How to Join the Windows Insider Program

Windows Insider program is a Windows tester program to download and install Windows 10 ISO build preview version before the official release of Windows update to the public which is only accessible to the software developer.

It can also be referred to as a program to become Windows 10 beta user before the official roll out of the Windows update. However, the offer is manual, so to join the Windows 10 beta tester, you have to subscribe to the service.

Once you subscribed to the service you will be notified upon a new release before the update is sent to other Windows users over the air (OTA).

You can also install the build preview on your Windows to be among the few to test it directly once it’s available.

Windows Insider Program

Required Pre-requisite

To start with before installing the Windows you first need to meet the required pre-requisites. However, below are the requirement to become part of the Windows beta program.

  1. Your must first register as a tester on Windows insider program page using your Hotmail or Outlook account.
  2. You must install Windows 10 OS to receive the notification when the program is available to testers.
  3. The Windows 10 insider preview must support the language you set your Windows 10.
  4. A valid Windows 10 license is required to become the Windows 10 beta tester.

Enrol Windows Insider Program

This priviliege is only valid to Windows developers. However, as a Windows 10 insider program tester you will be able to test the app as the developers does before the software update is released to the public.

1. Click on the Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program

2. Click on the “Get Started” button in the Windows insider page

3. Link your Microsoft account (Hotmail or Outlook) by clicking on the “+” button and then click on the continue button. If you have the  Azure Active Directory work account you can also use it to register for Windows 10 insider preview account.

4. Under the option that says”What pace do you want to receive preview builds?”

5. Select “Fast” if you will like to receive the update instantly as a “fast ring” as soon as the update is released or “Slow” to receive the update as a “slow ring”. The slow ring brings a more stable version compared to the fast ring version.

6. Accept the term and condition by clicking on the “Confirm” button

7. Now, press “Win + X” and restart your computer to complete your Windows 10 tester enrolment.

8. Now, click on the Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

9. Check for the update, download and install the Windows 10 latest insider preview based on your criteria from the above selection.

Once the update is done completely, restart your computer if you didn’t have unsaved project and that is all.

As much as we cannot guarantee the stability of the Windows rings version on bugs and other related issues, it’s very and recommended to wait until the program is confirmed bugs free from the developer and the full update is made available in Microsoft website or an update is rolled out via the notification bar.

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