How to Join Nextdoor Private Social Media | is a private social media network that connects you with people in your neighbourhood. The private social media network uses the address location you provided to find people around your neighbourhood. When you decided to join to find people of the same goal and mindset in your area you will first yawn for Nextdoor invite code from your friends that are already using the private social media or go to to join without the initation code.

It’s the invite code that you will enter on to accept the invitation to use the social media if your friend had got you one. The safe and secure web portal makes it possible to connect with different people in the same location such as attending the same event together and having a general get together. 

Over 208,000 people have joined platform so far to meet and discuss community development on the platform. The platform provides a seamless effort to exploiting the power of the internet to meet people around whether you have invitation code or not. So, when using platform you do not need to leave the comfort of your home to know what is happening around your neighbourhood.

Nextdoor is unlike Facebook where you can just register and start meeting people that are living in the same neighbourhood with you. You need an invitation code from to join the group of private network users if you want your friend to earn a reward for inviting you. 

Nextdoor Neighborhood App

Nextdoor neighbourhood web portal offers convenience for both Android and iPhone/iPad users to use a designated mobile app to catch up with the private network using Nextdoor app. The platform mobile can be downloaded from the Google play store for Android and also available in the Apple apps store for iPhone/iPad.

Nextdoor neighbourhood app is best used during the weekend for events that are going on in your neighbourhood that you did not know about. The app hints you about the nearest even centre around you and how you can be part of it that your neighbours are attending. Invite Code

Nextdoor invitation code is a code to join neighbourhood private community. The code is often called an “invite code” or a “referer code” to join Nextdoor and allow your friend with the code to earn a reward from for inviting a member of his or her neighbourhood to join a Nextdoor website that’s created for your neighbourhood.

How do I log into Nextdoor?

Here is how to quickly sign up for “Nextdoor” to find people and events around your neighbourhood.

1. Go to on your web browser. Kindly do this on your computer browser if you want to join Nextdoor private social media. You can also use Nextdoor neighbourhood app to join

2. Type your home address or address of a location where you own a home or property at into the column. Enter a valid email address that the next door invite code will be sent to.

3. Click “Join your neighbourhood” and you will be left with two different options, which are; (i). If has already created a neighbourhood website for your location you will be assigned to that neighbourhood automatically. (ii). If there is no Nextdoor neighbourhood website assigned to your neighbourhood you will create one so that other people that are interested to join in your neighbourhood can be assigned to the website

4. A new form to create a Nextdoor website for your neighbourhood will appear. Fill the form and provide all information as detail as possible with a perfect description of your location.

5. If you have received the Nextdoor invitation code to join “Nextdoor” click “Have an invitation code” and enter the invitation code on the postcard you seen on the registration page in other to let neighbourhood web portal reward your friend for inviting you to join Nextdoor.

6. Click on “Sign Up” and on the final step, you will be asked to verify your address. You cannot use a P.O.Box. You can only join Nextdoor private social media with a physical address.

7. Go to your email address and click on the confirmation email address to confirm your registration and proceed to your physical address verification.

You are a step away from joining to find people and event centres in your neighbourhood. 

How to Verify Nextdoor Address

There are two ways to verify the Nextdoor address to complete your free registration on the portal. You can verify your “Nextdoor” address in the following ways.

  • Web.
  • Postcard

You can choose either of the above option to verify Nextdoor address when you are filling the registration form on Or go back to the option latest on Nextdoor mobile app under verify address.

Verify on Web

Here is how you can verify your “Nextdoor” address on the web.

  1. Go to on your web browser. If you signed out you will be prompt to sign in to your account.Sign in to Nextdoor
  2. Select an option that says “verify by phone”.
  3. Choose your country code and enter your phone number. If you do not know your country code kindly check “country code” for more information about your country code.
  4. Now, click “Text me a Code”.
  5. Wait for some seconds to receive your Nextdoor verification code to the phone number you submitted as SMS.
  6. Enter the code you received on your phone and click on the “Submit” button.

This approach is the fastest way to verify your Nextdoor address. It’s secure and easy to do.

How to Verify the Nextdoor Address using Postcard.

Indeed, does not allow new members with or without invite code to verify Nextdoor address with P.O.Box. However, such as a member can use the postcard option to verify their physical address.

1. You need to choose a postcard as an option to use to verify your Nextdoor address. Once selected, Nextdoor will automatically generate the verification code and mail it to the physical home address you provided during registration.

2. Once you received the verification code you will need to launch the Nextdoor app and log in to your account with your email address (username) and password. You can also go to www.nextdoor.con to sign in to your Nextdoor account, go to verification menu and select postcard and then enter the address verification code in the postcard.

3. Now, proceed to the verification option and select “verify by postcard”. A new column will appear, enter the code in the postcard and click on the “Submit” button.

It takes up to 10 working days for Nextdoor to deliver address verification code via postcard. For this reason, you should first attempt verifying your address with the web option and if it didn’t work you can then turn to the “postcard” option. Join Enter Code

Enter the invitation code to join Nextdoor private social media to connect with fellow neighbours on Invite Code

  • Go to on your web browser.
  • Enter your “invite code”.
  • Type your location zip code. Check out your Zip code.
  • Click “Accept Invitation”. will reward your friend for sharing the invite code with you to join for free.

Download Nextdoor Neighborhood App

Here is how to download the neighbourhood app on your Android and iPhone/iPad.

Android: Go to Google play store >> search for “Nextdoor” >> click on the “Install” button. The “Nextdoor Android app will be installed on your device and you will be able to log in to your Nextdoor account and find your neighbours.

iPhone/iPad: Go to Apple store >> search for “Nextdoor” app >> click on the “Get” button >> unlock your iPhone/iPad >> Tap install >> Install again >> Done. The “Nextdoor” app will be installed on your iPhone/iPad and you will be able to manage your “Nextdoor” account.

Nextdoor Login using Facebook

You can join Nextdoor neighbourhood’s private social media using your Facebook login. 

1. Open your browser and go to and click on “sign in with Facebook”.

2. A new window will pop up for you to log in to your Facebook account. If you are logged into your Facebook already, you will be prompted to click on “Continue” as your name.

You will be logged in to to find and connect with people in your neighbourhood.

Reset Password

To constantly log in to your account to find about the Nextdoor event you need to login with your password and username. However, if you are unable to remember your Nextdoor password here is how to reset password reset

  1. Go to Nextdoor sign-in page (
  2. Click on “Forgot password”.
  3. Enter the primary email associated with your Nextdoor account and check “I’m not a robot”.
  4. Click “Send reset email” for Nextdoor to send a password recovery email to your primary email address.

Follow the instruction in the email to reset your Nextdoor email address.

Nextdoor Neighborhood App not Working

Is the Nextdoor neighbourhood app responding the app has stopped working or the app isn’t responding? Here is a quick fix.

  1. Go to your phone settings.
  2. Find apps and select “All Apps” from the drop-menu.
  3. Find and click on the “Nextdoor app” icon.
  4. Click on “storage >>clear caches”
  5. Done

This option will reset the Nextdoor app to working fine. However, if this doesn’t fix the “Nextdoor app not working”, click on “Clear data”. The clear data option will log you out of your “Nextdoor” app. Summary

To join Nextdoor go to >> enter your location address >> type your email address >> click find neighbors. Once you are logged in to your Nextdoor account and you start finding your neighbours and nearby events on “Nextdoor”.

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