ordered product in time.

In this Paribus review, you will get to know how to get the best of the Paribus app, download Paribus for Android, iOS, and use the Paribus app on PC.

The review will cover the context where you can take the advantage of the app and earn from every product you buy at a higher price and late drop in price and redeem money in the form of a refund through the Paribus company.

What is Paribus?

When I started, I started by saying Paribus is a finance app. Yes, it is an app that has to do with money tracking and money refunding on product price and a drop in the price of a product if there comes up a difference in the official price you bought the product and the current price which the company is to return back to you.

So, instead of you, to contact the company and request for a refund or probably request for a fee for failure to deliver your product in time, Paribus come in between you and the company and help to redeem the money and refund it into your credit or debit card or directly to your bank account.

Paribus Background History

Paribus was founded in 2014 by Karim Atiyeh and Eric Glyman. Two years later, the app was taken over by Capital One company. Now, Capital One company is the parent organization to the Paribus company.

Currently, the Paribus app is among the best finance app to help you save more money without hustling around for a refund whenever there is a price drop.

Is Paribus a Scam?

A lot of users are very concern about the state of the Paribus company since money is involved. It’s whether Paribus is a scam or not. Is the Paribus website trustable and are users credit and debit save when linked with Paribus?

Let’s take a close look at it after long research as to know whether the app is legit or a scam app.

Paribus App Supports Platform?

Paribus was previously a Google play app. But, the app is taken down now and it’s no longer available on the platform. It’s also available for iOS users to download and use the “money save app” to get a refund of their products whenever there is a drop in price.

While the Paribus app is dropped from the play store, the company is trying really hard to bring back the app into the platform for all Android users to download Paribus app again and use them on their smartphone. Also, users can as well use the Paribus website, not really flexible when compared to the app though.

How Much Can I Earn with Paribus

The amount you can earn from Paribus has no definite amount. You can earn as huge as you can ever think. Let take for instance that you bought a product for $550 from either Amazon or Walmart and the price later dropped to $400 which in cure a difference of almost $150.

Paribus refund app

This is supposed to be at your lost. Rather than admitting this, Paribus stand up on your behalf, file a refund paper and submit to the company. Monitor how and when the refund will be available.

The moment the company, say Amazon or Walmart made the difference available as tracked by Paribus app, the company will return the money to you when they receive the refund.

Instead of you hustling around and doing the follow up yourself on how to get your refund or failure to deliver the order in time price worth $10, Paribus take the task up and request a refund, and return the money to you.

You can see Paribus is really a useful platform to save more money.

How Does Paribus App Works?

The first step to using Paribus is to Sign Up first. Thank the company, Paribus is free, so you won’t be charged for using the app.

When you are done signing up, you have to give Paribus receipt fetcher access to your email account to be able to access your account and able to fetch all receipts.

Paribus review

With this, you will grant the company’s fetcher to access your email receipt and issue a refund whenever there is a price drop on the receipt scanned from your email.

Now that Paribus has access to your email, they will scan for past receipt and see if there is a refund you need due to a price drop. If any is detected, you will be notified and asked to approve them for them to go ahead with the refund process.

How Do I get my Money from Paribus?

If you have Sign Up for Paribus and you have started to use the platform by allowing them to access your email account. Now, it’s time to know how to get back all your refund from Paribus whether from the Amazon order or Amazon price drop and also from Walmart.

Paribus alternative

First, you have to link your bank account or link your credit or debit card to Paribus. After that, you can always request for a refund as soon as the refund is available for a withdraw.

More so, there is no need to wait for a specific time for the threshold time to reach or to have more money in your Paribus account.

Paribus Not Working

There is a lot of complain I have gathered online about the Paribus website.and some users complained that after they are due for a refund they have not seen their refunds. Here is what you should know.

  1. You need to know that Paribus is the company that owns you a refund. They are just a middleman between you are the company.
  2.  If Paribus has not to refund your money it means that the company they contacted on your behalf for a refund has not responded for the refund.

In conclusion, all merchant have a refund policy and it different from merchant to merchant. Some merchant pays a refund after 7 – days of purchase while some will last for 30 days after the purchase.

This is the money reason why you should let Paribus handle the refund process automatically and send the money back to your account so you won’t lose much for purchasing at a very high rate.

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