How I “Pay My VAT” Using Payoneer With Zero Tax

How to pay my VAT using Payoneer tutorial will be trashed in this post. I’ll share with you how I pay my VAT using Payoneer without TAX and any additional charges. That being said, I don’t need VAT calculator to calculate my VAT tax. At the same time, you will learn how to get an instant confirmation number. Let’s ride together and see how I pay my VAT using Payoneer with zero tax rate.

Payoneer offers a three steps procedure to pay VAT fee for free of charge. Payoneer replacing the world largest online platform to send and receive money from different countries of the world, “PayPal” has added a new feature to pay VAT fee without additional charge to complete the transaction.

The new Payoneer “Pay My VAT” ended the long search on how to pay VAT on mobile, on PC, pay VAT for free. However. Payoneer eases the stress and reduces the hustling to calculate VAT online before payment using any online VAT Tax calculator and make payment on your behalf.

With Payoneer pay my VAT feature you will be able to track VAT payment dates, reference number, contact phone number, and HMRC bank details. This implies that there would be no need to get scared about your VAT payment details since all will be kept on your Payoneer dashboard.

Payoneer is free online credit and debit card to buy and sell online for all entrepreneurs. With Payoneer, you can send money to any company and receive money globally to your Payoneer account. Some other Payoneer services including “Pay my VAT” also includes receiving Google AdSense money into your Payoneer, Receiving Amazon affiliate earning to your account, and transfer Payoneer money to your bank account to mention but a few of what you can do with Payoneer.

How to Pay My VAT Using Payoneer for Free

Payoneer offers a free ride to make VAT payment for free without a TAX charge. Once you activated your Payoneer credit or debit card, receive and send money with your card, you can easily send VAT money from your account dashboard without going to any bank or adding an additional credit or debit card.

1. Open any browser on mobile or PC and login to your Payoneer account dashboard. Or sign up for a new Payoneer account if you don’t have a valid account yet.

Pay my vat using Payonner

2. Click on PAY and select PAY YOUR VAT from the menu

Pay my VAT using Payoneer

3. You will be taken to and select the country you want to your VAT to. At the time of writing article, you can only send VAT to Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic etc.

Pay my VAT using Payoneer

Note: For more countries click on other countries and select the country to send your VAT to.

4. Re-login to your Payoneer account again and select “Add a new Bank Account”

Pay my VAT using Payoneer

5. Enter your bank details and all the necessary information, accept terms and conditions, and click the submit.

pay my VAT using Payoneer

6. Enter the amount you want to pay to your VAT using Payoneer and click on PAY button. Instantly, You’ll get an instant confirmation number for your VAT payment and pay ZERO fees.


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