How to Print Photos from iPhone

Want to learn how to print photos from iPhone today? Everybody wants to carry or at least gloat about their beautiful prints from iPhone photos, or even see them displayed as artwork on the wall! Thanks this wonderful post you are reading, you will also discover exactly how much you can print your photos, depending on which iPhone you take.

how to print photos from iPhone
how to print photos from iPhone

What print quality do you need?

The type of printing you usually create will determine the quality you want to print to. There are two things to consider: How important is image quality?  And at what distance will this image be displayed?

For example, if you are a wedding photographer, quality is very important.  Your customers expect high-quality prints, and these prints are usually shown at close range in a wedding album.  Therefore, it is advisable not to print them too big.

If you are printing some family shots to hang on the wall or stick to your fridge, you may be ready to accept a slightly lower level of quality so you can get more prints.  Also, these images are usually displayed from a distance of a few feet, so you will not likely notice any minor quality issues.

Print Photos from iPhone on your Printer

Printing photos yourself is a little easy, but it is probably not the best option unless you plan to print a lot of photos on a regular basis.  You don’t want to use any old lying printer around you and print it out on a typical piece of paper.

You will need a printer specially designed for your photos and photo paper.  Since this will be an inkjet printer, you’ll also need to pay the high price for printer ink – not just black ink, but colored ink.

However, you can do this.  If you’re shopping for a new printer that lets you do this, make sure to get a printer that supports Apple AirPrint.  IPhone and Mac have built-in AirPrint support, so you can print wirelessly to these printers without any setup.

If you have an older photo printer that does not support AirPrint, there are ways to make a printer connected to a Mac or AirPrint-compatible computer.

You can also buy photo printers designed specifically for iPhones, but this is a bit of a marketing trick – you’ll do any photo printers with AirPrint technology.

If you have a printer with good AirPrint for photos, you’re ready to go.  All you have to do is open the photo app on your iPhone, tap a photo, and tap the share button in the lower left corner of your screen.

Click Print and you will be able to print it.  Your iPhone will automatically detect and list nearby printers that support AirPrint, so you can select and print on them.

Print Photos from iPhone and Have Them from a Nearby Store

You can also use an app that uploads your photos to a nearby company with the photo printing service, allowing you to take them. It’s like going to the neighborhood’s photo-processing store for years – except that you can send your photos there in advance.  No need to pre-deliver a list of movies.

Walgreens provides this feature, which allows you to order photo prints from your phone and go to take them.  Target offers this service in partnership with Shut butterfly.  Stores containing KODAK kiosks – including CVS and target stores – deliver this through KODAK Kiosk Connect.

Kicksend also offers this feature, as it compiles a list of Walgreens, CVS and Target stores where you can order and receive photo prints in one app.  It’s an easy way to find your nearest location where you can take these photos.

Display your Photos

  • On the camera, click the thumbnail in the lower left corner.
  • Swipe left or right to see your recent photos.
  • Tap the screen to show or hide the controls.
  • Click on All Pictures to see all the photos and videos saved in the photos.

Share and Print your Photos

  • While viewing an image, tap.
  • Choose an option like AirDrop, Mail or Messages to share your photo.
  • Swipe up to select Print from the Actions menu.
  • See Using AirDrop on iPhone to send items to devices near you.

Upload and Sync Photos across Devices

See using iCloud photos to upload photos and videos from iPhone to iCloud and access them on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch where you signed in with the same Apple ID.

To play iCloud photos, go to Settings> Photos.  When iCloud Photos is off, you can still collect up to 1,000 of your most recent photos in My Photo Stream on devices set up with iCloud.  See Using My Photo Stream on iPhone.

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