How to Install Appvalley App on iPhone/iPad or Android [2019]

Appvalley is one of the few app stores to download paid apps for free without jailbreaking iOS and Android root access. If you are using an Android phone, you’d probably stick to downloading apps from the Google play store and as for iOS users, Appvalley iOS provides a way to download apps that are kicked out of the app store and premium apps for free. If you are yet to install the Appvalley Android app or download the Appvalley app for iOS to download both paid and free mobile apps for free you are lagging.

I’ll explain explicitly to you how to install Appvalley on Android, PC using Android emulator on your Windows and Mac computer.

And as for the iOS users, I’ll walk you through how to download Appvalley iOS and install it on iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad or iPod.

When you choose to download Appvalley for iOS you will be able to download 3rd-party apps on your iPhone without jailbreaking.

When you download Appvalley iOS version, the tweaked apps store must be added as a trusted app on your iPhone to avoid the Appvalley problem if you truly want to use the Appvalley apps on your iOS phones to download and install apps that are not available in the Apple store

Features of Appvalley APK for Android and Appvalley iOS for iPhone

  1. Appvalley is an alternative app store for Android (Google play store) and Apple store (iOS)
  2. You do not need the Apple iTunes login to use the Appvalley app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  3. No jailbreak for iPhone, iPod, and iPad and rooting for Android is required to download the app store.
  4. Appvalley APK is free for Android and no payment is required for Appvalley iOS
  5. You can download and install premium apps for free using this free app downloader for Android and iOS
  6. Appvalley is virus-free
  7. You can submit your app (s) for download if you are a developer
  8. With Appvalley vip you can request for revoked apps in the app store
  9. With vip access, you can request for special apps that are not available for Appvalley free users.

Support OS for Android

Appvalley work on all Android OS from inception.

  1. Android Kitkat
  2. Android Lollipop
  3. Android Marshmallow
  4. Android Nougat
  5. Android Oreo
  6. Android Pie

Support OS for iOS

Here is the list of the iOS version you can download and use the Appvalley app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

  1. iOS 9
  2. iOS 10
  3. iOS 11 (all versions)
  4. iOS 12 (all versions)
  5. iOS 13 (beta version)

It all works on all iOS 1 – iOS 9 if your device is running on old iOS.

Appvalley Google Play Store Download

Appvalley APK isn’t a Google play store app. This means that you cannot download the Appvalley APK directly from the Google store app on your phone. You can only download and install the APK from a 3rd-party download site.

Enable Unknown Sources

Appvalley isn’t a Google verified app. Therefore, to install the app after download you need to enable install from unknown sources in your Android phone security settings.

  1. Go to your Android phone settings
  2. Tap on the security settings
  3. Scroll down and click on “unknown sources”
  4. Accept the popup warning by clicking OK
  5. Done

With this feature enabled you will be able to install all apps that are not directly downloaded from the Google play store app. You will be able to install Appvalley.apk on your Android.

Check Storage Space Available after Installing Appvalley on iPhone or iPad

Should you want to check whether you still have enough space available on your iPhone or iPad before you install the Appvalley app follow the procedures below.

1. Tap on your iPhone settings Gear settings

2. Tap on GeneralInstall Appvalley

3. Scroll down and click AboutAbout iPhone

4. On the Available option, you will the storage capacity you have left.iPhone Storage left

Make sure you have enough space before you proceed to install Appvalley iOS.

How to Check Android Storage Space

I will not advise you to install Appvalley on external storage if you want to enjoy the app. Therefore, if your storage capacity is low, move some contents such as movies, pictures, etc to your external storage before you install the app on your Android.

1. Go to your app menu and click on the settings hamburger or click on the gear settings icon when you swipe down the notification tray.Gear settings

2. Tap on StorageAndroid Storage

3. You will see the details of your Android phone internal storageAndroid Storage

You can use the Android app cleaner to clean your phone for more storage if you do not have enough space to install Appvalley on your Android.

Install Appvalley Android APK

Once you have the Appvalley APK installer file in your Android folder this guide will help you to install the app on your phone.

  1. Download Appvalley APK installer for Android
  2. Go to file >> storage>>download
  3. Find the Appvalley.apk installer
  4. Tap on the app
  5. Click on “install” from the app bottom rightInstall appvalley
  6. Follow the on-screen instruction to install

Once the Appvalley app has been successfully installed on your Android the app icon will be added to your app menu. Just hang on, we’d come to how to use the Appvalley app to download apps on Android or iPhone and iPad.

Download Appvally for iPhone/iPad

You will need the Safari browser to download Appvalley for iPhone/iPad on your iOS device.

1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and go to Appvalley download store for iOS.

2. Click on your iPhone or iPad OS version from the list on the Appvalley iOS download screen.Install Appvalley

3. Tap on Config Profile 1. If it doesn’t work click on Config Profile 2.iPhone/iPad Profile

4. The installer will pop up would live to install “Appvalley”, tap on the “install button.Install Appvalley VIP

5. A new popup will appear saying “this website is trying to download a configuration profile. Do you want to down this?”, tap on the allow button.Allow

6. From the new popup that says “Another button will appear with “Profile Downloaded” Review the profile in settings apps if you want to install”, tap on the close button.Profile Downloaded

7. Now, navigate to your iPhone (if you are using iPhone) or iPad (if you are using iPad) main menu and tap on Profile downloaded.Install Appvalley

8. You will see the Appvalley install profile where you need to click on the installInstall

9. Unlock your iPhone by entering your passcode if you are prompt to do so to proceed to the next step.Install Appvalley

10. Tap on Next >> Install >> Install againTap Install

11. Tap Done to finish the installation.Appvalley Install Successfully

Now, the Appvalley app icon will be added to your iPhone (or iPad) home screen.App icon on your iPhone

How to Use Appvalley on iPhone/iPad

Once you have successfully installed the Appvalley iOS app on your iPhone/iPad you must add the app as a trusted app.

1. Navigate to your app menu and click on the Settings icon on your iPhone

2. Scroll down the settings page and click on “General”Install Appvalley

3. Find and click on “Profile & Management”

4. Look for the “Appvalley” developer option and tap on it

5. Tap on the “Trust” icon to the bottom right and tap it again when prompted to add the Appvalley iOS app as a trusted app.

After this, you can proceed to launch the Appvalley app on your iPhone or iPad and start browsing for apps to download without jailbreaking your device.

Appvalley Category

Appvalley category is divided into 6 different sections into FeaturedTweaked ++ AppsRecommended This WeekJailbreakStream Live TV and Movies on iOS and each category has sophisticated apps you can download on both Android and iOS.

Appvalley Featured AppFeatured apps on Appvalley

You will find top apps in this category. The list of apps in this section may include the list of most downloaded apps in the past days or weeks. It can even extend to the top app for a year.

Tweaked ++ Apps


The category contains modified apps such as Twitter ++, WhatsApp ++, Instagram ++ Tik Tok ++, and a lot more tweaked for iPhone/iPad or Android apps.

Recommended This Week

Install Appvalley

Top apps for the week and most downloaded apps will feature here. Do not be surprised that some of the featured apps will be available in the recommended category.

Jailbreak Apps

Jailbroken apps

If your iPhone or iPad is already jailbroken you will find the list of apps you can download in this category. This category is full of apps for jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Stream Live TV

Install Appvalley

Apps like Showbox, MovieBox, Live Net TV app, etc are available for download in this category. All TV app is made available in this section to stream live TV including apps to watch football on your smartphone.

Movies on iOS


If you are film freak, you can download tons of apps to watch movies for free on your iPhone/iPad or Android visiting the movies on iOS section to download apps to watch movies on your iPad/iPhone or Android.

Appvalley not Working

You may run into Appvalley not working at a point or the other. The App valley problem must be fixed to make the app start working.

1. Click on the Settings gear icon

2. Scroll down and click on apps manager or applications manager

3. Scroll down the page and find Appvalley and click on it

4. Tap on the storage icon under the Appvalley app icon

5. Tap on clear caches

Now, restart your phone and launch the Appvalley app from your app menu. However, if Appvalley is not responding is not cleared, check whether there is an update available and update to it. If this didn’t solve the app problem, wait for a while it might be a server problem and your Appvalley app will come back to normal with time.

AppValley for PC

App valley for Mac or laptop isn’t currently working. We are working on means to make the App valley work on Mac. We have tried both the Bluestack and Nox emulator to run App valley on PC but not working.

You can still be using appvalley на андроид pending the time we’ll be able to bring App valley to your Mac computer using the walkaround we are currently testing.

If the approach didn’t crash we’ll share it on this platform to install App valley for Mac

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